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  1. Hey I was wondering if you had that lightspeed Gallet LH250 zip file still. I am looking for a little direction for how to install my Zulu2 in my Gallet helmet. Thanks


    1. Saifan Pilot

      Saifan Pilot


      Sorry for the late response. I don't seem to get notifications from this forum for some reason.

      you can reach me at my email: Guy@Fisher.Zone

      The install is pretty straight forward. You have to carefully disassemble the ear cups from the headband and also remove the speaker on the mic sidfe in oprder to remove the mic.

      You have two options ofr mic, either relocate the zulu mic to the helmet, that ewill reqwuire a little modding of the mic mount, if I recall I took a large washer and had to file it down on opposite sides in order to accoomplish the install on the helmet.

      I think a better solution would be to connect the gallet mic to the zulu, you can eitehr splice the wires or find the small molex connector that connects the 2 mic wires to the zulu earcup circuit board.

      Remove all the helmet cushions and then use velcro to attach the ear cups into the helmet. you might beed to use a few layers to accommodate a good sealonce the helmet is worn.

      I since then installed my Bose A20 into my gallet, as I had to send the zulu in for repair and had to reassemble it in order to do so.

      Feel free to contact me via email


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