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  1. I find that this forum has issues about notification for "followed" threads as well as PMs. The only way I see when I get a PM is when I log in, I never get an email notification even though I've enabled this feature.
  2. I'm usually more concerned with FIR NOTAMs (closing off zones due to forest fires or military exercises, drone activity etc...). In the AWWS, I used to be able to put the FIR I was interested in like CZEG, and get all the notams or that flight information region. Now If I do that I get hundreds of messages, would take a whole day to read through all of those. I guess I'll use Foreflight for NOTAMs, since Nav Canada have become useless. I may have found a better alternate, the FAA NOTAM search which seems to also work for Canada: https://notams.aim.faa.gov/notamSearch/nsapp.html If I enter the aerodromes and/or a FIR (CZVR-VANCOUVER, CZEG-EDMONTON, CZWG-WINNIPEG, CZYZ-TORONTO, CZUL-MONTREAL, CZQM-MONCTON, CZQX-GANDER-DOMESTIC, CZQX-GANDER-OCEANIC), I seem to only get the relevant NOTAMs for that FIR.
  3. Is it just me? Or is getting NOTAMs in 2020, since Nav Canada transitioned to the ICAO format using the Collaborative Flight Planning Services (CFPS), very cumbersome and bringing lots of irrelevant NOTAM messages? It's supposed to be "geographically-referenced, rather than based on NOTAM Files." according to Transition to ICAO NOTAM format and new NOTAM Series However, if I enter two airdromes in Canada in the CFPS, for example a flight from CYMM to CER4, I get NOTAM files for flying around Syria and Libya, really ⁉️ I'm sure it's discouraging many VFR pilots from even checking NOTAMs before every flights as there's just too much info. What's more, these irrelevant NOTAMs for Libya, Syria and not flying Boeing 737-8 are listed twice, once for each aerdrome. Has anyone come up with a method to obtain only relevant NOTAMs before going on a flight?
  4. Looks like a rip off of the sport mount flex pro from MyGoFlight https://mgfproducts.com/collections/suction-cup-mounts/products/sport-mount-flex-suction-pro?variant=17445911658611
  5. MyGoFlight products are far superior to RAM. https://mgfproducts.com/
  6. “User” need only be per aircraft if each aircraft is assigned it’s own iPad.
  7. A large helicopter company I worked for used Fluix. Seemed to work very well. That’s how I know about it. All their forms were converted to automatic PDFs.
  8. You can create flight tickets as PDFs and then use Fluix (enterprise version of PDF Expert) to sync flight tickets to the various company departments: https://fluix.io/
  9. I did post a B2. If you can’t find it let me know I’ll share it again
  10. Also Vertical Magazine Employment Forum is pretty good: https://forums.verticalmag.com/forum/35-employment/
  11. I concur. Civilian and military system have different impedance, which results in lower volume when not matched. You can purchase impedance matching adapter but you need to know what type of helmet you have (military/civilian and what time of audio system the aircraft has, military/civilian). Here are the two adapters: Pilot Usa Military Low to Ga Helicopter High Impedance Adapter Pa-88h Pilot Usa Ga Helicopter High to Military Low Impedance Adapter Pa-87h
  12. Yeah. Lightspeed broke twice and needed repair. It’s fixed now but I opted for a professional install of my Bose A20 in my helmet instead.
  13. The advantage of sending it to "Helicopter Helmets", is they have a fabric harness for the earphones and they adapt the helmet microphone with a cable and connector, to the A20, instead of using the original microphone that would be too long and doesn't have the right hardware to attach to the helmet.
  14. Similar to this one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=msw31_dw7hE
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