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  1. The difference is also the digger guy and cab guy won't do it for free because their boss has showed them a stack of resumes of their potential replacements.😎 I used to love that one.
  2. shakey

    Flight Manual for AS365N3

    I was thinking the same thing. If he's looking I can see people jumping to help when asking so politely.😀
  3. shakey

    Ben Kilmer Missing

    I hope they find him well. I hate hearing this kind of thing.
  4. Hmmm! You would think he'd know better then.
  5. That's the spirit!
  6. Would you have listened if we told you?
  7. 9 out of 7 people don't understand fractions!
  8. shakey

    Restaurant stops

    I'm envious. Sounds like a nice day to spend with family. You're a lucky man but I'm sure more hard working than lucky. Well done.
  9. shakey

    Restaurant stops

    I'm sure you would have had some response's if you asked where you could get a crap wonder bread sandwich with some stale cookies. (any forestry camp} With what pilots are paid now day's eating out would entail a meal with a crew dressed in yellow nomex. If Nakoda is the worst food you've ever experienced you should try a Saskatchewan forestry tour some time.
  10. shakey

    Customer Service Reps

    I honestly can't believe we have come to needing a company to teach us how to kiss the customers Arse! None of this is even fun any more.
  11. That was pretty good. But last sentence should read based on real events names of blades have been changed.
  12. Spoken like a true Helicopter pilot. There is no honor among us thieves!
  13. I feel for you Twin Helix. Most of us have been there. Albeit it at different times of this frustrating ride. The temporary foreign worker program (and holiday visa) created a huge glut of pilots (and people who hate me) who decided to stay. A lot of the people that said they had 2 to 3 thousand hours in fact weren't lying they had 2 to 3000 hours. I had a friend and mentor tell me years ago that he booked a .5 walking by a machine.(He is one of the best guys on a line or whiskey bottle I've ever met) I didn't take his advice and did it the honest way. It took a while but looking back it wouldn't of made a difference. Do what you have to do. This industry lost any resemblance of ethics long ago. Good luck PS. I bet a lot of low time guys are mad they can't even get a job at McDonalds because of said program. We westerners have little foresight.
  14. As a guy who has considerably more time. I've paid my dues and do expect close to or above 6 figures. I don't love flying as much as I did when I had 700 hours. So I'd rather run a back hoe for $12 an hour and be home every night. You are right though there is no shortage of pilots especially under 1000 hrs hence the lack of responses.
  15. Not going to bash you. you are entitled to that opinion. But some of the wages employers want to pay for seasonal work are almost unlivable wages. They would be Ok if they where paid all year long. I think you are selling yourself short if you don't think pilots and engineers aren't worth 6 figures or close to it to be away from home 3/4 of the year in some shytehole not to mention the liability (yes they can take everything from you if you F-Up) Kill a doctor hot dogging heli skiing or forget to put a bolt back in properly and see how friendly expensive lawyers are. Then there's the bad medical that could happen and you are out of work for several months or indefinitely. It would be nice to have a nest egg if something where to go wrong. Or own a house to give your wife when she is fed up with said 3/4 of the year raising the kids alone. Much more than just the view to think about.