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  1. For sure the Mr.T is the best for pickup and layout hands down
  2. I would strongly recommend checking out the conditions with an empty line before beginning to move a drill, load, bags ect.... I prefer to use 130 foot line to give yourself an extra gap even if your moving a drill in the alpine where you could use a shorter line. Always have an escape route as everyone will tell you. Have fun, Hawkins.
  3. Take care up there pal you will be missed by so many............. Best wishes for your family and friends in the industry. I tip my blades to you.
  4. No worries my friend, us young fella's like to work hard and hoard away a few hours anyway. Kind of reminds me of shooting gophers as a kid saving up nickels to pay for that new scatter gun haha.........besides somebody has to pick up the slack in the industry anyway there's to many kids flying out there that don't know how to make a dollar yet, maybe we should send them all out to the farm and teach them how to bale hay when the sun shines!!! Fly safe JD.................Hawkins.
  5. Just Chomping away to the big times buddy and power to the single Guy it's more fun and all the toys you can buy dude haha........ But cheers to beers anyway buddy!!!
  6. 700 hours ladies and gents and hardly a day off since last christmas what's the big deal.........just get out there and work.....there's too many demands of working three and two's or three and three's then people wonder why they're having a tough go at making a buck...... 42 and 5 people get those snowmen in. Cheers.........Hawkins.
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