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  1. I guess I owe some beer to the guy guy that explains tongue in cheek humour to you.
  2. They think that you owe them beer if they help untie your machine. They don’t need encouragement.
  3. I was trying to be funny. Is this Mic on?
  4. I can't imagine the landslide payout for suing a helicopter pilot now days would land you.
  5. With the Astra Zeneca controversy going on I just read that our fearless Idiot in charge says we should just take it and be happy. Well let's start with Ontario and Quebec first. They trusted him on a self balancing budget, so what could possibly go wrong with actual science?
  6. https://www.castanet.net/news/BC/325096/Environmental-group-challenges-legality-of-shooting-wolves-from-aircraft
  7. https://www.castanet.net/news/BC/305923/Wolf-cull-hits-the-courts
  8. As much as I loathe the bottom feeder companies, I will have to say bad things can happen to the best of guys. I wouldn't laugh too hard at a guys misfortune.
  9. Me too, my point was if I need to be doing it after 60
  10. Behind the ear, barrel planted firmly!
  11. If I’m 1 day over 60 doing this because I need the money, please shoot me in the head!
  12. There will be no Canada after Trudeau is done.
  13. I think the question was getting a left seat without putting all that crazy work in like most of us had to do. I don’t know one guy that hates the actual flying. Even the pissed off ones.
  14. I’m thinking halfers on some lottery tickets.
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