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  1. Lots of good advice on both sides of the fence hear. My experience has bee working an extra month on 1 days notice loyal as **** to the company sometimes putting my job before my wife. ( I know what a moron. ) Worked 2 Christmas's and this new guy came along with more experience they kept to there ways and gave me 3 days notice I was no longer needed. So as far as being loyal to any one but myself to me is a no brainer. I don't have any hard feelings to the old company they actualy did me a favor. I love my new job and the guys I work with just do there job and don't try to make themselves lo
  2. Beating a dead horse again. If you don't like it then write your MP or MLA. I don't particularly like it either but in an industry packed full of guys who just look out for themselves ( not all but most ) you will be hearing more and more of this. siyanara.
  3. Be careful of the toes you step on, they could be attached too the *** you have too kiss one day. I see alot of guys in this industry that forget this.
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