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  1. The guard controls are functional only in radios with the optional guard receiver installed.
  2. Try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bjgprmei8gra1hm/AS350 W.B v1.2.xlsx?dl=0You don't have to register to download the file. Just click the × on the DropBox sign-up window, then click the Download button.
  3. ForeFlight’s new Global Graphical NOTAMs are definitely a step in the right direction. Be aware though that for some reason they don’t fully support all NOTAMs. Hopefully they’ll support them all in future updates. We According to their support as of May 26th: The following are not supported graphically at this time. - Blasting (WH) - Burning or blowing gas (WS) - Accent of free balloons (WL) - Fire Fighting and Rescue (FF). **Note** if Fire Fighting and Rescue NOTAMs are also coded as restricted airspace, they will display in the Graphical NOTAM layer.
  4. Both were wild life surveys. I’m guessing it was LTE at low level at low airspeed just like the Wood Buffalo accident.
  5. Would you care to elaborate? Can’t be so bad as numerous companies use it. Flight Duty XLS was definitely a pain to use and very clunky and didn’t support Macs.
  6. Cirro is the Canadian app for dispatch, flight following etc... https://air-suite.com/
  7. Install a Bose A20 in the helmet, it has both bluetooth and audio input.
  8. Check out also the statistics of the number of commercial helicopter pilots in Canada: https://tc.canada.ca/en/aviation/licensing-pilots-personnel/aviation-personnel-licensing-statistics#toc2 TC hasn't release the numbers for 2021 yet, the number of commercialy licensed helicopter pilots seems to be declining especially since 2015.
  9. Sounds like a similar accident to the one Wood Buffalo (Aurora) helicopters had a while back: https://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/aviation/2013/a13w0070/a13w0070.html Hope for a speedy recovery to all.
  10. I agree with jashcroft441 I've also had both in my MSA Gallet, and personally prefer the the Bose. ANR and bluetooth I found the quality to be comparable. I seem to recall I was long lining with door off when I had the Zulu and its ANR didn't work well with the wind, it made more noise because of the wind so I had to turn ANR off. I don't seem to recall Bose having that issue.
  11. Makes sense they would try to hide the identity of those trucks
  12. Hey DGP, I bet seeing these photos makes you want to run away screaming. Worse company we ever had the misfortune and displeasure to work for!
  13. Same thing happened on the ship I was flying. company replaced it with Diamond Inc Gauge. Far more readable and cheaper as far as I was told. http://www.diamondjinc.net/bell-407/
  14. Of course you have choice, you don't have to get the vaccine.
  15. if you fly a 206B it's substantial ! If a 205 it's negligible.
  16. As I said already in a previous post, our company's stand pipes are copper, they save weight, but lack the rigidity to support the weight of the drum.
  17. God this topic is boring. Can't you move it to a Covid specific forum?
  18. Crumb trail stops when speed is low. I've asked them several times to make a switch to make it sensitive for helicopters but they just say they'll add it to feature requests. To save a waypoint of your current location simply type D in the search bar and tap Enter, tap Save, Enter Name and tap Save again. Super easy and quick. Yes, to see numerous waypoints that are close to eachother you need to zoom in. Garmin is the same.
  19. This makes it easier to grip the barrel when lifting, however, it doesn't increase the moment for lifting the drum. Vs a 3' long 2x4, which greatly reduces the risk of throwing out ones back. Also, each tour I might end up in a different location. So rather than carrying with me my own custom bung wrench, I just carry 5 screws and 2 pieces of hardware that are easy to install, weigh almost nothing, take up very little room in my bag and are dirt cheap.
  20. Not sure why you would want to load a layer with 200,000+ waypoints, however if you load it as user waypoints instead of layer, then all user waypoints are searchable. File limit is 200MB. Typical waypoint is around 510 characters in KML, this would equate to around 400k waypoints! However this an be increased tenfold if the file is saved as KMZ (Zipped KML) as it's compressed and can accommodate many more waypoints. I'm pretty sure Garmin devices were limited to 3000 user waypoints. ForeFlight supports all Lat/Lon formats, perhaps you didn't read the user manual but you can enter in
  21. Overflight of Built-up Areas or Open-air Assemblies of Persons during Take-offs, Approaches and Landings https://lois-laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-96-433/FullText.html#s-602.12
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