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  1. Like pilot 83 said. Also its the pilots that will say yay or nay to putting the duals in for a ferry flight. Ive gone out of my way to help out a young pilot that helps make my life easier. Unfortunately it seems they are getting fewer and fewer and think they are owed a free ride. Don't be that low timer.
  2. Those hours wouldn't count anyways in Canada if you don't have a European licence I'm guessing. I could be wrong.
  3. If you thought the industry was bad 10 years ago when you left?!? Oh boy are you in for a surprise.
  4. Yup! I got AIDS from Helirico in a tent! Let someone who thought they knew french explain that one to you.
  5. Started flying in 98 Flying Nope And yes but not while employed by a helicopter company.
  6. I hated what I was doing (Tradesman) Thought the same way you did. (Looks awesome) Met a guy who flew helicopters(Not in a tent with HeliRico) and thought this looks cool. Paid the lady and got the licence.(Not in an economic downturn). Met an owner that was building stuff and got used for my skills as a tradesman. (He got his 14 hrs a day at $2800 a month salary 28 and 14 you do the math accounting guy) Bif aint lying you are travelling on your own time.(and at 100 hrs on your own dime) We are all taxi drivers (Unless you get on a K-Max) On the plus side you will never have a worse meal in y
  7. Did you just come up with the idea of being a pilot on a whim? Or have you actually met someone in this industry? What the guys here are saying is no lie. There is a 95% chance you will never be even employed in this industry once you get out of training. Toilets will be your first job period! Engineers love to destroy them knowing you have to clean them. No owner is ever going to let you see the books. Also if you do get on the owners will probably be more interested if you are handy with a hammer rather than a calculator and more likely than for more than 1.5 years Like Roto
  8. Hi all, I have been reading quite a bit about how bad the industry is at the moment and that job prospects are very low. That first sentence should answer your question. The industry is so bad that even the Australians and Kiwis are whining about having there jobs stolen by foreigners.
  9. That wasn't an insult he was just stating a fact. But I will commend you on at least getting a coherent sentence out.
  10. Like Zazu said buy a cheaper used sph5 you will always get your money back when you go to sell it. There are lots of them out there with 100 hrs or less on them.
  11. It's amazing you never thrived in this industry. I have disagreed with many people on here but still respect their opinion but you don't fall in to that category. Put the bottle down bud it's not one of your redeeming qualities.
  12. Great reply RDM 1. I have worked for several companies that gave 100 hr guys their start. I have also been in a position to throw the duals in and let said pilots fly. The one thing I noticed about myself was the ones who would go the extra mile like drop the fork at dinner and come help me wash and put away gear were the ones who I'd go the extra mile for. Just because you paid your money doesn't mean you get to advance. I had one low hour pilot lean against the fuel cabinet with his hands in his pocket watch me wash the helicopter after he finally came out of the crew shack (had to fini
  13. That's good to hear. I've seen many a young pilot get used for skills only to be replaced once their skills are no longer needed.
  14. Is he flying or are they just putting his something to offer to full use? There are plenty of guys/girls who got their foot in the door with something to offer that never spun a blade.
  15. The difference is also the digger guy and cab guy won't do it for free because their boss has showed them a stack of resumes of their potential replacements.😎 I used to love that one.
  16. I was thinking the same thing. If he's looking I can see people jumping to help when asking so politely.😀
  17. I hope they find him well. I hate hearing this kind of thing.
  18. Hmmm! You would think he'd know better then.
  19. Would you have listened if we told you?
  20. 9 out of 7 people don't understand fractions!
  21. I'm envious. Sounds like a nice day to spend with family. You're a lucky man but I'm sure more hard working than lucky. Well done.
  22. I'm sure you would have had some response's if you asked where you could get a crap wonder bread sandwich with some stale cookies. (any forestry camp} With what pilots are paid now day's eating out would entail a meal with a crew dressed in yellow nomex. If Nakoda is the worst food you've ever experienced you should try a Saskatchewan forestry tour some time.
  23. I honestly can't believe we have come to needing a company to teach us how to kiss the customers Arse! None of this is even fun any more.
  24. That was pretty good. But last sentence should read based on real events names of blades have been changed.
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