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  1. how about the canadian forces boots, mucklucks they are called. Has anybody had them? I am trying to get feedback on them and the bunnies. Which are better on the pedals. I also heard that the bunnies make your feet sweat.
  2. yes I think you are right about the 20 min, I read in calhane in case of helicopter operated night vfr, to fly to the destination aerodrome and then fly for 30 min at normal cruise. cheers
  3. you need 30 minutes of cruise flight for fuel, and you can't carry any passengers unless you are twin engine. Single engine can be allowed if authorized in the air operator certificate. I think you can go with with passengers if it is a none-rev flight ie. family I think, better go to CARS!
  4. I trained at Bighorn Helicopters aswell. Paul Bergeron, Richard Alzetta and Luca Rebetti there to replace Jen Theil. Fine Insrtructors!!! One of the best decisions I ever made was to go to that school, working since graduation! no regrets whatsoever
  5. hey do any of you know what a 500hr pilot would make with vih/greatslave?
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