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  1. Found a company called Flight Office. Any one have any input good or bad on that before I look into it further?
  2. Anyone have any ideas for Canadian maps for the iPad? Something that will store waypoints etc? Garmin and Trimble both suck.
  3. Rumor has it there is more to come for Mustang. They have attracted some great guys in the industry on both pilot and engineering sides. Big changes! Good changes! Maybe this was house cleaning not mass exodus????? only time will tell.
  4. Sirlandsalot Hit the nail on the head. Rotation and money! Most companies are still stuck on little salaries & high hourly pay. Some meat-head out there that can not long-line, thinks it is fatiguing now and says we should only do 6 hrs a day? There goes the cash. So with that goes the incentive to put up with all the crap we have been putting up with for years to get that cash. We are all coin operated. So are our families and therefore I personally will go for the schedule because the money is gone! My cent and a half That's what They said.
  5. It would help all the lazy useless people we finally weeded out get their jobs back!
  6. They should be bankrupt in a year or so. How very sad.
  7. In deed it is a slow year, I am just down the block from Bob. I said nothing about begging for money on the street! :punk: They
  8. scully, you forgot to mention the smack in the back of the head and the loud words of encouragement fron the chief!! like it was yesterday old man, and i'm still alive.
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