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  1. I see where you are coming from but on that note was there empathy when a certain individual went on a rant and decided to invite random people from a helicopter forum to fight him in his back yard, because someone shared their personal opinion Right or wrong? I can’t remember the exact circumstances cuz the thread is now shut down but then it happened again not too long ago, I believe about a week or so ago when he went on another rant about possibly fighting someone over things that were said, once again over a persons opinions. This is what I’d like to call in the industry “a trend.” I’m not sure why universal got shut down, or who’s fault it is or if anyone is even to blame, or if it’s the global pandemics fault who knows, I won’t venture to guess or point fingers either. But one thing I know for sure is. Its not professional to want to invite people to fight in your back yard over a personal option then in that very same forum advertise jobs looking for people to come work for you, knowing full well those people might have seen your posts. In my opinion this individual may have been a very significant figure in the aviation industry or maybe they were a lifer pool pilot, I’ve never met him but as of now he is the guy that wanted to fight people at a bbq. I think that’s what will stand out most not what he’s done leading up to that point. It’s like the saying goes you can build a thousand bridges but You suck one d1ck, you aren’t a bridge builder. Now don’t everyone get your panties in a knot I’m not calling anyone a d1ck sucker it’s just a figure of speech, and on another side note I do love me a backyard bbq fight but in the right setting.
  2. Cowboys win the super bowl with McCarthy as head coach. It’ll be the 90’s all over again
  3. A good read world definitely recommend it.
  4. Well the first kind of work you will start out doing is cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping the floors along with washing the owners vehicle. Next you might be put on some ground crew job if you are lucky and work 14+ hours a day for less than minimum wage. Yo might even be lucky enough to be told “ if you’re lucky I’ll let you fly my machine.” its a junk industry stay away
  5. Yup I would definitely recommend fixed wind as well plus you don’t have to deal with clients who think they know more about piloting than you cuz they fly in a helicopter 3 times a year. Also you don’t have to lug a longline and bucket and all the other ops gear you have with you around on a fire. Them fixed wing boys literally walk around the plane jump in the front seat and punch in their route on the flight computer. They don’t have fuel calculations or have to load bags the just need to make sure to land and take off on the right runway and make sure to wake up when ATC calls them.
  6. Do you like being treated like garbage and cleaning the toilets of rich owners who complain all day about not making money, Pilots being princess’ and how little you know about flying? Well young fella this is the career for you! Be prepared to be treated like junk for a bunch of years cuz your first comment from CSC1 is a rare one we have low time pilots when I am up to 1000hrs and they are still “not people” in owners eyes. Until you can make them money all year round and don’t smack a set of blades you are their personal slave. Over 15 years I’ve seen it all even upper management in companies taking bets on which low time pilot would quit first and which would stick it out. It has gotten better over the years but not much. Be prepared to put up with more sh*t than you can think of, Long days and junk pay, and be expected to move wherever a job is and jump at the drop of a hat. Oh and lastly hopefully you aren’t married or have a GF cuz you’ll be divorced or broke up within the first year.
  7. Well ladies and gentlemen here we have a perfect specimen of a “sac o’sh*t.” Absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation and attempting to bring into the mix their own personal beliefs based on Facebook facts and no knowledge whatsoever. Well simpleton you are an absolute f*ckin nothing male or female.
  8. Can’t message, PM me

  9. Quick everyone to their safe spaces. No jokes allowed.
  10. Looks like you need to install a baseball card into your bike spokes too.
  11. I agree Ive talked with pilots and engineers who have worked at companies for 15+ years and all of them say they have set schedules they are all VFR operators. What makes one different from the other?
  12. I agree with Rotor, however ask the guy instructing you what it’s like to be on a campaign fire, or in a camp setting, or sitting on a pipeline for 10 hours and you didn’t bring your lunch cuz the client told you he’d only need an hour, two max and now your thinking about eating the rations from the survival kit cuz you’ve been there all day. If he’s never been in one of those situations I would look elsewhere. Anybody can teach you how to fly, but it’s the insights and experience I took away most from my initial training. Also go fixed wing!
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