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  1. pilot83

    Equipment for training

    I had a gentex for years, got it while I was in flight school was a great helmet to start out with. Now I have an Evo252 and won’t ever go back to anything else. Light and comfortable. Would definitely recommend. My opinion, but I would say shop around try some on if u can.
  2. pilot83

    Customer Service Reps

    Everyone go to their safe spaces! Hahahaha
  3. pilot83

    BC Air Ambulance contract

    I heard Phoenix in Ft Mac even bid on it. They must have ran out of famous celebrities and green peace workers to fly around.
  4. pilot83

    Pilots leaving the industry

    F*uckin well said we are ALL under paid and undervalued for the responsibility we all have on us (pilots and engineers combined)
  5. pilot83

    Evo Helmets in Canada?

    I bought an evo 252 a couple years back from helicopterhelmets.com. Awesome helmet light and fits nice I like the option of being able to detach the cord on the back of the helmet so you can get out to stretch your legs or pee and not worry about a cord dangling down, I also had an issue with the jack on the back of the helmet and called HH.com and the guy said it’s not under warranty anymore but yank out the cord if it breaks I got your back send it back and we’ll fix it, and they did no charge, they even wanted to send me a loaner helmet while mine was getting fixed for the week. They are awesome and really helpful. Don’t listen to 2Tall his review was useless and offered no Real reason as to why he regrets his purchase. Useless reviews from useless people. PM me if you want more info on it.
  6. pilot83

    Evo 252 Helicopter Helmet's

    Bought mine through helicopter helmet.com, they were great to deal with. They even offered to send me a loaner helmet while they made mine. Would defiantly recommend using them.
  7. pilot83

    Evo 252 Helicopter Helmet's

    I recently bought a 252, I used to have a gentex, it took me a couple weeks to get used to it but I like it a lot, it's light and comfy. I like how the cord comes out in the back makes it easy to get in and out of the machine without worrying about a cord dangling around your waist. Overall I think it's a great helmet. PM me if you have any questions maybe I can give you a bit more in depth info if you like.
  8. pilot83

    What's Happening At Summit?

    Another one down at Summit, any takers on who's gonna be next?
  9. pilot83

    What's Happening At Summit?

    Summit will be the next OpsMobil and we all know how that's going for them, ahh not too good!
  10. pilot83

    What's Happening At Summit?

    I guess that's what happens when you undercut everyone, and try to run a helicopter company like a construction company!!! Good luck with that!
  11. pilot83

    New Alpha Eagle Helmet Questions?

    I agree with mini chopper I have a 56 bought it in 2003 and have had it since still works great!
  12. HAHAHA I've never seen an incompetent manager yet! Oh wait maybe I have........
  13. I don't see the big deal here, to me it makes more sense to have a centralized maintenance facility and have the A/C where they are needed most and utilized to the max, it seems that they get the majority of their calls to the south rather than to the north. You put the machine where it is needed, you wouldn't put a machine in Alert of fires, would you. No. Like he said in the statement the machines are mobile and not assigned to a set region, its not like STARS based in Calgary, they are based there and they have a region they can "look after" if its outside their region then another A/C comes from somewhere else like Edmonton. The machines are owned by the OPP that means they have all of Ontario to patrol. Unlike HAWKS in Calgary which is owned by the CPS and they only do the Calgary Area. If this made you throw up a little bit in you're mouth maybe you should check out some other stuff in the industry, because this seems pretty miniscule compared to what they want to do with the TFW. That will make you #### your pants if this made you throw up a bit.