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  1. I took my girlfriend last year for her first small plane ride. She LOVED IT! What a fantastic program!
  2. First off, the billing and nature of the business plan is none of your business. Period. EDIT: And just to point out, we aren't skirting the regulations, we are adhering to them. And second, there is no such "good" job for low time guys. Cherry drying? DANGEROUS! Flight instruction? DANGEROUS! Logging support? DANGEROUS! Ferry passengers? DANGEROUS! Fire fighting? DANGEROUS! ENG? DANGEROUS! Airial spraying? DANGEROUS! Helicopters will kill all low time guys. So they should not fly until they have over 1000 hours and are thereby safe pilots.
  3. OK, well, I'm kind of a low time guy and you seem to be more in the know. I want to make sure we stay "above board", ya know? Can you tell me: a ) which model R22 is a large aeroplane? b ) which model R22 has a turbine? c ) which model R22 is pressurized? d ) which model R22 has two (or more) engines? I appreciate your feed back! Subpart 4 — Private Operators Division I — General Provisions Interpretation 604.02 This Subpart applies to the following Canadian aircraft: · (a) large aeroplanes; · (b) turbine-powered aircraft; · (c) pressurized
  4. I'm not positive. We take our helicopter to the mechanic when he tells us what to do. We can technically do the 50 hours on our own, but every time a 50 hour has come up, we have had bigger issues that needd to be dealt with so its always gone to the mechanic, so the helicopter is in good hands. I'm not really sure what that means. I am an operator. My boss bought a truck, a quad and a helicopter (and I heard a snow mobile for winter, but I haven't seen it yet). I use all 3 to do my job. My boss pays for all 3. He pays me to operate. I get the same rate whether I'm driving, qua
  5. We operate under general aviation, so no PPCs, ops manual or anything. And you are correct, this is not a helicopter company. A helicopter is my company truck.
  6. I don't think we'll be hiring for a while, but the more the better. Gas field operating is what we would be looking for. Gas plant stuffs only for cross training which we have not started yet. Its a ground only position but the idea is to rotate.
  7. I work for Reliance. Sorry it took so long to reply, my account was locked out for a while then I forgot. We are a small company operating an R22 near Grande Cache. Our registration was hung up on some technicalities, so it was still registered in BC where we bought it. Reliance has been around for 6 years though it had an Alberta Ltd name for the first 4 or so. Not that I'm whining at you guys, but I've seen some snide comments about no company website and such when we were seeking applicants. There are A LOT of small (1-5 man) companies in Alberta. This is one of them. We re
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