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  1. Attached 206B2 and B3 Powercheck 206B2 Particle Seperator v1.2.xlsx Powercheck 206B3 Particle Seperator v1.1.xlsx
  2. To see how simple it is to convert and import a UTM coordinate format into ForeFlight unsing the UTM For Flight app, see attachment below or this YouTube video App can be downloaded from the App Store: UTM For Flight UTM For Flight Demo.mp4
  3. Other formats are supported pretty well in ForeFlight as explained on page 228 of their user manual (see below). They only lacked UTM which is why I created this app. Latitude/Longitude Formats For input of latitude/longitude in User Waypoints or the Search box on the Maps page, 4 formats are supported: ✤ DD.dd ✤ DD MM SS ✤ DD ✤ DD MM SSs Examples of these formats using this location 32°44’55.6”N, 80°45’57.6”W are: ✤ DD.dd 32.75N/080.77W ✤ DD MM SS 324456/-0804558 ✤ DD 3244.93/-08045.96 ✤ DD MM SSs 3244556/-08045576
  4. Programmed in Swift 3. Took an online Udemy iOS course that cost $15, which walks you through developing apps, so wasn't too difficult:
  5. As if version 9.1 of ForeFlight, you can import both user waypoints and user map shapes via air drop or attachment sharing via email attachments so although they both need to be in KML, so you can convert GPX files to KML using Garmin Base Camp. iTunes File Sharing is no longer necessary although that still works as well: For guidance on using airdrop and file attachment, see: and However UTM user waypoint entry is still not possible which is what this app fixes.
  7. The most versatile tool I found is the Leatherman Surge. You can even install jigsaw blades in it, so you can hold wood and metal cutting blades in the pouch: It can also use a variety of screw bits, like robertson, allen etc: And also has lifetime warranty, if anything happens to it, Leatherman will exchange it for a new one!
  8. You don't have to use iTunes to use this app. I'm not sure what you mean exactly.
  9. ForeFlight claim that you can enter UTM coordinates into ForeFlight: In my experience, this is not the case and it's very frustrating, as many clients I work with use UTM coordinates. I therefore created an iPhone/iPad app, that converts UTM into Lat/Lon and then exports them directly into ForeFlight. It can be purchased in the app store:
  10. You're welcome. I updated it to version 2.1 (fixed bug around the equator and also added by request waypoint date, Time, Elevation). Excel2GPX
  11. Topo Canada v4 is an excellent product however hasn't been updated since 2008, so the installation DVD is no longer compatible with Mac OS X Sierra (OS X 10.12). I spoke with Garmin support and got a solution for installing this on the Mac: Click Finder Click "Go" in menu bar Click Utilities Click Terminal Type the following in the terminal window: open -a "Garmin MapManager" /Volumes/*/*.gmap MapManager window will pop up, click Install. DVD should spin up and start installing maps. After installation finishes, click Close. After that maps should be available for BaseCamp, which can be downloaded for free at: After launching BaseCamp, click Maps in the menu bar, then click "Topo Caanda V4" to use Too Canada maps.
  12. Now that ForeFlight 9 at long last enables User Map Shapes (see for more info on this fantastic new feature) I've created the Northern Alberta LSD Grid System KML to aid in work with forestry (ESRD). This includes the south eastern corner of every township and range rectangle. See the attached PDF for more info on the LSD (Legal Sub Division) grid system: Alberta ESRD - LSD.pdf User Map Shape is attached in the file: Alberta LSD.ffkml.kml Screenshots of ForeFlight utilizing this User Map Shape file for Fort McMurray and High Level areas:
  13. Now that ForeFlight 9 at long last enables User Map Shapes (see for more info on this fantastic new feature) I've created the SOPFEU Grid System KML to aid in work with SOPFEU. This includes the 9 subdivided rectangles grid system and the 4 digit main rectangle identifier labeled on the bottom left corner of each rectangle. See the attached PDF for more info on the SOPFEU grid system: User Map Shape is attached in the SOPFEU Grid.ffkml.kml file. Screenshots of ForeFlight utilizing this User Map Shape SOPFEU Grid System.pdf SOPFEU Grid.ffkml.kml
  14. Updated version 1.10 works with southern hemisphere. Thanks for Kimberly Fish for pointing this out. Excel2GPX