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  1. I just heard a very large snow cat operation in the Kootenays has cancelled it's season due to this virus. I can't imagine the helicopter operations will be any different. Any of you CMH or any other Heli ski guys heard anything yet?
  2. We can make an exception in this case.
  3. And I don't hate Foriegn workers per say just voice my opinion that for the most part they have been unnecessary and exploited by the usual suspect companies. But yeah I should have known better now that the pay is higher, tours more fair and work so abundant thanks to them.
  4. Hahaha. Touche. Im guessing there isn't as many African nationals with experience being passed up Like what's been going on with the bottom feeders in this country.
  5. There's a huge difference in what you're talking about than an established pilot moving to fort Unamit. **** if I had the chance to do a gig in Africa I would take it too. Try to follow the narrative. But in case I'm wrong apparently there will be a company in Fort Mac that could use your services when things improve as the word is out for the guys who follow the rule of fool me twice.
  6. Tough to run a business when you don't have the access to and endless supply of disposable desperate Foriegn labour. I personally say good riddance.
  7. Never trust hybrid, not ever.
  8. Well then it must be legit if a helicopter training organization (The people who are going to relieve you of your 80 grand) say it's so. Go for it then! Keep us posted on your guaranteed helicopter career.
  9. Smartest thing you've ever said.
  10. If you are worried that you may have to be on the losing end of a toilet brush you definitely want to hold on to that 80 grand and maybe get into some other inďustry. It really is as bad as most guys are saying. Some guys have had good even great experiences but the norm is just outright lies and abuse. I'm around your age and if I had to Do It again in this day and age I wouldn't. Just my 2 cents take it or leave it. Good luck.
  11. Hahaha! You're new.
  12. My wife was nauseous a lot during menopause too, you'll get over it.
  13. Carefull I had a comment deleted because I made fun of somebodies hero.
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