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  1. $40 per day for meals. The per diem is not to cover the cost of the meals but to cover the offset cost of not eating in your own home. My guess is, you were probably going to eat a meal anyway.
  2. Does anyone know where to get a spool of "net worthy nylon" for repairing nets? While on the topic, why not post some "tips and tricks" for repairing and caring for those precious bundles?
  3. Yup, claim those meals. CRA Form TL2 A great deduction for those of us who work away from home and have a small meal allowance. The CRA allows 50% of three meals a day at $17 per meal. The TL2 form is a bizarre calculation, but it gives you FREE money, so why not? Remember: - you may require an employer's signature, but only if requested. - you must have a record of your day's away. (Pilot Log Book? Weekly/Monthly Timesheet?)
  4. Great thread on the L's everybody. Nice to see contributors on topic for a change. You gotta love the L's. Smooooth and reliable. Fly it like a two-bladed bell. Massage it out of the hole. If it's too heavy, do two trips.
  5. uh, oh. Somebody hates Long Rangers. Your dad or brother might be in the log book because the aircraft has been flying reliably from inspection interval to inspection interval throughout the life of the airframe.
  6. Hey... I heard a story the other day of a black bear approaching a running machine. The story was third hand removed but it got me thinking that there must be some good bear stories out there. Care to share?
  7. What if you had a wrecked L1 or L3? Wouldn't if make sense to rebuild as on L4? Just askin' Side-note: An L4 kicked my converted L1-C30P butt all summer long last year, working side-by-side. The L4 is a real high-hot performer. But then again, where the the L4 did one trip, I did two. Who made more forestry dollars? heh, heh.
  8. heh, heh... so true Is she related to an owner?
  9. Well said, Don. <golf clap> Listen to the voice of experience, kids. If your spider sense is telling you not to do it, don't do it. Go land somewhere else, like the nice blue sky landing spots above. Hang out for a while, tell those stories about how great a helicopter pilot you are... or worse come to worst you get rescued, better than scraping up remains and helicopter parts. Also... the video looked very unscary. The VFR pilot maintained a visual reference in known terrain the whole time (for maybe 6 seconds of "scary"?). He followed a river to the RUNWAY... Looked saf
  10. Received my TerraLux LED kit today. Wow, is it ever insanely bright.
  11. Thanks for all the input, folks! The SureFire sounds awesome, but the battery and bulb situation negate the positives. I have a Petzl Zipka plus (ver. one) that I have used for years. It's compact and handy, there is no doubt and bright enough to candle drums in daylight. I took the advice and have ordered a TerraLux LED kit for my trusty MINI MAG light that has been mothballed since the acquisition of my Zipka. For those following that lead, be aware there are several versions of the kit, the bright one being the TLE-5EX. The true bonus is that the MINI MAG uses conventional AA
  12. I wasn't passing judgment on anyone. The term "financial combustion" is something you hear about from time to time. I was just defining the term to avoid any confusion. I feel bad for anyone who may have lost their job or will face any hardship as a result of this terrible tragedy. Less Canadian helicopters = less Canadian helicopter jobs any way you look at it.
  13. mortgage rubbing against the insurance = financial combustion
  14. Hey there... Somewhere in my travels I have seen an ULTRA bright compact flash light. Does this ring any bells for anyone?
  15. I have one and it works very well. Depending on your avionics package it works better with some machines than others. I'm not sure if it will work with the iphone, though. You will have to check with Rob at Merit Apparel. Great guy to deal with, by the way. Volume is plenty loud. Cheers!
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