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  1. “User” need only be per aircraft if each aircraft is assigned it’s own iPad.
  2. A large helicopter company I worked for used Fluix. Seemed to work very well. That’s how I know about it. All their forms were converted to automatic PDFs.
  3. You can create flight tickets as PDFs and then use Fluix (enterprise version of PDF Expert) to sync flight tickets to the various company departments: https://fluix.io/
  4. I did post a B2. If you can’t find it let me know I’ll share it again
  5. Also Vertical Magazine Employment Forum is pretty good: https://forums.verticalmag.com/forum/35-employment/
  6. I concur. Civilian and military system have different impedance, which results in lower volume when not matched. You can purchase impedance matching adapter but you need to know what type of helmet you have (military/civilian and what time of audio system the aircraft has, military/civilian). Here are the two adapters: Pilot Usa Military Low to Ga Helicopter High Impedance Adapter Pa-88h Pilot Usa Ga Helicopter High to Military Low Impedance Adapter Pa-87h
  7. Yeah. Lightspeed broke twice and needed repair. It’s fixed now but I opted for a professional install of my Bose A20 in my helmet instead.
  8. The advantage of sending it to "Helicopter Helmets", is they have a fabric harness for the earphones and they adapt the helmet microphone with a cable and connector, to the A20, instead of using the original microphone that would be too long and doesn't have the right hardware to attach to the helmet.
  9. Similar to this one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=msw31_dw7hE
  10. Here you go, I made this one some time ago and have improved it over the last several years. 407 W.B v1.8.xlsx
  11. I had my A20 installed in my LH250 at Helicopter Helmets in Melbourne FL. Shipped it to them via UPS. Installation is good but they took slightly longer to do the installation than initially promised. US$200 for install and US$65 for return shipping.
  12. That’s what inspired me to make this. But the Gallet visors are tiny and are ridiculously expensive.
  13. Childish. if you have nothing intelligeable to contribute be quiet.
  14. Agreed. As the saying goes: "Better to ask forgiveness than permission". Although I'd definitely go with MyGoFlight mounts.
  15. Wanted a more reliable solution. Velcro over time loses its grip and the glue makes a big mess. I could use Dual-Lock (https://www.amazon.ca/Dual-Lock-Reclosable-Fastener-TB3550/dp/B007OXK1AK) but was also looking for a more elegant solution for when I don't use the visor.
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