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  1. Godam*^ed f*5ed sh*%Tstorm so* of B* ^& sitting here watching all my hard work getting averaged out AGAIN because the client is unorganized! *$S HF^(SDNS!!! Thanks for listening everybody, I feel better already.
  2. Working on a longline in the curve day after day over top of heavy timber or jungle is "Dangerous" or maybe you prefer "Risky". After having kids, this is easier to realize. If you dream of flying, then go for it, One of the most common regrets a nurse hears from dying patients is " I didn't follow my dreams" If your looking to make lots of money, and be at home by 5 pm everyday, or you want to look cool, then don't do it. To me, just flying solo for the first time was almost worth 50 grand! and in 40 years, you will look back at it all and the 50 grand wo
  3. Oh Yay,, check in to the forums, the logbook flight time thread is still going strong oooo the excitement
  4. I have heard several different times about static charge that builds up in Plastic, like using a jerry can. I think that is against sop's for many companies, even though steel drums re-used and used at caches are accepted. never seen palstic 45's for fuel before, just water.
  5. http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1058856&fb_action_ids=10202680097703151&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%7B%2210202680097703151%22%3A261627167327844%7D&action_type_map=%7B%2210202680097703151%22%3A%22og.recommends%22%7D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D
  6. hmm...Yellowknife?.......Kelowna?....... Nuff said.
  7. Don't know yet, it is only rumors........
  8. Skyline has nice equipment, nice location, great facility......and now a great leader Lookout!
  9. Well, you almost got it right..... Actually I am a Canadian. Always could use more money, but get by fine. Worked 154 days last year on 3 and 3. I am happily married, no need to talk to girls about work. Anyways I don't find too many northern pubs down here in South America, where I am busy taking these guys jobs. Of course good to stick up for our own, and of course one can not stereotype everybody. However I do see a lot of low timers with an incredible sense of entitlement. I recall my training class, funny how almost 10 years later, 3 out of 12 are working. I r
  10. Or.... people could stop sitting at home feeling sorry for themselvs and blaming everybody else why they can't get a job. Wasting time e-mailing complaints to goverment officials when you could be out looking for work and stop being such a victom. Like sombody posted, go to the work, leave starbucks behind, get involved. There are adds all over for work and it is OCTOBER! It may take time, you might have to accept somthing lower in the meantime, but the work is there for the right person. I am sure many are going to bombard me for this, go ahead, when your done with your complaining e-
  11. Vertical is become so exciting, 24 pages of airtime/flight time.......
  12. I recall a incident a few years back, I think it was a 500 toed in and a guy geo?? walked up into the blades, the pilot could not do anything but watch due to exiting personal or something along the lines of that.
  13. you seem to think it was that simple? jumping to conclusion no?
  14. I've had my threads shut down for a lot less......wait until the lawyers step in, and vertical caves in.
  15. Not sure why everybody just doesen't go with a lycoming, just another Turbomeca story........sad they get away with it.
  16. I find it Bizzar how you think you can jump to conclusion with this, no? There are probally as many different factors as you have fingers and toes. Soft ground....un-eaven ground....rotor RPM just to name a few. Maybe the pilot had to sit there and watch it happen right in front of his eyes becasue there was nothing he could do, and then has to be questioned on vertical after why he didn't have the disk up? Hope the pilot is ok aswell. I would feel horrible watching that happen.
  17. wow, Cadors report is chilling, Good job guys on getting it too the ground! hope your well.
  18. god Freddie, you stop smelling that coffee and drink it. that is a great site searching old reg's, thanx.
  19. or just another one of the "generation of entitlement"
  20. It was the reg on the second 500 bought I think last year. YIP and YAP.
  21. that is terrible, That is tough work that job, High risk and high skill level flying. I enjoyed my time at bighorn and the people I worked with, I wish all involved a speedy recovery and all the best.
  22. No, He is a Candaian over seas's taking thier jobs. I wonder if they are acting like you? Or do they know that he is there to improve the level of saftey with the local pilots? Back to the topic.....That course is excellent, I went into it thinking "oh boy, another course" and came out of it humbled and in amazment at how little I knew about "flying in the wires"
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