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  1. I'd like to see one day without rain in southern BC.
  2. Draw backs are years like this.
  3. #### into honey? I never thought honey took 60 years to make.
  4. The problem is they had no problem throwing the guys who are slagging them under the bus when the ball was in their court. Don't really have a dog in this particular fight but and old pilot once told me, "be careful of the toes you step on,on the way to the top they are attached to the a55 you have to kiss on the way to the bottom. And yes I have one person in particular I would have no problem telling to his face what his mother should have done.
  5. As likely as a self balancing budget.
  6. That's awesome! They look like 2 happy dogs.
  7. Is there anything left to burn up there?
  8. I predict a wet June. Pretty blue fire map in Alberta. Are all the companies from the province's that vote for Trudeau showing up yet?
  9. Have you been in a cave for the last three months?
  10. Gonna be a few more to add to your list after this season is over.
  11. Trying to running down my employees? Quality grammar there champ.
  12. Virus hype? I guess you should take up smoking (I'm sure you have already) so you can debunk the cancer and heart disease hype too. Special kind you are for sure.
  13. The sad part is the questionable ones are the ones who come out on top due to low pay, hiring practices and pencil whipping maintenance.
  14. Ronny there is always money. Haven't you heard the budget balances itself?
  15. All the layoffs happened in October. The question should be who's getting called back? I wonder if that 4 month contract on Blade slapper is still up for grabs? Never mind I'd rather get Covis.
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