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  1. On the other hand, managment changes lot in this industry, espcially at VIH latley. Not head line news to most, who really cares? Phone VIH and ask.
  2. you fu*king kill me, that last hire add makes me want to quite and get re-hired it is so good!! hahahahah

  3. T-Rex...Come-on...my glasses aren't that thick yet! I remember when you taught me seismic and put me on bags for the very first time........ now, I can claim the title of "Slowest Bag Runner in South America!" You must be proud of me You taught me well!! Another valid point of why not to use a 70 footer, -you could never catch a three toed sloth with a 70 footer. take care buddy.
  4. good point about the emergence, that is enough reason alone to get a longer line.
  5. Here I am doing my annual tour in the north, and I am playing with a 70' longline. The same length that I came across last summer on drills, 70 feet. Up until then, I had never used less than a 100'. I prefer 130' to 150', and have used up to 230' for hundreds of hours. We all know tree height and terrain is a consideration, but all that aside, here in the north, a 70 is fine. What I don't understand is why use a line that is so short? I see only negative reasons to use this length: 1. The down wash is terrible for whoever/whatever is below, (sh*t blow'in everywhere). 2.
  6. I think it was mentioned before, but I think that water temp and passengers would be two important factors in the decision. I flying alone would probably usually go the water way along with Harmonic Vibe's theory. However if with passengers, I think you have to consider some cannot swim and also consider what it might be like on your side in water with a full load of passengers in a small cabin. One thing you can guarantee is if you went into the trees, it is going to bend a lot of parts and probably people.
  7. so red eagle has been operating for two years or so now? and they have balled up a machine doing training?
  8. I was looking at the awesome IFR training set-up at Mountain View Helicopters...got me thinking I might like to start down the IFR road. Their simulator is very impressive, I would like to take it for a flight! Seems like a great set-up they have for IFR How is the work world doing in IFR these days? I see GSH has gotten into it, I also hear that VIH is getting out of VFR and going the IFR route.
  9. Here is a link to Petition! http://www.change.org/petitions/canada-budget-2012-proposal-to-phase-out-oetc-allow-the-current-oetc-rules-to-remain-in-place Tory looses my vote!!!!!!!
  10. Harper is phasing out the Overseas Tax Credit over the next few years! http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/Tax_Alert_2012_No_15/$FILE/TaxAlert2012No15.pdf
  11. sure do agree with Eddie, it really comes down to who wants it the most?? what are you willing to sacrifice to be there?? The guy who stands on the door step day in and day out show he wants it more than the guy who shows up on a road trip every 6 months for sure. But the guy on the door step has probably left all his friends and moved to town he doesn't like just to get the job....who would you hire? Good story Ryan, I remember when you where flying van to vic.. :up:
  12. now have to try taping banana's on the longline and go fishing for monkeys!
  13. so....let me get this straight, I ask the board how to fix a mistake, and instead of an answer, I get 3 negative votes? Thanks for the help. :down:
  14. Question, is there any way to take a vote back? I have hit the wrong one a couple times and that sucks!
  15. a little late, a genuine thank you to all, miss you grandpa.
  16. sorry, didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
  17. I thought the answer was obvious, just as obvious as using a GPS and map together if available. I just meant that if you had to choose.....a map should be the obvious answer, and if a pilot can not deal with that, then maybe he/she should brush up on their navigation.
  18. I am surprised that it is even a question...GPS or Maps. I always have a map, the GPS just confirms to me what I already know on the map. Bad weather in the Rockies or anywhere with no map is not an option. I am truly shocked when I crew a machine out on Baffin Island and I ask the pilot for the maps, and he says I only have the GPS...WTF? let me get this straight, you flew across the territories, across Nunavit and up through Whale Cove and across Baffin with no maps and one GPS?? I recall picking up a 500 and flying it across Canada once, I asked the chief before I left if the m
  19. well, first of all, I didn't go look for jobs in the middle of the Rockie Mountains with dreams of being a so called "Mountain Pilot" And when somebody set me up with a job similar to a job at Gemini, I answered "absolutely yes sir, and thank you sir!" I think I hit about 800 hours that year, mostly on a 206. That was about 18 months after graduation. Then, I have flown a modest 500 or more every year since, plus was given a mountain course and endorsements. It was about 2 years after graduation, and about 1000 hours and I was in a B3 on the continental divide with a long line....L
  20. Live in YK? are you nuts? Yes, I worked in both, VFR in 2006, positive experience then, and that is probably why I am back, and guess what?? another positive experience. I have always been treated very well. Yes GSH is a large company, therefore different than a small company, Apples and Oranges. Go Try and work an another big company?? see how you like it. GSH has also given many pilots the break. I was one at one time. There are also...as you know my friend.. a lot of engineers got their careers at GSH, Do you like your Career? where did you get given a start and taught the skills you
  21. This all works fine and dandy if the internet works. I have been finding all this Digital crap a pain in the wazzo when so many times I have mediocre internet.
  22. Yup, I second that 100% couldn't find a complaint if I tried. Hazy, I guess that is why you don't work there anymore?
  23. GOOD! A great company is trying to start an excellent new strategy, involving more money! only so they can make a good crew, only to get ripped apart.
  24. Regardless there are some on this site that get it and some that don't. I am done with this topic why, time to go watch "These are the days of our lives"?
  25. It's great, as long as they actually pay it, and don't find some fine print to excuse it., I see it the same as auto-relight, it's just more money in our pockets, turn it down if you don't like it. They are not steeling anybody, people that leave other companies, well that is their choice, maybe those companies that abused them all winter manipulating them into thinking there is no work else where should have treated them better, then they would have stayed. I remember when the recession started, the company I was working for layed everybody off, kept 3 pilots for 6 machines. We wor
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