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  1. Drop dead and die??? That one is going to be a tough one to pull off. Yes, yes you've been telling me how you're going to smash my face in, in my PM for quite a while now. Super scary and all. Do you want to smash everyone that doesn't share your opinion? Like when you said you would work for free and I called you out. That was a face smashing as I recall. If I translated correctly the jibberish you seem to think is the English language. Or the time you taught me that Australian is a race and I therefore am a racist for not agreeing with the TFW program. You should get some hel
  2. You're right D I forgot a lot on here like to remain with their heads buried deep in the sand that the industry is going to the dogs fast. Just like the TFW's that turned into PFW's. I probably just responded to 2 of the latter.
  3. Ohhhh! I see what you did there. Tell me what part of my above statement won't happen? Realist buddy look it up.
  4. I guess we will have to cut pay and lengthen tours to keep you guys going next year. Sad part is most pilot's would.
  5. I feel better knowing you're sharing the same airspace as me. And by that I mean you are robbing good people of oxygen.
  6. Worse! he's an idiot! Follow his thought process on this blog! The guy is a moron!
  7. I've met a lot of trust fund kid's who became pilot's. Trust fund kid's are the reason condoms were invented. Only 3.8 more years of this moron!
  8. Has to be filled by a National?!? Huh? What a concept.
  9. Not to mention all the TFW's who are now PFW's. That program was a scam for a lot of years and now here we are.
  10. The real sad part is there are the usual culprits that will be screaming there are no Canadian pilots to fill positions. Hopefully not but the truth is there is no honor among thieves.
  11. Well when you're willing to work for free and publicly advertise it you are part of the problem and nowhere near the solution. Step into that golden shower Knucklehead!
  12. Don't be sad k-razy. Those two are 1 of 2 things. Idiots or Australian. I love the comment on the Tuna boat subject were someone says one company only hires Aussies. Hahahah! And nobody asked why? Cuz we all know why!
  13. 5 years ago is a little different from today Sparky. I know guys with thousands of hours, IFR, ATPL and twin time. They aren't getting calls back from IFR companies. You must be real good at IFR with your head that far up your Arse!
  14. Like the letter of HAC's Prez lobbying the Gov that we are are in desperate need for outside labour? You are right that has become the norm.
  15. You and your TFW friends need only to look in the mirror to see why contracts and pay are crap. Anyway I'm astounded by your ignorance but it never did surprise me.
  16. Might as well take what you can get I suppose.
  17. The answer to both of your questions are no and no. Sorry for being honest.
  18. You ask what the requirements are but are happy where you are???? Now I'm confused.
  19. I've been flying in the tourism end of the business for the past few months, and I've just passed 500 hours - is this a meaningful landmark anywhere else in the industry these days?
  20. I'm sure your namesake tells everyone how you got ahead in the industry. Just paying old tin lizzie back for one of her comments if she can give it she can take it.
  21. Yeah?! Totally weird why they didn't snap you up????!
  22. The damage is already done in our industry. Also legislation only works if employers are being honest. It's not hard to get around the rules especially when there is nobody to enforce them.
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