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  1. Possative side to it all, last year I enjoyed a summer off with my family, hard on the bank but worth it. I am sure when I am grey and old on my death bed I will remember that summer more than any other summer at work. Which probaly is just a little farther away thanks to time off! Keep payments and wants down and it is an easy ride through a recession. Are 60 plus thousand dollar deisel trucks really necesary? only to spend half the year parked while on tour?
  2. sombody hear of an astar down in Grand Prarie? crashed last night? all walked away?
  3. It is busy for some, I am doing very well so far this year with overseas work. However I have lots of friends that are doing nothing, many of which are good pilots and want to work.... Exploration has stoppped, seismic is slowly rolling and it is pissing rain on our fire season. If you are busy, you are one of the few, consider yourself lucky, I am. And if you think "I don't know what anybody is talking about I am busy" then you are really not in touch with the rest of the industry, and there are probaly lots pilots that can do your job just as good or better hanging around waiting.
  4. Yes there is an additive, I can't recal the name of it. I will try to contact a guy to find out for you. We see this problem lots in the humid jungle. Now, when we leave the machines parked we fill them full and have not had a problem since. You can also try contacting Abitibi Helicopters, I know they have seen this problem in the US as well, might be faster results for you.
  5. I've been working over sea's now for over 3 years. I fly along side local pilots and they don't like us taking their jobs one bit, neither does the governmental aviation department. Gives a person a different perspective on foreign workers.....turns out I am one!
  6. ok, you got me, never heard my spelling sucks before in my life. And I don't want a desk job thanks. You should see me do math with my 9 year old.....woof!
  7. Vortex, there was no false information posted, just asked a simple question, starting with the words "true? or false?"
  8. Well Mike, thank you for that, the truth! If you had pulled my thread and told me that you are being threatened with legal action as appose to misleading information and forum code of conduct, I would have completely understood. This new information changes everything, I sure do not want to see vertical with legal problems, I would have pulled the thread for you. It is too bad that the world has become such a dirty place, can't even ask a question on a public forum without being threatened to sue. Companies out there that charge their low time employee's for training and then make them
  9. Why don't you go waste your time shutting down the "Meduim Crash!" post ??? Seeing as it was not true what so ever? I bet you are shutting this down because the said operator.."Dare I use thier name" pays for adds with you, and you had yo do somthing about it.....all about the $$$ eh?
  10. DEAR Mike, Are you on Crack?? Can you not read? The first line is TRUE OR FALSE? That opening sentance makes IT A QUESTION! There is no spreading any informtion, it was a post SEEKING TRUTH? I did not stae that they did close thier doors, was asking if it happened? jesus. Go ahead and tell them anything you want, I don't care, this is rediculas
  11. Hey Biff? not at Chidlyack camp in 07 by any chance?
  12. hope so, that is probaly just the big camp for peregrin, nothing new, and too big to shut down......
  13. 2000 hours to fly fat, dumb and happy up and down a pipeline......boggles my mind, such a good job to get a guy/gal going but nooooooo, gotta have 2000! rediculas.
  14. Pack a pack and go winter camping next weekend. See what it is really like! "looks good on paper"I have spent many a night in the mountains in snow caves and tents.......it is always a challenge even when not in an emergencie situation..Things like "good" food can go a longways. One night deep in the coastal mountains in a tent, mid january, my wife pulled out of MY pack, a bottle of Shiraz to go with the fettachini Alfredo! I learned this after 15 years of eating freezdried crap and juice crystals. LOL! what a great wife.
  15. well, looking out my winodow, in the valley I have lived in for 37 years, the snow pack is bad, my yard is 2 feet less than normal. Maybe high up in the rocks it is 90 somthi'in, but in the main valley's it is terrible. There has not been a snow fall since Christmass in the Kimberley area! The lake in Invermere is not even frozen enough to drive on....I have never seen it that bad. They can not even set the cross country trails on the lake let alone drive on it, normal winter activities..........so 93%? I don't think so
  16. Spring in the Kooteneys, worst snow year in a long time. Early to guess but the Columbia Valley is looking prime!
  17. I find it funny why people think it is a school's job to find a student a job. The helicopter industry is unique this way. How many of my friends that went to university had their university find them a job?.....none. So why is aviation suppose to be any different? Honestly, I feel like I got an easy ride because Mountain View did find me a job.....what a bonus! Never seen that before! So many of you have no business sense at all, and don't understand that a business is not a charity for you. If you do not make that business money and do what you can to keep contracts, then how do you expe
  18. Red Eagle.........Gone! Gone! Gone! locked up, Closed up, Outta buisness, Fat lady has sung, Buu Bye.
  19. I vote Mr. T first, and Ruperts land a close second just need take care of it, just like all ops gear and every other bag runner on the market, preventative maintenance. morning sprays of WD40 or what ever you use.
  20. Seeker....... I can not believe how you take this add, You did not need to tell us of your superior position of Safety OFFICER as we all probably could have guessed it. It is Safety Officers just like yourself that take all the enjoyment and productivity out of the workplace, If you can not see the fun and understand the "tongue in cheek" comment, you need to lighten up. However being Safety Officer, this is probably not an option for you. Maybe you should go down to the store, get a cowboy boot because, hint hint, (actually using a an old cowboy boot would be gross), and go and g
  21. can't be that much worse than the 12 hour 3 day hire system the have now, Fly your B*g off for the first day and then get parked for 2 days!
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