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  1. This one really bugs me. I get called a fascist for not agreeing with a Liberals point of view all the time while I am online trolling (my past time as I suck at golf) This fascist thing is just losing it's meaning because people can't come up with a valid argument when losing one. Just stop it
  2. Which brings up another argument. With all the minimum wages being jacked up and a burger nearing the $20 mark and a pint $7 are we still expected to pay 20% tip?
  3. It's your choice and I agree with freedom of choice, but seeing these conservative radio hosts who are dropping like flies (all anti vaxxers) not one on their death bed confessionals said they stand by their choice not to get vaccinated.
  4. Fair play to the guy, I can never pee with someone watching.
  5. Apparently asking questions is B1tching now days. Double vaxxed as stated. Where did the flu and cold go? Or is that just b1tching more?
  6. Let me ask you. Has anyone met anyone who has died or got extremely sick? I've only heard people who know people. None personally myself. Some said common cold or slight flu. Others said hospital stay and lingering effects. And where did the Cold or Flu go in the meantime? I'm pro vaxx but I smell a rat with this thing. (Vaccinated too by the way)
  7. Don’t you mean 205 mechanic?
  8. Awww someone didn't bwing the Mechanic some icecweam back?
  9. The guys got a 407 for fun. I’m sure the $40 crab bisque isn’t going to be the deciding factor.
  10. I thought you said cheap? That’s about $1000 in lumber alone.
  11. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say these are pretty good clients yeah?
  12. I guess I owe some beer to the guy guy that explains tongue in cheek humour to you.
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