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  1. Trying to running down my employees? Quality grammar there champ.
  2. Virus hype? I guess you should take up smoking (I'm sure you have already) so you can debunk the cancer and heart disease hype too. Special kind you are for sure.
  3. The sad part is the questionable ones are the ones who come out on top due to low pay, hiring practices and pencil whipping maintenance.
  4. Ronny there is always money. Haven't you heard the budget balances itself?
  5. All the layoffs happened in October. The question should be who's getting called back? I wonder if that 4 month contract on Blade slapper is still up for grabs? Never mind I'd rather get Covis.
  6. Ever been in bombed out Londen in 1942? Bunch of pussies the lot of you,
  7. The cheapest. Are you new to this?
  8. Well we won't so you'll still have to be envious of us for a while yet.
  9. But you guys still will sell yourselves short. Just to tell the girls you are in the helicopter industry. And get to hang out with the guys who actually fly them.
  10. Get a second hand Gentex SPH 5 until you get enough hours or start doing a lot of longlining. Many a young pilot have busted the bank just to fall out of flavour of the month category and are sitting with 200 hrs, no job and a really expensive point of conversation.
  11. Well it turns out we do agree on some things.
  12. Start a thread on the crash maybe you'll get all the responses you so desire.
  13. Then go read the news instead of this forum Debby Downer.
  14. Well this industry wants your whole soul. With no pension.
  15. Ok true, but at 38 with a wife and kid would you encourage a guy to go into this industry at this moment? I sure wouldn't. Unless he's a trust fund kid and a few years of grinding it out won't hurt him financially or he's not really that fond of his wife.
  16. Apparently we were wrong in our responses. It’s great go for it 100% chance of employment, great employers, high pay, positive professional atmosphere, sometimes though you will here guys try and lie to you about the cons but they are just whiners. Most companies you see advertising for jobs month after month are the ones you really want to work for, you get to expand your world views and see different cultures and how they pencil whip their vast experiences. Or you could take the flight schools word for it and miss out on all the fast cars and easy women in exotic places.
  17. And to add to th3m's very rare exception to the rule. Be prepared to be out 60-80 grand with maybe at best a 5% chance of landing a flying gig after 5 years. The industry is in the tank for low hour guys and most company owners are complete using sociopaths. Not all like th3m says but a vast majority. People can call us naysayers all they want but there is a whole lot of truths to what the other guys are saying. Go fixed wing if you want to be treated like a professional and a good chance of finding work or go helicopter if you are willing to take a big gamble financially and career wise.
  18. Most people don't care. It's just that a man who virtue signals that all people are racist if they don't vote liberal got caught out. I personally am loving watching him squirm. I guess he didn't get the memo that blackface hasn't been acceptably since the 70s. But then again this is a man who thinks the rules only apply to us little people.
  19. I don't think you slowed down when he said read it again.
  20. I like the part about asking family or friends to lend you the money. If you go that route you are well on your way to realising what life as a pilot will be like.
  21. Don't give anyone the full amount. Pay as you go. If they don't like that move on.
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