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  1. What is your opinion about about the R44 being included in the S-FAR but the R66 not? Would you suggest removing the R44 from the S-FAR?
  2. But he works, and so does the R44!!!
  3. Wow! Congratulations! Glad it saved you!
  4. According to this http://www.ainonline.com/news/single-news-...neywell-engine/ the price hasn't been announced.
  5. Not sure I really know the answer to this one, but here we go: For most turbine engines used in helicopters, is more energy used in producing heat or into lifting and propelling the aircraft at whatever weight it may be?
  6. Heard that Helicopters Express put in an order for a few 407HP machines. Are they the first to do so, or is there someone out there already operating one?
  7. I have the calendar marked for 2010 since I missed it this time.
  8. The only time there seems to be a shortage of CFIs is when I'm due for a flight review . Any other time there are like a whole crowd of them twiddling their thumbs looking for a prospective student. That's the way it is in my neck of the woods. Not sure how it is universally.
  9. What does a black paint job have to do with flying in low light conditions? I mean you can always hear the Jetranger way before you can see it. Maybe black its black to hide in dark woods...in low light conditions.
  10. Kind of what I was thinking. I think you meant most of the times.
  11. Everyone has hit on the key points already. Just to throw this in - a good instructor can't be afraid. When I first started flying, I flew with an instructor who would never let me fly the helicopter he was so afraid. He kept his hands so heavily on the controls I couldn't "feel" the helicopter. I don't mean for the first hour, but rather for three hours! How will your student ever learn how to fly? Needless to say I switched to a different instructor rather quickly, and he, on the other hand, would let my play around until I let things get out of wack before he would then correct the problem
  12. I've got my favorite stops, and yes it has drawn a crowd at times. I always make sure I have permission before I do so though. It's way cool!
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