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  1. Heard a rumor from a few people that Alberta forestry might be starting to average hours this year. Anyone know more?
  2. Hahahaha. shakey why did you tell him. Now I could lose my feeble career. haha
  3. Flying VFR, there is nothing you can do about getting extended in the arctic due to weather. As for rotations and pay. some companies (not many) are giving set rotations with set salaries. This creates less financial risk on the pilots and more on the company. Hard to do when all the operators are undercutting each other.
  4. Sorry Old, I mistook your previous posts as negative and derogatory towards pilots. I do have an excellent rotation and I am compensated very well. In the past I have worked for companies all using the hour averaging program. I know what some of these guys are going through. Every company I have worked for has a different way of recording hours worked. If I was looking for work. I would make the employer explain how the company expects me record time worked in the interview, just so there are no surprises. If the employer thinks I’m going to be a problem and doesn’t want to hire me, that’s fine. I probably don’t want the job anyways. Old, I’m not trying to be negative. I just don’t see your comments as constructive towards the conversation.
  5. ya I guess we should all be thankful that we don’t have to dig ditches. I guess us scum bag pilots couldn’t do anything else but dig ditches. Lol.
  6. My 15 years in the industry has taught me the only difference between the low time pilot and experienced pilot is, you clean less toilets and sweep the hangar less if your busy flying. I’ve seen CP’s cleaning toilets. I highly doubt any company will want a minimum wage 100 hour pilot looking at the books.
  7. Sh*t. You may have just solved everyone’s problem. Make sure you tell every TC inspector in all the regions. The two I talked to both had a different opinion, and actually got in a bit of a dispute about it.
  8. More people should be reporting abuse of the program. Here is the link if anyone feels a company has abused the TFW program. https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/foreign-workers/fraud.html
  9. Not the pilots and operators that are competing in Ft Nelson. I’m just guessing, but the operating cost is got to be lower with all TFW’s as employees. So do the Canadians have to go to NZ for interviews or would they be kind enough to do video interviews like for the Aussies? I was having a few beers with a relative a few days ago and he said “why are most of the heli pilots in Canada from NZ and OZ” I said “I’m guessing that you were flying in fort Nelson” I also mentioned that maybe he should use a company that doesn’t take advantage of the TFW program.
  10. I have met the owner when I flew into Chetwynd. He seemed like a really nice guy. Anyways "just looking" when was the last time you saw a flying position posted for a 100 hour pilot. You never know maybe they will get to do ferry fights or learn something. i don't know many pilots that got hired for flying positions straight out of flight school.
  11. I wouldn't say that all the unemployed pilots are whiners. It's been a slow year for a lot of companies and they may have had to layoff more employees than usual. thanks for the positivity tip, I'll try that next time I'm looking for a job.
  12. Very intelligent old. Nice to see you have somthing positive to add to the forum.
  13. http://www.metcam.navcanada.ca/hb/player.jsp?lang=e&site=CYMM CYMM WX cam was working last time I looked. Can't see much further than McMurray Aviation.
  14. I might be a little slow, but I don't get it? Lost in translation?
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