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  1. 1 hour ago, FiveCut said:

    That would be the tail end of the boomers.  Most are well into their 60s now and lots still working.  Colleges and flight schools have been talking about this mass exodus for 30 years,  it’s not going to happen the way it was predicted I don’t think.  Since then there’s been a two major economic downturns, one worse than the Great Depression and a global pandemic.  Most will work until they can’t with the way the economy has been the last ten plus years.  As for commodities, there is plenty of infrastructure in place for that demand, flying drills won’t be needed as it was before with more modern and less environmentally invasive exploration techniques.

    If I’m 1 day over 60 doing this because I need the money, please shoot me in the head!

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  2. 10 minutes ago, hybrid said:

    The industry goes in cycles as anyone that has been in it any amount of time knows, we are definitely in a low cycle. In 3-4 years all of the boomers will be in their 60’s, it’s pretty obvious to anyone watching there will be an exodus out of the industry. If you are younger and have skills, assuming there is an economy left after Trudeau is finished, there will be work around. If the economy survives the next year or two, they are predicting a huge commodities boom. Someone will have to fly the drills.

    There will be no Canada after Trudeau is done.

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  3. 14 hours ago, MEOB said:

    Wow, a lot of pissed off people here!... Yes the industry is in the toilet. Not sure how a jr pilot would get going now let alone get through client hour requirements. But someone will have to figure out something. I guess left seat mentoring would be possible in a medium or bigger but will be a lot harder to do in a light aircraft. 

    After 20 years I can say I still love flying! I was well informed of what I was getting into before I started and can thank RDM for that. I'm not saying its all peachy but some of those buckets and outhouses have been in some pretty cool places and I've gotten to do and experience some pretty awesome things. Not to mention the amazing fishing! There has been lots of ups and downs but thats in everything you go at. I've never starved to death but I've never been out of full time work for any longer than a week or so at a time. Not a big complainer either but I wasn't afraid to speak up. There are lots of jobs I've been on that I've wondered what I'm doing with my life sitting in the flies or in a tin can at -30 with snow up passed the doors but something always comes along and ya forget about that till the next time you're second guessing your decision making skills. Theres been lots of times i've scratched my head wondering why the driver of the boom truck I just loaded from 120' above is making more money than me but most times I've done it with a smile as I enjoyed what I do.  I wonder how i'm going to enjoy fighting with winter covers in 30kts of wind at 20 below at 60 years old but ill cross that bridge when I get to it. Would I let my son or daughter get there licence? Well, thats a tough one, mainly because of the state of everything in the world right now. If its something they were as passionate about as I was, then I guess my biggest piece of advice to them would be stay single as long as you can (LOL) or at least until you find someone to put up with the life of a bush Pilot. Make the best of an industry that can take you to spectacular places and see some amazing things. By the time my kids are able to get licensed it will probably be a licence for a drone. 

    Yes, there are lots of negative but the positives out weight it by a long shot! It all comes down to what route you want to take and the attitude you bring along. With that said, I honestly don't know what flight schools are telling students these days in regards to getting work when they finish. Only juniors I can possibly see getting hired would be those who went to a school that was also a commercial operator.    

    I think the question was getting a left seat without putting all that crazy work in like most of us had to do. I don’t know one guy that hates the actual flying. Even the pissed off ones.

  4. The fact of the matter is that the thought process isn’t Old School, it is just the way life is. Most of us researched the industry and accepted the fact we may have to be ground crew first and then hopefully our work ethic would eventually get us that coveted seat. I know it is taught in school Now days that you are entitled to 6 figures and a CEO position right away but the reality Is that teachers have a very distorted view on how the world works (They are big believers in socialism,right up until bargaining time) My suggestion is do your research first before getting into any career. This one is fun for a while but like everything the polish wears off after a while. Also you will be a lot happier if you just know that nobody owes you a thing in life, it’s hard work getting to the top of any career. I still like flying, don’t love it. It’s just a job. To suggest the negative Nellys just up and leave because they don’t love it anymore is also just dumb. Take the good and bad opinions and form your own . Just know the likelihood of the left seat thing happening is probably not going to happen. Good luck.

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  5. I have never once seen a military machine in any town ever that does not do a fly by. If they stop for fuel or stop for search and rescue they do one. In fact I was privy one time to listening to contract engineers for the 101 look at the flight data and wonder why a 101 with 2 pilots and nobody else pulled a 114 % something or other with just them on board?!? Its what they do without thinking that an engineer didnt factor in there would be a 500 hr Colonel in charge of this parade. 

  6. 11 hours ago, helimat said:

    Some operators will look at this as an opportunity to get people who are desperate for work to move to the sticks, so they don't have to shell out for flights etc

    Like the operator in Fort Mac that demanded just that only to lay everyone off after signing year long leases? I'll get on the old CERB before I'd even think of moving for this industry unless it was somewhere I really wanted to be. To each their own though. This just doesn't excite me anymore and I'm really glad in the past I said no.

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