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  1. Why so mad bro? Just jogging your memory. Enjoy your time in the Caribbean.
  2. Shall I copy and paste it for you? Or has Helirico now stopped hurting your feelings?
  3. Looks like you did have internet up in that remote camp. How lucky for us. Don't forget to PM me when someone else is bullying you on here.
  4. Might as well spread the misery around for sure.
  5. Well they can afford it on what they make up for second officers.
  6. So rinse and repeat then. And no not every single company is looking. Mostly just the usual suspects.
  7. So you will probably being more of that if you're up in the Yukon.🙄
  8. https://bladeslapper.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=15411&p=89744#p89744 And then there is this.
  9. Plus some companies don't want to move away from their archaic work schedules so they can only attract a certain breed of pilot. Once you've done the even time off time on tours it's hard to fathom doing anything different. I'd quit too if I had to go back doing that.
  10. You don't have to be an owner to be in the loop.
  11. Well you might but my and my friends phones have been ringing off the hook.
  12. You can even PM me these all too easy going leasing companies.
  13. Name those leasing companies that are doing that? Cause our mins went up last year and when we argued it they said they had 5 more companies willing to take that machine off our hands.
  14. Who asked that? Maybe certain companies should not undercut the going rates and maybe they could stay above water in slower times. If they can't afford to fix their machines because they undercut rates they only have themselves to blame. You make zero sense.
  15. What's the point in owning a parked helicopter?
  16. Ask the owner of contrail how many hours he has in helicopters. Then ask him about the time he was a Shell pilot bending that private jet. I wish I could have come up with this scam. CON trail ..... The irony in that name.
  17. Didn't get it. I'm going to need that to understand your out of this world witty sarcasm.
  18. I wasn't quoting you. But you can send me that link anyways bonehead.
  19. Hard to work on a machine that's out flying till dark.
  20. When the truck is the most impressive thing in the shot? You should have some questions for the potential employer.
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