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  1. Hahahaha gooches and call centres go hand in hand, however just to touch on the slow on the line comment. Last time I checked I get paid by the hour not the bucket. I’ll take my time too it’s called job security but like I mentioned in my previous comment you seem like a pretty on point individual. You keep dropping them loads fast, I’m sure you get that quality from a prominent female parental figure.
  2. I do remember matlock, vaguely I was quite young when them reruns were on, I always preferred Magnum PI to be honest he smashed lots of a$$! Anyways you seem like a bright individual and who am I to judge? Seems like you’ve got a great character and even better customer service skills, it’ll probably come in handy working at the Telus call center.
  3. Bwhahahaha so.... if anybody was wondering if this dudes a f@ckin idi0t. I guess here’s your proof.
  4. hey there, is this the light or heavy weave. i need a summer flight suit. 44long is my size.. lemeno!

  5. I see where you are coming from but on that note was there empathy when a certain individual went on a rant and decided to invite random people from a helicopter forum to fight him in his back yard, because someone shared their personal opinion Right or wrong? I can’t remember the exact circumstances cuz the thread is now shut down but then it happened again not too long ago, I believe about a week or so ago when he went on another rant about possibly fighting someone over things that were said, once again over a persons opinions. This is what I’d like to call in the industry “a trend.” I’m
  6. Cowboys win the super bowl with McCarthy as head coach. It’ll be the 90’s all over again
  7. A good read world definitely recommend it.
  8. Well the first kind of work you will start out doing is cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping the floors along with washing the owners vehicle. Next you might be put on some ground crew job if you are lucky and work 14+ hours a day for less than minimum wage. Yo might even be lucky enough to be told “ if you’re lucky I’ll let you fly my machine.” its a junk industry stay away
  9. Yup I would definitely recommend fixed wind as well plus you don’t have to deal with clients who think they know more about piloting than you cuz they fly in a helicopter 3 times a year. Also you don’t have to lug a longline and bucket and all the other ops gear you have with you around on a fire. Them fixed wing boys literally walk around the plane jump in the front seat and punch in their route on the flight computer. They don’t have fuel calculations or have to load bags the just need to make sure to land and take off on the right runway and make sure to wake up when ATC calls them.
  10. Do you like being treated like garbage and cleaning the toilets of rich owners who complain all day about not making money, Pilots being princess’ and how little you know about flying? Well young fella this is the career for you! Be prepared to be treated like junk for a bunch of years cuz your first comment from CSC1 is a rare one we have low time pilots when I am up to 1000hrs and they are still “not people” in owners eyes. Until you can make them money all year round and don’t smack a set of blades you are their personal slave. Over 15 years I’ve seen it all even upper management i
  11. Well ladies and gentlemen here we have a perfect specimen of a “sac o’sh*t.” Absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation and attempting to bring into the mix their own personal beliefs based on Facebook facts and no knowledge whatsoever. Well simpleton you are an absolute f*ckin nothing male or female.
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