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  1. i agree with Ray. take her on a holiday. but unless she is 100% in favour of the move. you will regret it for ever. anytime there is an issue. the old " you moved us here" will come in play. good luck with that one. been there, done it. it would be a great place to live though. hope it all works
  2. I know it is desperate times. and the 100 hour guy wants to work for free. Don't people read these things. why would one work for free and make the company money. and if you think the said company would hire you on full time later. its a rotating door. you got to get to two years. do your research. I rather be unemployed. if you can survive this season, i think it has to pick up. exploration can't stay shut down.
  3. why would a chief pilot of said company preach every year safety, safety,safety. we are a safe operation, put himself in a position where we know the rules of passengers and cargo? I know we all bend rules. The next training i am on. I'll just tell them. I will be breaking your rules of safety. Just give me my PPC and recurrent. Seems it is ok to do so. See how long i'll have a job. Next time on an airline and i am in an exit row. I'm just going to glog the floors with my carry on and say. its ok to block the exitway. we do it all the time
  4. i agree. this is almost beyond.. I worked for them a couple years back. It definitly was not a fit for me either. I didn't like the schedules and what my fit was. BUT. i sure don't have a hate for them. I thought they were all trying and open door. The guys on the floor were all top notch. I enjoyed the gang there, and they again were all making me feel welcome. I have stayed in touch with a few and became friends. I wish them the best on the next adventure. Never know who you will be working with next. Good luck Bailey
  5. yes, arriel only states that you indicate correct or incorrect. I have used the HHS program for a number of years now. It indicates a number + or -. If you are with an aircraft for any length of time you have a great record for trending. In the past if i was with the same machine. i would measure in mm the distance off the line. that would give a good trend as well as over-talk stated.
  6. i'll add to this. I am a pilot/engineer. ok, not a rotory pilot. (fixed) but i am a rotory engineer. I got my pirvate pilots licence while in grade 11. went wrenching right after grade 12. aviation school was at high school. the only school in canada that had aviation as a class and was approved. (Central tech). was an engineer while i did my commercial pilots licence and IFR. Then flew for a bit. Back wrenching again. This is going to be my 33rd season. 2 to go and done. If there was a company that had a plane for AOGs. would not take a lot to interest me. would be a nice way to finish
  7. sorry to go off topic. HEY Bullet. your PM is not working. says it is diabled wanted to say hi
  8. exactly. we in this little world of helicopters seem to not always look at the big picture. When i get on that big bird. i would like to feel comfortable that the guys in the front are the real people that are suppose to be in the front. and yes, i can be a little sarcastic. a smaller card simular to the AME licence may of done the job.
  9. ahh... picture id. not unlike picture id on your drivers licence....not unlike picture id on your passport....not unlike picture id that has been out for years on the AME licence that has a scan bar on the back... picture id and eye scan for airport passes.....picture id on some credit cards...... welcome pilots to 2008
  10. From what i see, there is not a lot of difference in year end with the companies as far as pay. If the machine that you are on flys alot, you do well. if not, your in the average. companies can say all they want about how high there flight pay is. if you don't turn a blade. its all smoke and mirrors. Its all about choices. where do you want to work. and comunication with the management team. want to work- arctic and live in a tent siesmic and sit in a truck chase fires and sit or be busy spray and sit till the wind stop
  11. dom_peg_1_.bmp see if this brings up the Dom Peg Logo
  12. This is where it all began for me. even before the hummingbird showed up. Just wondering if the conversation 25 years from now will be. I remember when Canadian had a hummingbird as there logo. not a boomerang. dom_peg_1_.bmp
  13. There is no mention to rolling the throttle back. As you all know there is no idle stop. The only time there may be a roll off is in training. and a stop is placed on the quadrant.
  14. I agree that there may me a rough % to look at on the ground. but. wouldn't that vary even between aircraft. Not all aircraft are set to the same NR at Max continuious. some may be at the top end of the range and some at the lower to give a smoother flight. therefore the NR on the ground would be different. that would make the TQ different per aircraft. A flight and use the FM is the only way to get it right.
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