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  1. CEP can be installed on any helmet. It includes a port (connector) that is mounted on the helmet. The helmet needs to be drilled in order to fit this in place. It's tricky on carbon fibre helmets, needs to be done with the correct hole saw and technique: https://www.meritapparel.com/product/ssk-port-cep-port/ CEP has two ear plug tips that are attached to a connector that plugs into the port above: https://www.meritapparel.com/product/ssk-speaker-harness-cep-speaker-harness/ See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCGY6SVWNCQ I recommend getting custom moulded ear tips (instead of sponge ones) noise reduction is better and comfort is greatly enhanced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vlvqp3bo1g
  2. IF you want CEP, I'd recommend getting custom molded ear monitors, as they block sound much better and far more comfortable for exnded use: Westone makes these: https://www.westone.com/store/downloads/access/2016/GSA_CATALOG_2016.pdf
  3. These are some pictures I took. Most of the installation was pretty straightforward. Needed to fabricate a "special" washer to seat the mic in the halemt plastic parts. In order to disassemble the Lightspeed Zulu, you will need to cut a few plastic parts to be able to extract the interconnecting wire between the earphones. If you do it carefully, you can o it in such a way that the headset can be re-assembled to be used again as a headset. Lightspeed Zulu Gallet LH250.zip
  4. Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Yeah, it seems to be a limitation of the macro language of Excel. I'm not sure why you would want such a long description. Foreflight description only supports only the first 30-40 characters. Garmin GPS's only support 16 characters or so for description.
  5. Excel To Gpx Waypoint Conversion Tool

    Created version 3, now supports output to GPX (Garmin GPS and BaseCamp) and also KML (Google Earth and ForeFlight) Excel2GPS v3.00.xlsm
  6. You can track duty times with Coradine Aviation's LogTen Pro:
  7. Rookie Move in Shearwater

    Good idea! Also, submit it for Graphology Analysis.
  8. I made this Flight Duty tracker a while back. You enter 1ˢᵗ date to start tracking in cell A5. Piot's name in cell A3 Click "Jump to today" button on the top to make the spreadsheet jump to today's date. It resets Flight time accumulated after a 5 day period of no flying. If it meets your requirements you're more than welcome to use it Enter flight time in column C. Duty start/end in columns P and Q. When limits are close to being exceeded they're highlighted in yellow, when they're critical in orange, when exceeded in red. The sheet is also optimized to print well on a printer with headers on each page. If you need any modifications or corrections, let me know, I can try to implement those on my downtime. Flight Duty Time - v1.2.xlsm
  9. Bell 206 Power Check Calculator

    Some companies like the company i work for demand their pilots do a power check once a week. That way it's easy to follow the trend of the engine.
  10. Machine down?

    CADORS Report: 2017P1375
  11. Bell 206 Power Check Calculator

    Attached 206B2 and B3 Powercheck 206B2 Particle Seperator v1.2.xlsx Powercheck 206B3 Particle Seperator v1.1.xlsx
  12. UTM For Flight Demo

    To see how simple it is to convert and import a UTM coordinate format into ForeFlight unsing the UTM For Flight app, see attachment below or this YouTube video App can be downloaded from the App Store: UTM For Flight UTM For Flight Demo.mp4
  13. UTM ForeFlight iPhone/iPad App

    Other formats are supported pretty well in ForeFlight as explained on page 228 of their user manual (see below). They only lacked UTM which is why I created this app. Latitude/Longitude Formats For input of latitude/longitude in User Waypoints or the Search box on the Maps page, 4 formats are supported: ✤ DD.dd ✤ DD MM SS ✤ DD MM.mm ✤ DD MM SSs Examples of these formats using this location 32°44’55.6”N, 80°45’57.6”W are: ✤ DD.dd 32.75N/080.77W ✤ DD MM SS 324456/-0804558 ✤ DD MM.mm 3244.93/-08045.96 ✤ DD MM SSs 3244556/-08045576
  14. UTM ForeFlight iPhone/iPad App

    Programmed in Swift 3. Took an online Udemy iOS course that cost $15, which walks you through developing apps, so wasn't too difficult: https://www.udemy.com/complete-ios-10-developer-course/
  15. UTM ForeFlight iPhone/iPad App

    As if version 9.1 of ForeFlight, you can import both user waypoints and user map shapes via air drop or attachment sharing via email attachments so although they both need to be in KML, so you can convert GPX files to KML using Garmin Base Camp. iTunes File Sharing is no longer necessary although that still works as well: For guidance on using airdrop and file attachment, see: https://www.foreflight.com/support/user-waypoints/ and https://www.foreflight.com/support/user-map-shapes/ However UTM user waypoint entry is still not possible which is what this app fixes.