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  1. When you have mouths too feed and a morgage too pay. Probably the most important thing in the world! :down:
  2. When alot of good men are sitting at home and there are already some ( Hopefully you will be one soon ) We'll see how funny you think you are then. Angry egg this is a losing argument with this lot.
  3. So like Max says "Lets pell up our flight skirts and get back at er" :punk: :punk: :punk:
  4. It has long come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. Leonardo da Vinci
  5. I think the Dude your referring to looks like a lady. Sorry, weak I know but the first thing that came to my head was Aerosmith. :punk: :punk: :punk:
  6. I think maybe you and some others missed my point. Things are slowing down are they not? I too was up north this winter freezing my butt off wasn't sitting by the phone waiting for that big break. I DID WHAT I SAID I WOULD DO. In fact I worked 2 Christmas's on very short notice. Imagine explaining that one to the wife and kids. In the process I was promised certain things for my loyal service that never got fullfilled. ( maybe this is where my bitterness stems) I am well aware there are alot of low timers that think they are owed something and don't want to leave the lower mainland. I
  7. I'll probably get beat up on here for saying this but I don't know if right now is the best time to be blowing a pile of money on training given the current markets and heli industry trends.
  8. Well Frank thanks for your concerns but I am doing fine in this industry. I do have several friends who are not doing so well. I also don't recall saying to kick any foriegn pilots just to maybe get some of our own pilots going in lieu of hiring foriegn pilots. As far as the comment kicking Chinese and East Indians out or anyone who doesn't look like me. Thats about as childish of a comment I've heard on this forum. If all Canadians looked like me it would be one sad country to try to find a date. I do know a European 100hr pilot who got a Visa as a pilot to come work in Canada and
  9. It also baffels me that there is a pile of hype to a new organization who swears to protect the integrity of the industry in Canada and all I'm hearing is crickets. Hey guys #### or get of the pot! Post something positive without having to defend your selves and maybe you may have a following!
  10. Frank you are 100% correct I did not mention mins in my original post and for that I am sorry. You sir are obviously not a Canadian in regards to your response. At what point do you stop letting people do jobs in your country that people are qualified to do from your country when you get mad enough to stand up and say thats enough? If you paid taxes in your 4 years in country you may have noticed the paved roads on the way to the airport and in the winter they may be plowed thats were your huge contribution went. As far as your argument goes if you are in Pakistan, Ireland or Botswani
  11. Your right T you didn't deserve that. Just a whole lot mad at seeing our young guys and girls getting passed over on jobs that don't need mins to do. My apologies.
  12. If you would have read the original post ( which obviously you didn't ) I'm talking about 500- 1500 hour guys doing the flying we have more than qualified people here to do. I will take back my comments if you tell me about a vast majority of 100 to 1500 hour canadians flying over seas that can't be filled by said countries trained pilots. So D!ckhead, if those offshore positions can be filled by said countries pilots then yes those Canadians working offshore should get packing.
  13. Predict? The season is almost over and as far as I can tell not the best of one. My point is if you were in said country and there was a slow year would you not want your Goverment or Companies that are in said country to look out for there own. Not Canada. Thats why we are the doormat to the world. Its a matter of time before we are getting paid 60 g a year to fly twins like the States.
  14. I'm wondering if slow years ( like the one most of us just had) has an Impact on hiring foreign hires? I do mean to stir it up a bit , not because I don't like them, but when do we pull in the reigns and take care of own? This isn't targeted at Canadian citizens with accents either just people with Visa's.
  15. Now that there is funny I don't care who you are!
  16. It all started when parents stopped spanking there kids. There is no responsibility anymore when you screw up. My wife is a teacher and she is told by her administrators that she is not allowed to fail any of her students. Grade 11 for me was the hardest 5 years of my life. Time to grow up kids its a job it involves work and in this industry sacrifice.
  17. I'm not a high time guy but I'm also not stupid enough to say I would never go back to a company even though I was a little jaded that they let me go. I would however go into the situation with that on my mind and if a better offer came along I would not feel bad to give them a days notice. ( I know this may sound bad but thats how much notice they gave me.) That being said If a company was willing to show some loyalty to me, I would return the favor. Until then every man and women for themselves. Its also funny to see the people that treated you like #### on your 100hr job hunt are the
  18. Someone told me that GSH let some contract pilots go. I don't know if this is a rumor or just a slow year up there.
  19. I was noticing that there aren't as many adverts for pilots as there was last year. I am working right now with about 1000 hrs under my belt ( mostly 44 time ) and was looking to move on into bigger machines. My question is should I stay put in the job I have or is the market still hot in the turbine section? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  20. So heres another scenerio. If you do 20 starts a day and some of your trips are only a couple of minutes ( Like alot are from oil lease to oil lease) do you charge .05 per trip, as far as I am concerned if you are in control of the helicopter even on the ground its bankable time. If you are out of the machine for example hot fueling and no one is at the controls then you are probably breaking some law somewhere. As for The hobbs meter, I have timed my skids up to skids down and compared it to the hobbs meter and if I went by the hobbs I would be ripping myself off in flight pay and log
  21. Operators are rubbing their hands together have you seen what they pay their high hour guys down there :down:
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