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  1. Can’t message, PM me

  2. Quick everyone to their safe spaces. No jokes allowed.
  3. Looks like you need to install a baseball card into your bike spokes too.
  4. I agree Ive talked with pilots and engineers who have worked at companies for 15+ years and all of them say they have set schedules they are all VFR operators. What makes one different from the other?
  5. I agree with Rotor, however ask the guy instructing you what it’s like to be on a campaign fire, or in a camp setting, or sitting on a pipeline for 10 hours and you didn’t bring your lunch cuz the client told you he’d only need an hour, two max and now your thinking about eating the rations from the survival kit cuz you’ve been there all day. If he’s never been in one of those situations I would look elsewhere. Anybody can teach you how to fly, but it’s the insights and experience I took away most from my initial training. Also go fixed wing!
  6. Hahaha I’ve ran Jet (I think it was Jet, kinda smelled like it at least) in a machine that was so old I couldn’t even tell it was Jet from the tag, there was probably more rust than actual metal on the drum. I’m still here and the engine didn’t quit.
  7. I agree with Shakey pay as you go that way for whatever reason you don’t wanna continue you don’t need to try and chase down the remaining money. Yup also agree on the duals topic as well.
  8. The fun things they don’t tell you in flight school are as follows; 1. Don’t expect to fly as soon as you are done school 2. You better know how to sweep a floor and clean toilets cuz those will be your first tasks. 3. Expect to be paid [email protected] and work long, long hours cuz operators never take advantage of low time pilots. (They like to chalk it up to “show some incentive if you wanna fly my machine” ) 4. Make sure your instructor no matter how many you have has at least worked in the industry, not like some schools who would rather have more likes on YouTube than actually teach. Industry knowledge is very important. It’s easy to get a loan from a relative and buy a machine then buy a school. It’s the truly passionate people in this industry who have mopped the floors and cleaned the toilets a thousand times. 5. When your out of school and working keep studying learn FMs and hang around engineers. They are good to talk to. 6. Listen to other pilots and engineers, some like to hear themselves talk and some will take the time to really talk to you and pass on some of their mistakes so you hopefully won’t make the same as them. Im sure someone will chime in about something I’ve said but these are my pointers.
  9. I have used it once to board a plane, I was in the midst of moving and had a temp paper drivers license. At first the agent said what is this a passport? despite on the front it clearly says aviation license, so after a minute or so he was like is this government issued? I replied I hope so cuz the guy flying the plane I’m about to get on has a similar one! So after another minute or so he was like ah ok sure go ahead. It was pretty entertaining.
  10. Hope you’re getting mins and not just sitting there for your day rate + 1 hour flt pay! If you are, you are better off working at the local bowling alley cuz that dude is making more per hour than you. Ahhhhhhh but wait you get to tell all the chicks you’re a Pilot right! That’s why we all do it correct? And to answer your question it would be a 11 hour duty day as TC would like to see at least 30 mins prior to departure and 30 mins after landing for preflight/post flight and paperwork.
  11. I agree 100% flying has lost its luster and I’m tired of hearing “back in my day we’d leave in May and come back in October” we’ll thats why you’re all divorced and your kids hate you! Times have changed and work life/balance needs to be in the forefront of the operators mind now. But like freak said the usual people will pipe up and I’m sure someone will reply about being privileged or some other BS like that.
  12. Hahahahaha it’s a very relaxing and tourist friendly place. A real vacation hot spot.
  13. Hahahahahahahahaha that’s awesome. Well said freck
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