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  1. Saifan Pilot

    Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Just load the waypoint into Garmin Basecamp, highlight the points you want, the right black and select "Create Route from Waypoints"
  2. http://www.bst-tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2001/a01q0105/a01q0105.pdf
  3. Saifan Pilot

    Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Hello, I developed this in Excel 2011. Excel 2003 is outdated, so that might be the issue. I'll have to download Excel 2016 and try it out on Mac and Windows and see what happens. Thank you for the feedback.
  4. Attached ForeFlight KML files for ONMNR UTM Grid System, FM Radio Network, and Waypoints. Due to the size of the grid system, files had to be split up to the various UTM zones otherwise ForeFlight would reject the files due to the size. I also updated due to popular demands the UTM For Flight iPhone/iPad app to support conversions to/from OMNR UTM grid, to Lat/Lon and display real-time current coordinates in ONMNR format. See screenshot below. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/utm-for-flight/id1241701167?mt=8 OMNR Waypoints.kml OMNR FM Radio.kml OMNR Grid 15.kml OMNR Grid 16.kml OMNR Grid 17.kml OMNR Grid 18.kml
  5. Saifan Pilot

    SOPFEU Grid System for ForeFlight

    A bit late in the season, but better late than never. OMNR Grid 15.kml OMNR Grid 16.kml OMNR Grid 17.kml OMNR Grid 18.kml OMNR FM Radio.kml OMNR Waypoints.kml
  6. Saifan Pilot

    Longranger Cabin cargonet

    You'll save a ton of money if you use one designed for vehicles rather than for aviation. https://www.cargocatch.com/truck-cab-cargo-net.html http://www.cargonets.ca https://raingler.com
  7. Saifan Pilot

    Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Probably a limitation for Excel
  8. Saifan Pilot

    Garmin 296 TOPO question

    This is correct. If you don't have the Garmin Topo 4 softwar no your computer you'll need the installation CD: https://www.gpscity.ca/garmin-topo-canada-microsd-card
  9. Saifan Pilot

    Convert .Kmz Files To .Gdb

    It's really very simple and quick and ony requires a few clicks with the right software. Can be done easily in under a minute. You'll need Garmin Base Camp: https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4435 Download and install it on your computer. Launch Garmin Base Camp. Click on "My Collection" on the top of the left side bar. Now click the menu: File → Import into "My Collection" Locate and click the KMZ file and click Open. Make sure the imported KMZ is highlighted and then click the menu: File → Export "The file you imported" In the window that pops up make sure you click the "Format:" and select GDB. Then click Export. I've created a video demonstrating this. It was created on a Mac but on Windows shold be almost identical:
  10. CEP can be installed on any helmet. It includes a port (connector) that is mounted on the helmet. The helmet needs to be drilled in order to fit this in place. It's tricky on carbon fibre helmets, needs to be done with the correct hole saw and technique: https://www.meritapparel.com/product/ssk-port-cep-port/ CEP has two ear plug tips that are attached to a connector that plugs into the port above: https://www.meritapparel.com/product/ssk-speaker-harness-cep-speaker-harness/ See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCGY6SVWNCQ I recommend getting custom moulded ear tips (instead of sponge ones) noise reduction is better and comfort is greatly enhanced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vlvqp3bo1g
  11. IF you want CEP, I'd recommend getting custom molded ear monitors, as they block sound much better and far more comfortable for exnded use: Westone makes these: https://www.westone.com/store/downloads/access/2016/GSA_CATALOG_2016.pdf
  12. These are some pictures I took. Most of the installation was pretty straightforward. Needed to fabricate a "special" washer to seat the mic in the halemt plastic parts. In order to disassemble the Lightspeed Zulu, you will need to cut a few plastic parts to be able to extract the interconnecting wire between the earphones. If you do it carefully, you can o it in such a way that the headset can be re-assembled to be used again as a headset. Lightspeed Zulu Gallet LH250.zip
  13. Saifan Pilot

    Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Yeah, it seems to be a limitation of the macro language of Excel. I'm not sure why you would want such a long description. Foreflight description only supports only the first 30-40 characters. Garmin GPS's only support 16 characters or so for description.
  14. Saifan Pilot

    Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Created version 3, now supports output to GPX (Garmin GPS and BaseCamp) and also KML (Google Earth and ForeFlight) Excel2GPS v3.00.xlsm
  15. You can track duty times with Coradine Aviation's LogTen Pro: