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  1. I was trying to be funny. Is this Mic on?
  2. I can't imagine the landslide payout for suing a helicopter pilot now days would land you.
  3. With the Astra Zeneca controversy going on I just read that our fearless Idiot in charge says we should just take it and be happy. Well let's start with Ontario and Quebec first. They trusted him on a self balancing budget, so what could possibly go wrong with actual science?
  4. https://www.castanet.net/news/BC/325096/Environmental-group-challenges-legality-of-shooting-wolves-from-aircraft
  5. https://www.castanet.net/news/BC/305923/Wolf-cull-hits-the-courts
  6. As much as I loathe the bottom feeder companies, I will have to say bad things can happen to the best of guys. I wouldn't laugh too hard at a guys misfortune.
  7. Me too, my point was if I need to be doing it after 60
  8. Behind the ear, barrel planted firmly!
  9. If I’m 1 day over 60 doing this because I need the money, please shoot me in the head!
  10. There will be no Canada after Trudeau is done.
  11. I think the question was getting a left seat without putting all that crazy work in like most of us had to do. I don’t know one guy that hates the actual flying. Even the pissed off ones.
  12. I’m thinking halfers on some lottery tickets.
  13. The fact of the matter is that the thought process isn’t Old School, it is just the way life is. Most of us researched the industry and accepted the fact we may have to be ground crew first and then hopefully our work ethic would eventually get us that coveted seat. I know it is taught in school Now days that you are entitled to 6 figures and a CEO position right away but the reality Is that teachers have a very distorted view on how the world works (They are big believers in socialism,right up until bargaining time) My suggestion is do your research first before getting into any career. This
  14. I have never once seen a military machine in any town ever that does not do a fly by. If they stop for fuel or stop for search and rescue they do one. In fact I was privy one time to listening to contract engineers for the 101 look at the flight data and wonder why a 101 with 2 pilots and nobody else pulled a 114 % something or other with just them on board?!? Its what they do without thinking that an engineer didnt factor in there would be a 500 hr Colonel in charge of this parade.
  15. I can't imagine your scenic tours would be all that great anyways. Not much to see in that weather.
  16. I got that after his first comment.
  17. Like the operator in Fort Mac that demanded just that only to lay everyone off after signing year long leases? I'll get on the old CERB before I'd even think of moving for this industry unless it was somewhere I really wanted to be. To each their own though. This just doesn't excite me anymore and I'm really glad in the past I said no.
  18. I'm treated fine just pointing out past experiences before getting to this point.
  19. Low pay, bad schedule, sociopathic owners reminding you of their stack of resumes. So no real change at all.
  20. I just heard a very large snow cat operation in the Kootenays has cancelled it's season due to this virus. I can't imagine the helicopter operations will be any different. Any of you CMH or any other Heli ski guys heard anything yet?
  21. We can make an exception in this case.
  22. And I don't hate Foriegn workers per say just voice my opinion that for the most part they have been unnecessary and exploited by the usual suspect companies. But yeah I should have known better now that the pay is higher, tours more fair and work so abundant thanks to them.
  23. Hahaha. Touche. Im guessing there isn't as many African nationals with experience being passed up Like what's been going on with the bottom feeders in this country.
  24. There's a huge difference in what you're talking about than an established pilot moving to fort Unamit. **** if I had the chance to do a gig in Africa I would take it too. Try to follow the narrative. But in case I'm wrong apparently there will be a company in Fort Mac that could use your services when things improve as the word is out for the guys who follow the rule of fool me twice.
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