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  1. AKV doesn't seem to be as user friendly as AeroDyne I am use to the aerodyne system Any one with info on how it works can you PM me?
  2. thanks guys. Appriciate the info. Do you find them hard to get use to? Do they hurt the ears or anything?
  3. Wondering if anyone knows the name of the moulded earbud's that attach to your helmet. Looking at doing the upgrade and wanted feedback from anyone using the moulded or foam style. Anything helps,
  4. Keep in mind the oil price is a spectulation based price and no longer supply and demand. It may be $145 a barrel, but oil companies can only justify $75 a barrel and are setting their exploration projects accordingly. Its a bit confusing...but thats's the way the oil and gas sector is. Basically...the demand for oil and gas is not what the stock market is saying it is. Therefore, exploration is at an average pace...and the stock market it out of control.
  5. Hey just a curious question...Does the bucketing of Salt water, as we see here, do anything to the Bambi Buckets control head? I know the good ole' bog water of alberta makes a good cleaning necessary, but just wondering...
  6. I always understood that an engineer couldnt do a start simply because of insurance clause's...not a TC reg. For the arguement here, isnt our job also systems management??? If im monitoring a system...i log it...plain and simple...I have had Oil cooler's explode on the ground before and had to shut her down....If im there monitoring that aircraft...Im loggin it...As well...the last time i checked my Pax never dissappeared when i set on the ground, I have to monitor them as well as long as the AC blades are in motion. As for the earlier comment about TC issuing an infraction for incor
  7. dcheli


    Call chinook...i know the are accredited in ppsec. they hae ifr and excellent instructors......DC
  8. Congrats Cole... I remember the feeling of landing the first job. The Feeling keeps coming back to you as you venture into new A/C and different types of flying. Its a great career!!! Keep your chin up on those long trips away from home and normal living...The best advice i can say is, Have Fun...oh and take lots of pics... DC
  9. I find it of a huge concern that we allow the ideals of our customers to influence how we do our job. I'm not as concerned with the fallers friends as i am with my own friends.. My point here is...I was always taught to fly the A/C (regardless of the job or testoterone level) In a way that, when My friends and buddies who are pilots, go working for the day can return home safe as well... WE tend to find more and more ways to abuse a/c for our customers and their friends....forgettin about our own... As earlier stated..."do you know when it will fail...???" Over temps included... my 2 ce
  10. I am new to the 2o6...but wouldnt there be abnormal TOT temps with the PT sections restricted...ie blades tied down? Or would this not even be a factor...
  11. Nothing wrong with a little friction. Just enough to take out the shake. When your in an A-star it sure makes things smother and even in the R44. Just enought to take the slip and slide feeling out. But the collective friction is the one i use most. Free's up my hand to tune radios and such...but never put so much on the pole that u cant lower in an auto....dont need to add one more frustration to an engine failure..... 3 cents.... DC
  12. First off....Dont do the full course in a turbine. This is a major waste of your cash. If you gotta take out 50G's, not worth it. I did my full commercial in the 47 and then did a R44 conversion and that is what got me a job...the RH44 not the B206. There are more companies out there allowing 100hr guys fly 44's then there are 206's. The 206 endorsement...well my humble opinion...not worth it on your commercial training... instead spend that money ( cause you can do twice the time in a piston due to cost) and go shoot auto's and general emergencies. This will give you an edge when you..
  13. I think the money issue is what you deem as a good income....After a couple years in the industry there is no problem to make 60K a year....that to me is pretty good living. I guess I dont live in the city and enjoy a small town so it makes a difference. Starting out is 30K usually...but there is the odd one who pays Sh** and others who pay well....I guess the question is...What are you willing to sacrifice to have a fun challenging rewarding and stressful job? DC
  14. here's my 2 cents... There seems to be Way more Alberta companies hiring and putting to work low time guys. Reason for this is they have contracts that are oil and gas and have low minimums if any at all. These are primarly in Northern Alberta... Grande Prairie north, so my advise would be to call a few of these companies...askwhere they would recommend you train and then go see them. Theres 3 I can think of that collectivly hired 12 guys! and to my knowledge they are all working (flying). Give them a cal....dont be shy and for god sake dont be a picky bugger. Take what you can get a
  15. From where I sit...R44 is your best Bang for your buck. with its cheaper endorsement cost and wide range of use, your better off going this route. the majority of companies who hire low time pilots, usually have at least one machine (R44) and the endorsement will get you that much closer to their seat. To think of an A-star endorsement @ 100 hrs sounds like a sales pitch for there a-star. I currently work in northern Alberta and the amount of 44's is amazing. on a side note...any oilfield experience is a great asset as well. Pilot/Operators are still in huge demand and the pay is usual
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