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  1. well in general, wet spring means busy summer and vise versa, busy spring means wet summer, but never both!


    Back in my previous life on am i risk attack crew, we always figured a wet spring meant more fuel growth for the ripping summer about to come!  

  2. I was long-lining seismic bags in the Amazon jungle on a 220’ line.  Was on a steep slope and the bags kept rolling into a creek as I kept trying to perch them behind a stump before I released.  Lost situational awareness and started moving my tail around.  I heard a strange whooshing noise out my right side (a star door off)  I looked to my right and there was an astar tail rotor diameter tube of green leaves horizontally flying out the right side.  I had stuck my tail in the top of a tree, while hovering deep in the curve.  I released all bags and held my breath as I hovered over to the nearest pad, landed safely, inspected the green tail rotor. It was so green and lush the tabs where not even bent.  Fak me!

    And then there’s the time a 3 goes sloth climbed onto my line from a tree……that’s another thread though….

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  3. Very sad news.  A real mentor for so many of us, global experience with countless hours and an amazing, genuine passion for helicopters .  A person whom I hold the highest respect for, wish I could have thanked you one more time. You will be missed Richard, and thank you for the influence you had on all of us. 

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  4. 90% of the pilots I respect as professionals and can only wish to be equal too, don’t take part in these forums anymore. Just the bitter people that are pissed off with the industry. I come on once a month to see what’s new, and it’s the same group of people complaining about everything, arguing and insulting each other. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, Heliian said:

    The piston type pump provides constant flow via a swashplate.  Pressure is set by relief valve.  At lower RPM the swashplate may be at max deflection if there is too much demand on the system.  It's supposed to maintain flow at the rated pressure.

    Thanks is for that Heliion,  

  6. 13 hours ago, Torque Split said:

    As per the Flight Manual please see the following:

    Flight Manual Paragraph 2-6-B.




    Throttles -Set to idle. 


    Uncommanded control movement or motoring with either hydraulic system off may Indicate hydraulic system malfunction.


    HYDR NO. 1 switch- OFF, then ON.


    HYDR SYS NO. 2 switch -OFF, then ON.


    I am aware of the flight manual and the checks.  What I asked is WHY do we do it at 100% ?        

  7. 13 hours ago, Torque Split said:

    There is a hyd check at idle and at full rpm on the 212.  First check is at idle to ensure that if something was wrong with the system (eg:motoring servo) you should be able to overcome the forces.  Also at idle, to be overcome forces if the hyds were not enough to override unusually stiff flight controls (possibly mechanical issues with the flight controls eg: minimum frictions set too high or swashplate issues)  You wouldn't want to find out you have these issues at full rpm as you may not be able to overcome the flight forces.  Next check is at full rpm to ensure that everything functions normally at full rpm and flight forces.   You already know at this point that there shouldn't be any major issues as you already determined this with the idle check. 

    Thanks for a good reply,  a few of my coworkers don’t do the check, and/or do it at ground idle as they want to rule out any chance of hitting the gov switch by accident.  I personally feel this is wrong, but to each and their own I guess.  

  8. Having a discussion here, with lots of opinions,    So here I go with my first post in years onto the vertical forums!!!

     Why is it the hydraulic control check is done at 100% vs doing it at the preliminary hydraulic check at ground idle?      Other than because the flight manual says so.....?


    is it because of blade sailing or potential contact of blade and tail?


    aaaaaaand go!

  9. Look at training at Mountian View Helicopters in Springbank.  Learning to fly at the elevations of Calgary will degrade the performance of your helicopter a lot.   flying at altitude can be a very big deal in a helicopter. So you might as well learn to fly at altitude, seeing as how you more than likely will spend a good chunk of your career working at altitude.

    Doing a full on auto in the lower mainland of BC vs doing an auto in Springbank is an entirely different animal, the far more difficult one being the latter.

    Save yourself the  pain and agony,  and train on a Robinson, not because other types are bad, but because 90% chance you will get your first job on a Roinson product, and having a 100 hours on a Robie vs 100 hours on some odd ball trainer type that you will never see again, will only help you, and you will need all the help you can get.

    And, they will hire you if you work hard and treat your training like a job interview as appose to an entitled student

    good luck, its a lot of fun, despite what the pessimistics say.......

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  10. Heliskiing bites again, every year.......    Same Place had a roll over in 2017.


    It always surprises me come fire season, and all the stories of bade strikes, hard landings, roll overs come out yet I never seem to hear of them.  I always wanted to heli ski,  and that was my first exposure to helicopters at a young age,.....now, I don’t think so, especially for 600 bucks a day if your lucky.  


    2017roll over below, blue river.  https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/helicopter-crash-mike-wiegele-1.3920043

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