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  1. Hahahahaha it’s a very relaxing and tourist friendly place. A real vacation hot spot.
  2. Hahahahahahahahaha that’s awesome. Well said freck
  3. Hahahahaha when’s this one gonna be on bladeslapper?
  4. pilot83

    Getting back in the seat.

    A day or two to do DG wow! How many times did you fail it?
  5. Why would you wanna go fly in the states anyways it’s full of ’Murcans. Hahaha
  6. I’m sure you’ll do just fine in life. Seems like your well versed in the English language, at least written that is. You must also be very strong as well because that’s how you come across in the comments section in the forums web page of a Helicopter magazine. Probably huge in fact. Friendly tip * I know nowadays cell phone providers have unlimited plans and regularly offer free upgrades on phones, so my advice would be to maybe bring the Motorola razor into the local RadioShack and upgrade to a phone that has autocorrect so you don’t come off as an illiterate dipshit.
  7. pilot83

    The job field

    Hahahahaha now the bullsh*t is starting to go around there’s one clown saying he made $600k last year and then a joker from the states chiming in now too. DAWS I said it before don’t quit your day job pinching pennies and doing inventory counts.
  8. pilot83

    The job field

    Hahahaha keep your job as an accountant man, with the attitude you have portrayed in this thread I’m sure you will just turn out to be another statistic who gets a license and then never flys again. Every pilot started out sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, and helping the engineers on machines. When i was applying I would ask to clean the bathrooms not to fly. Go push your papers and crunch your numbers cuz if u think you can start out heliskiing or whatever you think your heads already to big to fit into the machine.
  9. pilot83

    Best helicopter school in Canada right now ?

    Hahahaha I find it interesting how instructors with no industry experience can give students with no understanding of this industry advise on it. How can an instructor tell a student what an average day for a Pilot is who is on fires when he’s never been in one himself, Or what it’s like to be in a logging camp flying fallers or engineers, or just what a normal 3 week tour is like. I would agree and say go to a school where the instructors are active or have been active industry pilots. Not just 8000 hours of flying circuits and same pad approach’s and making YouTube videos.
  10. pilot83

    Equipment for training

    I had a gentex for years, got it while I was in flight school was a great helmet to start out with. Now I have an Evo252 and won’t ever go back to anything else. Light and comfortable. Would definitely recommend. My opinion, but I would say shop around try some on if u can.
  11. pilot83

    Customer Service Reps

    Everyone go to their safe spaces! Hahahaha
  12. pilot83

    BC Air Ambulance contract

    I heard Phoenix in Ft Mac even bid on it. They must have ran out of famous celebrities and green peace workers to fly around.
  13. pilot83

    Pilots leaving the industry

    F*uckin well said we are ALL under paid and undervalued for the responsibility we all have on us (pilots and engineers combined)