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  1. well as a matter of fact, I got him back to the ground safely, and they carried him on the log back to his tree! happy ending for the world fastest sloth and the the slowest seismic pilot !
  2. well in general, wet spring means busy summer and vise versa, busy spring means wet summer, but never both! Back in my previous life on am i risk attack crew, we always figured a wet spring meant more fuel growth for the ripping summer about to come!
  3. I was long-lining seismic bags in the Amazon jungle on a 220’ line. Was on a steep slope and the bags kept rolling into a creek as I kept trying to perch them behind a stump before I released. Lost situational awareness and started moving my tail around. I heard a strange whooshing noise out my right side (a star door off) I looked to my right and there was an astar tail rotor diameter tube of green leaves horizontally flying out the right side. I had stuck my tail in the top of a tree, while hovering deep in the curve. I released all bags and held my breath as I hovered over to the near
  4. FYI, for the covid deniers…. Children’s Hospitals don’t close down for a flu. https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/alberta-childrens-hospital-to-close-75-per-cent-of-operating-rooms-by-monday
  5. Or just talk to an elderly that has lived through a pandemic….This is a first for most of us.
  6. I “heard” thick smoke, glassy water with a longline on. Machine is in the water.
  7. Very sad news. A real mentor for so many of us, global experience with countless hours and an amazing, genuine passion for helicopters . A person whom I hold the highest respect for, wish I could have thanked you one more time. You will be missed Richard, and thank you for the influence you had on all of us.
  8. 90% of the pilots I respect as professionals and can only wish to be equal too, don’t take part in these forums anymore. Just the bitter people that are pissed off with the industry. I come on once a month to see what’s new, and it’s the same group of people complaining about everything, arguing and insulting each other.
  9. I hope I will still have a medical and can do it at 70....
  10. Do you have issues with me?


    1. Harmonic_Vibe


      I remember you in the english pub off pizza street

    2. sirlandsalot


      Whatever that is supposed to mean.  I am surprised you can remember anything from pizza street. 

  11. Movie filming from a helicopter is a very small industry, and it sucks trying to give a nagging cameraman/photographer his shot. Scanning is boring, there is not much work doing it and you have to get up too early. Drones can have it.
  12. Yes, sorry from me as well, I tried to erase my post after I saw it was a duplicate with no success. I thought I merged it somehow.
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/universal-helicopters-closes-1.5586297
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