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  1. It's a deal. Once they put the temporary back in TFW.
  2. The sad part is you get a say! I hate Libetards.
  3. Harden the F@#k up! I give two shits what a TFW turned full time replacement has to say about my take on things.
  4. How does it feel to have your job taken away? Ohhhhh the Irony. Head in hand sigh.
  5. So they are hiring all the HTS guys? And yes winnie more than you could imagine.
  6. Fingers crossed its not the current contractor.
  7. I believe Freewheels company has a 3 and 3 schedule, Hardly excessive in my world.
  8. I wouldn't worry too much over it. There is a company in Fort Nelson that has a 365 on and 365 on schedule just ask them how easy it is to pencil whip flight duty times.
  9. Yup took the temporary right out of the equation. Kind of my point.
  10. If by whiners you mean guys who want a fair wage from being gone half the year to fly somebody's multi million dollar machine then yeah I'm a total whiner. That's kind of funny coming from a former TFW who now has a full time position. Oh the irony.
  11. So at 400 a day on a 30/30 schedule your on route to rake in 72g??? After flying 500 hrs if that's good I'm getting out of the industry
  12. The companies bidding for the contracts are far from paying ridiculously huge pay per flight hour. I'm also willing to bet I made more flying Astar than the above mentioned companies skycrane captain if former Skycrane pilots are telling me the truth on what they were offered by them.
  13. As long as there are pilots willing to work for crap wages and undermine each other then companies like the above mentioned will thrive. I was talking to a few pilots from another contractor who is also in the running for the DEW contract and they are stuck in the 80's with there pay scale. The mentality is if you don't like it we have a stack of resume's from people who will do the job. Usually at the cost of the radio banter sounding like a UN gig.
  14. You can also try the Coast Guard. They like guys with utility experience.
  15. I actually know a few guys that got their start on permits. They lied. But in their defence I know a few Canadians that lied to get going too. Wow 2 wrongs do make a right ROTOR.
  16. Well Tee 4 if you were paying attention the past conversations were only a fraction to do with money. Things like treatment, scheduling and most importantly bumping of Canadian crew. There was a time and place to bring in TFW and the last 7 years wasn't it.
  17. Sometimes people are to far removed from the battle to understand what the smaller guy is fighting for. I get it to a degree as I'm sure we've all been there at one level or another. Sign the petition if you agree with Gilles or don't if you don't. I know I will be signing it.
  18. Whaaaat? An incompetent manager in helicopters?!? You need to recheck your facts.
  19. I'm sure if you give a guy the 407 or 205 endorsement you would have plenty of response. The problem is companies are to cheap and are looking for the cheap solution. I can understand the economics but its hurting canadian guys moving up.
  20. Heli Rico you must have worked for some sketchy companies. (As have I) My last and current employer did check references. To my utter surprise he still hired me. Some people like guys who tell it like it is even if its not what they want to hear. Can't wait to retire myself. I will miss the flying but that is about it.
  21. I am curious in that situation shouldn't the employer be held criminally responsible if there were to be an accident? I would think he or she should for not doing their due diligence in a background check. Also insurance should be null and void as well.
  22. I find a huge difference in working for McDonalds and being a pilot. I don't think Micky D's charges 50 plus grand just to get your foot in the door. Also once you get here on the TFW program meet a Canadian girl and then decide to stay you've just effectively eliminated a position for good. Also Gilles if writing the man in charge of immigration with your concerns gets very little reaction I can't see writing the so highly effective organization of Services Canada to get any better results. In my past experience with Services Canada I can see them bringing in more TFW because of a cleric
  23. And the old Manitoba Mafia has their "must have in order to get" ads up. Always the same companies that any self respecting human low or high hour would avoid.
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