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  1. For are all you trolls out there that think I was rude or disrespectful saying a lot of equipment operators are over weight alcoholic chain smokers well........I am going on my third shift now on a cat 390D. Nice machine, 2 years old, however, my 300 plus pound cross shift keeps leaving his chew cans and cigaret buts for me to sweep out every morning.....The other hoe opertaor, a short wirey guy coverd in tattoos has no phone, because he says he gets mad and keeps breaking them. Between drags on his cigarets, he mentioned the only thing heis good at is fighting and drinking. so back to my
  2. This is pointless, it is like delaing with Trump supporters. I choose to represent myself with more worth than my previous profession, and I hope this affects all of us Pilots with more worth. If your self worth as a pilot is the same as a excavator opertaor...you must be a real star in this industry. After 10 years of working with majority of over weight, chain smoking alcoholic equipment operators I looked around me and wanted better. Now, after 10 years of working as a pilot, I have zero regret, I have worked with many professional people, but there are always the trolls, no matter w
  3. I paid for my helicopter lisence running excavator and have journeyman papers. The amount of risk, responsibility, and training is far beyond any hoe operator....and should be accounted for in pay. I work just as hard as any **** one of you. If you think a hoe and a helicopter are comparable, with all due respect sir, you are a moron.
  4. Well, that was my first post in years, won't do that again........people wonder why this forum is dead.....
  5. What an industry. I just got chased down and offered an excavator operator job with equivalent pay to my 212 summer contract rate plus 2.5 hour mins......I am still stunned.
  6. I have done this, not a big deal. I went to about 100 feet, a guy in the back of the 206 poored a milk crate out.....non eventfull. They bounced all over the place and we flew away.
  7. I was skiing and heard you above the fog, thought you where an astar. I don't go on vertal very often so missed your post. I could of helped you out.
  8. ok, I have not posted in a long time, I find sailboat forums a much friendlier place to be, but i have something to say with regards to this "puppy mill" term. I find it bizzar how some people think it is a schools's job to find a job for a student. Where or In what other industry does this happen? Why would it be any different in aviation? My younger sister was a straight A student, currently a mortgage broker. She is also a chemist. Do you guys think UVIC went and got her a job in her field after schooling? Why do you not call Universities puppy mills, how many people with degrees a
  9. In light of a recent thread I started regarding " averaged mins" , I would like to clear the bad air that I have created for my current employer. I have supervisors and co-workers within this company that I respect and consider friends as they have gone to great extents to accommodate any concerns I have had. I felt that my words in this thread where not directed to my employer, but to the industry as a whole, and as a topic of conversation. After being made aware I have started the vicious rumor mill towards this company, I have read back through the thread and I can now see how
  10. Seems we need something for the operators so they can all charge a healthy rate......then we, the crew could be payed accordingly. The low-ballers are killing not only the ac rates but crew pay as well.
  11. As much as I hate to say it, maybe this industry needs unions.......I have always felt unions are to protect the weak and hold back the exceptional! Who knows......... I still have broken stuff here, so this thread goes on......
  12. yes, truth to that..... Maybe pay would be better structured as straight salary. In south america, a long line 350 pilot makes 600 to 700 US. a day, based on 180 to 200 days a year The downside is you are working for a South American Helicopter company, which can have a lot of issues in my opinion, and sometimes they take 2 months to pay, however I never heard of them not paying. Never the less, a Latino pilot is making around $115,000 US a year. And from what I have seen, maybe 2 pilots I have seen in 5 years of working in south america can work a long line at the level
  13. I am not speaking directly to my current employer, but to the industry as a whole. This problem exists at a higher level than individual companies. Like I said earlier, my employer brings a lot of good things to the table for me, enough to out weigh the bad and that is why I remain loyal to my employer. It is the majority of companies I think that have adapted to averaging mins, If I had a company I would probably follow suit, as it is good business for the company and how else would you compete? How do the companies that don't average mins do it and stay in business? HV, do you
  14. Couldn't agree more. I might fly today, so maybe I will start a thread about how much I love my job tonight!
  15. no, actually I have a good boss. That is one reason I am still here. It is not his fault the upper-managment makes these decisions. I am sure he would if he could. I already know the answer if I bring it up. If I want that changed, I need to change companies, and that can be risky too, what one has the others may not. I am just venting and thought I would fire up a thread about it, after all I am sitting in a Shite hole with nothing to do but *****! Might get flying tomorrow they say. I hope for all of you I do! lol
  16. Dream world or not...... at one time it was common and even now there are companies that still do it. Why even bother paying the mins if they are going to be averaged out. 90% of the time I fly my mins anyways. As far as big contracts ie siesmic, all season drill..... no need to charge mins to the client for the AC, the machine way overflies mins anyways, But the client has to understand that THE CREWS need mins, therefore that should be in the contract, unless you are a cheap two bit company lowballing your shite....which is another topic!. It is not my problem or busniess what the company
  17. Day rate, salary....what ever you call it, yes. I am a pool pilot therefore I don't receive away from base, fare enough. but that is besides the point. I am talking about minimums. If we fly 6 hours per day in the next 3 days (18hrs), and then sit for 3 more days, we get payed 18 hours,equal to 3 hour mins for 6 days. IF we fly 6 hours a day, we SHOULD be payed for 6 hours that day, as-well payed 3 hours a day when we don't fly.(mins) This is exactly what the operators all got pissed about when Forestry started doing it to them, so in turn, the operators are doing it to
  18. dude, your living the dream!! way to go. don't go crazy sitting!
  19. With all do respect.....I am not here to do SFA, I am here to work. It sure is **** is not my problem there is no flight plan for me today, Why should I loose my hard earned hours because their equipment is broke. . I hate doing SFA, that is what days off with my family are for. Remember when 4 hour mins was standard? now it is 3 sometimes 2, and on top of that they are averaged.....seems to me we are going backwards.......that is unless your management or an owner. Luckily, I work for a generally good company. And yes they are working....sort of, however there is lot's of work, an
  20. no, I get payed the hours I fly, i am just venting, I think this has come the industry norm, only a few companies offer non averaged mins that I know of. If I fly a bunch of 6 hour days at the beginning, I surpass mins rapidly and it looks like a great tour! until you get a hick-up of some sort at the end and can't fly. Now the mins are slowly adding up. And all these days I sit and wait, I basically don't get payed mins becasue they take my high hour days at the beginning and count them as today's mins .....just like Forestry. It would be nice to see, if you fly 6 a day you get
  21. yup, Here I get averaged for 20 to 30 days, I am getting tired of this,, bustin my *** going for every 0.1 I can get, suggesting flights, looking for jobs pushing all so I can get screwed when a couple weather, maintenance or client days park me at the end of the tour. Here I sit watching my mins take over. I might as well just fly the bare minimum and go home, So discouraging. The worst part, is when this all started, the companies all complained that he clients are doing it.......Now those same companies do it to their own staff.. hypocrites.
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