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  1. 206 and 407 would definitely be used by me, and likely my coworkers!
  2. The LR's we have are almost 2600lbs with a high gear, basket and bubble window.
  3. I did the Canadore/Essential program a few years ago. IMO the extra $7k that you pay for the Canadore tuition or whatever it is, isn't worth the extra money and could go towards a 206 endorsement. However I never went and checked out any other schools so others could have a "tuition" fees that cover extras on top of the flight training. The flight training was excellent with Essential and you do get some good extra courses (winter survival, pad building, etc.). I definitely recommend them for training.
  4. $12 inflatable camping pillow from crappy tire. 20+ hrs in B2 bucket seats this week and no complaints.
  5. Bif, why not use an excel form like the one provided and put it on Dropbox. My company does this for aircraft tracking and I find it works pretty well, as it can be accessed from anywhere with internet.
  6. Beating up pilots in the cockpit eh? hahaha
  7. Although this case is about logging "flight time", it is unfortunate there still was no input about how pilots are supposed to record in their personal logbooks. As I've always seen it since the first day I started flying, flight time is engine start to throttle off, and air time is skids up to skids down. Flight time is what you put in your personal log book (in flight school), because TC requires 100 hours of flight time to receive to complete your CPL. Yes, I am a "low-timer". I have spoken with lots of pilots I work with about logging air vs flight time and it seems everyone has a different opinion. Does anyone else care to give their input on which time they put into their PERSONAL logbooks?
  8. Yea Rotorhead, only a few categories have been limited to members, but now every category is.
  9. I noticed this the other day as well. You cannot view any forums as a guest. You have to be logged in to your account.
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