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  1. shakey

    AS 350 Hourbuilding

    Those hours wouldn't count anyways in Canada if you don't have a European licence I'm guessing. I could be wrong.
  2. shakey

    Hard to find guys

    Don't piss Amphibious off too much freck! I don't want him to stop his cook book titled How to Cook A Gourmet Meal While Shopping in a 1982 Poland Grocery Store - The Rainbow Lake Edition.
  3. shakey

    Getting back in the seat.

    If you thought the industry was bad 10 years ago when you left?!? Oh boy are you in for a surprise.
  4. I can't imagine us ever having to run into each other again as I am in the industry and you are not. And by all your ranting you have to realize there is a reason for that.
  5. Go ahead and work there you'd fit right in. Seeing you would work for free just to fly. French accent isn't their first choice "mate" but the price would be right.
  6. shakey

    The job field

    Yup! I got AIDS from Helirico in a tent! Let someone who thought they knew french explain that one to you.
  7. It's sad that a guy who's a million years old and not even remotely respected in the industry and never will be still needs to win the race to the bottom. How much money do you need? It always amazes me that a person wants to die with a pile of money and no friends. His own kids hate him and everyone hates his kids. So sad.
  8. shakey

    The job field

    Started flying in 98 Flying Nope And yes but not while employed by a helicopter company.
  9. shakey

    The job field

    I hated what I was doing (Tradesman) Thought the same way you did. (Looks awesome) Met a guy who flew helicopters(Not in a tent with HeliRico) and thought this looks cool. Paid the lady and got the licence.(Not in an economic downturn). Met an owner that was building stuff and got used for my skills as a tradesman. (He got his 14 hrs a day at $2800 a month salary 28 and 14 you do the math accounting guy) Bif aint lying you are travelling on your own time.(and at 100 hrs on your own dime) We are all taxi drivers (Unless you get on a K-Max) On the plus side you will never have a worse meal in your life than on forestry (Anywhere) I thought I'd answer Bifs part after finding out that question wasn't directed at me. Also you won't ever regret learning how to fly a helicopter just know that there is a better chance than not you will ever do it for a living. Take the advice or leave it.
  10. shakey

    The job field

    Did you just come up with the idea of being a pilot on a whim? Or have you actually met someone in this industry? What the guys here are saying is no lie. There is a 95% chance you will never be even employed in this industry once you get out of training. Toilets will be your first job period! Engineers love to destroy them knowing you have to clean them. No owner is ever going to let you see the books. Also if you do get on the owners will probably be more interested if you are handy with a hammer rather than a calculator and more likely than for more than 1.5 years Like Rotor said go fixed wing. It's more suited for the accountant type. I'd hate to see you have to prove your superior spatial awareness skills in a remote tent with Helirico. #MeToo
  11. shakey

    The job field

    Hi all, I have been reading quite a bit about how bad the industry is at the moment and that job prospects are very low. That first sentence should answer your question. The industry is so bad that even the Australians and Kiwis are whining about having there jobs stolen by foreigners.
  12. shakey

    Best helicopter school in Canada right now ?

    The answer hasn't change just like the pay, tours, treatment...
  13. That wasn't an insult he was just stating a fact. But I will commend you on at least getting a coherent sentence out.
  14. shakey

    Equipment for training

    Like Zazu said buy a cheaper used sph5 you will always get your money back when you go to sell it. There are lots of them out there with 100 hrs or less on them.