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  1. I would like to thank all of you for your support through this difficult time. It is most appreciated. As I can only speak for myself, I can let you all know that I am doing well, discharged from the hospital this afternoon and can now recover from home. Thank you again. Greg Harper
  2. I wear Nike. They have interchangable lenses so depending on the day you can put in a red, amber or dark. The amber is great for low overcast or snowy days. I also have Rayban which are great and I will second Bladestrikes comments about the Randolphs, I have ahad a pair for years and only wore them a couple of times because I too find the bayonet arms very uncomfortable
  3. Yea, real beautiful, until you spend 12 hrs a day chasing chokers under her, then you never want to see her again !!! Nice pic though !
  4. Here is an explanation by TC from their website. There is a replacement to the AIP coming that is not required to be updated. They will just charge you for the subscription. Not sure if this is good or bad however the point is it will not only be available on the web. Transport Canada > Civil Aviation > Regulatory Services > Regulatory Affairs > A.I.P. Canada A.I.P. Canada Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC AIM) to Replace A.I.P. Canada Over the past couple of years, Transport Canada has been examining ways of improving how informati
  5. I think I will echo most of the above points, but the things I like best about our chosen industry is seeing most of this country and meeting many many great people ! :up: :up: :up:
  6. I too have always been courious why the difference, but I am sure that tradition also has alot to do with it. I think that alot of the logical reasoning is the type of work that is being done. Helicopters in general are working low to the ground, in enviroments that the risk of somthing occuring that one would require helmet is greater. This argument would make sense until you think about float plane operations or things like moose surveys and forest fires where you are right down in the weeds with the helicopters. I dont know off-hand of any operations (other then military) where fixed wi
  7. Not too long ago in Timmins, we landed, as we were waiting around the helicopter for fuel the security guy drove up and said hello. We then went inside for a pop. When it came time for us to go back to the helicopter the same security guy asked me who I was, what I was flying, made me show him ID, and then escorted us to the ramp. The funny thing was he didnt make the other 3 people I was with show ID !!!
  8. OPP pilots are all cops, I believe that they are made acting sargents as soon as they start flying (both fixed and rotary). Most of the guys I know that are flying for the OPP were civillian pilot who then joined the force, many are high time. They did however after joining have to work the road for a while (couple of years or more) before a flying spot opened up.
  9. Mag The line depends on where the spot is. Moose has been hard to fill in the past but easier now. Prefered bases (London, Ottawa, Sudbury) are usually filled by someone from another base. I dont think that they are having any difficulty filling positions as if they did you would see open shifts to be filled by other pilots . As for the 500 hr thing, That is a Ontario Govt requirement, directly out of their Standards (a small publication that the Ontario govt publishes.) I dont know how much infulence CHL (or CHC at the time of publication) had on this book. There are many more requirements
  10. Owners name is Todd Callazi (I think that is the spelling) They used to be quite busy in the spring and fall in Moosonee for break up and freeze up. I have never worked for them but Todd is a good guy. Sounds like they have expanded quite a bit in the last few years. Hope that helps
  11. Thats quite the tape... There are not many accidents that you can see what was going on inside the cockpit. Glad they are ok.
  12. NO Nothing else to say. :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down:
  13. Helo Teacher, I too am curious as to what kind of numbers we are talking about here. Perhaps you could PM me with some more info as to pay, tours etc. Thanks
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