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  1. On 10/22/2018 at 9:03 AM, DGP said:

    You can't tell some people what they don't want to hear.This business knows there will always be someone willing to pay big bucks for just the off chance that they will be the one guy that makes it. You can't explain to these types that you won't be working 9-5 and going home every night to see the wife and kids.Schools will keep telling these folks that there is always a shortage of pilots...been doing this as long as I have been around.Though I will say I was told that I would never get a job in the business...hair was too long.None left now.They seem to think fixwing is too boring which it probably is...go sit in a tent in the bush for a month and see how bored you get.And then we all know the old AIDS syndrome...let someone at the schools explain that one.

    Yup! I got AIDS from Helirico in a tent! Let someone who thought they knew french explain that one to you.

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  2. 31 minutes ago, daws901 said:

    This was very insightful. Appreciate it. What motivated you to get into it? And how did you begin?

    I've always thought of doing it but the cost wall is something I've been a bit wary of. I could pay all of it upfront (there's been absolutely no one to suggest that is a good idea). I did meet a couple of float plane pilots which looks good as well, but helicopters due to their versatility have always been more appealing. I haven't ever lived in a location where training to become a pilot would have made sense. Large commercial planes don't appeal to me, you wouldn't do anything on those planes and you're so high up there's nothing interesting to look at. You're a glorified taxi.

    I hated what I was doing (Tradesman) Thought the same way you did. (Looks awesome) Met a guy who flew helicopters(Not in a tent with HeliRico) and thought this looks cool. Paid the lady and got the licence.(Not in an economic downturn). Met an owner that was building stuff and got used for my skills as a tradesman. (He got his 14 hrs a day at $2800 a month salary 28 and 14 you do the math accounting guy) Bif aint lying you are travelling on your own time.(and at 100 hrs on your own dime)  We are all taxi drivers (Unless you get on a K-Max) On the plus side you will never have a worse meal in your life than on forestry (Anywhere)

    I thought I'd answer Bifs part after finding out that question wasn't directed at me. Also you won't ever regret learning how to fly a helicopter just know that there is a better chance than not you will ever do it for a living. Take the advice or leave it. 

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  3. Did you just come up with the idea of being a pilot on a whim? Or have you actually met someone in this industry?

       What the guys here are saying is no lie.  There is a 95% chance you will never be even employed in this industry once you get out of training. Toilets will be your first job period!  Engineers love to destroy them knowing you have to clean them. No owner is ever going to let you see the books. Also if you do get on the owners will probably be more interested  if you are handy with a hammer rather than a calculator and more likely than for more than 1.5 years 

    Like Rotor said go fixed wing. It's more suited for the accountant type. I'd hate to see you have to prove your superior spatial awareness skills in a remote tent with Helirico. #MeToo

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  4. Hi all,

    I have been reading quite a bit about how bad the industry is at the moment and that job prospects are very low.

    That first sentence should answer your question. The industry is so bad that even the Australians and Kiwis are whining about having there jobs stolen by foreigners.

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  5. 2 hours ago, HeliRico said:

    At athis poing, i had just thrown’ndt  up multiple time and just can’t take some more...    And pease , Snaky can you just shut it up get yourself well served by your toy boy.. At least someone will  really whant’s to get some stick time with you. !!!what a f..ink moron you are !!!    Still on those insulin shots ?   ... 

    It's amazing you never thrived in this industry. I have disagreed with many people on here but still respect their opinion but you don't fall in to that category. Put the bottle down bud it's not one of your redeeming qualities.

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  6. Great reply RDM 1. I have worked for several companies that gave 100 hr guys their start. I have also been in a position to throw the duals in and let said pilots fly. The one thing I noticed about myself was the ones who would go the extra mile like drop the fork at dinner and come help me wash and put away gear were the ones who I'd go the extra mile for. Just because you paid your money doesn't mean you get to advance.

    I had one low hour pilot lean against the fuel cabinet with his hands in his pocket watch me wash the helicopter after he finally came out of the crew shack (had to finish supper) That same tour we had a job that involved us both going. The owner asked me "why I didn't throw the duals in and let him fly"? I didn't feel the need. Another new hour girl sat and chatted with other crew while I swept the hangar floor. I had a couple thousand hours at the time. Assistant ops manager came out and asked me why I was doing it. It wasn't going to sweep itself was my reply. She never got going either.

    My point is you will need to impress more than the owner if you want a shot. Even the line pilots will tell you that the company will or will not get you advancing your career. I've told fellas that you should move on and the company uses low timers and never gets them going. It always srprised me that when they didn't take the advise and ended up bitter they were still on the ground 3-4 years later. 

    Don't forget we've all been there even if we act like we haven't. Good luck.

    PS If they don't give you a little stick time here or there after a year that's a good indicator they never will.

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  7. On 5/11/2018 at 4:35 PM, Winnie said:

    Attitude is a lot, heck the company I work for now (no not them), just hired a 100 hour guy. 6 months out of school. Mind you he has something to offer back to the company.

    Is he flying or are they just putting his something to offer to full use? There are plenty of guys/girls who got their foot in the door with something to offer that never spun a blade. 

  8. 3 hours ago, robottxt said:

    The government does heavily regulate the digger operator and electricians working hours and pay. If both are on a job site or place of work,,,, its considered "work" and they are paid for said "work" including government regulated overtime.  How you pay a company for renting equipment has nothing to do with how the employee is paid other than being factored into the price of the rental or service...   Its Federally regulated transportation employees that get screwed out of ever getting acknowledged the hours of work they put in and the hopes of ever seeing a penny of overtime. Then toss  in the heavly abused season averaging agreement.  And you wonder why pilots are bitter about being the lowest paid on some job site.

    The difference is also the digger guy and cab guy won't do it for free because their boss has showed them a stack of resumes of their potential replacements.😎 I used to love that one.

  9. 51 minutes ago, RaukDemus said:

    Did you read the report?

    "The pilot held a commercial pilot licence for helicopters and airplanes, with a multi-engine land and sea rating. He had accumulated over 14 000 total flight hours in various airplanes and helicopter models. His previous flight experience also included the ownership of a flight school, and experience as a helicopter flight instructor."

    Doesn't sound like a "low timer building hours" to me.  I would guess with over 14,000 hours he has seen more than just airport landings.


    Hmmm! You would think he'd know better then.

  10. 10 hours ago, ramen rider said:

    That never worked for me, besides this crappy industry ain't worth that kind of effort anymore!

    I'll send out resumes every now and again, but that's all I'm willing to do anymore.  If I get a bite, I get a bite, if I don't, I don't, I don't really care all that much anymore.

    The reward just ain't worth the effort,...shoulda gone fixed wing!

    That's the spirit!

  11. 10 hours ago, Icewind said:

    About 20 years ago I did some instructor refresher training and a study was quoted that had been done a few years before that,  It followed up a large number of people who had been issued helicopter licenses.  It identified that approximately 1/3 of the group never got a job, 1/3 of them lasted less than 5 years and got out and only 1/3 were working as pilots more than five years later.  Wonder what a similar study would show for the last decade.

    9 out of 7 people don't understand fractions!

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  12. I'm sure you would have had some response's if you asked where you could get a crap wonder bread sandwich with some stale cookies. (any forestry camp} With what pilots are paid now day's eating out would entail a meal with a crew dressed in yellow nomex. If Nakoda is the worst food you've ever experienced you should try a Saskatchewan forestry tour some time.:D

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  13. 5 hours ago, gkhader said:

    I think every job no matter what it is needs customer service skills. There are some organizations like The Career Foundation (careerfoundation.com) which are encouraging clients to develop their employment skills including the customer service skills by referring them to the correct resources

    I honestly can't believe we have come to needing a company to teach us how to kiss the customers Arse!  None of this is even fun any more.  

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  14. 3 hours ago, robottxt said:

    CLIENT: how much does that 407 lift,

    OPS MANAGER;  we have proprietary bigly blades, so more than anyone else, where industry innovators,,,,

    CLIENT: did he say Bigly......well its (insert year)..what ever....

    OPS MANAGER:  you,,,,,,Meat servo,,,,,, where only paying you airtime for this job, if you don't like that 15-20% pay cut, you can always quit so i don't need to pay you severance .....I'm busy being a bigly industry innovator.......oh and by the way, the logbook needs to match flight tickets and unused mins need to be recored. Your only going to record the best flights,,,,,right,,,, anything else is well.......you know.....only the other guys do that.....but not us, we have iPads,  with a 30day free trial of netflix.......

    MEAT SERVO: we'll thats BS........Meat servo then uses the industry standard bigly ops manager time keeping method,  hoping to exceed mins.    Over an industry standard 30-42day tour, bigly time keeping method earns Meat Servo an extra buck fifty.

    OPS MANAGER;  I'm innovating,,,,, casually writes a memo in May....Dearest: Meat Servo, we only hire the best people, believe me,  but the company had no profit this year, so nothing will be shared......in fact you owe us hours, Owners Union says so,  arn't they the best people..Believe me, alway looking out for the little guy.....that 407 has the bilgiest blades, aren't they innovative.....hmmmmm i'm an innovator, i should exploit government programs for innovators.......SMRT

    ENGINEER: ya that hour meters broken,  parts are on back back backorder......dreams of that extra .50c

    DOM: puts head in sand.

    Chief Pilot: spins around in a circle......Only a few more mooches before i'm outta here....

    Owners Union: writes a letter trying to be relevant,,,,,,,Dearest (the void),,,,Mountain course are stupid and cost the industry bigly........ 

    TC:  leaves early,,,, its friday and i'm a couple years from a stress leave transition to retirement.

    Innovative circling of the toilet bowl continues.

    Tune in next week,  when we explain how to drown someone in SMS......

    This is a work of fiction, and no parts represents actual events.

    That was pretty good. But last sentence should read based on real events names of blades have been changed.

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