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  1. You could take your visors off too. That's what I did and it made the difference.
  2. I think by the time you are ready to fly again there are going to be no effects from the general. I had epidural when I had mine done and a general. No probs on the medical. Good luck
  3. Great pics bags, keep them coming, do they only allow 747 to land in angola?
  4. thanks ben, those are mint, is bvh a new addition to your fleet? ps, hey maxtorq, fighting over scraps, don't bother, just keep workin hard and don't get discouraged, should be drinkin beer and watchin golf today anyways!
  5. send some more pics of that green one, i think it is MINT, not literally. and i know that isn't the idea of this thread, but that green machine is sweet
  6. ben, those are nice, this one not so nice (hope i don't offend too many old nmh fans)
  7. mg42

    well said, 'we have not made money, reminds me of paul d

  8. i'm with skidz on the gel. gel absorbs vibration too unlike foam that increases vibration, thats why the sore numb butt. gel is lower too and constantly moves with you. far superior than foam. if u'r tall i've seen guys take the seat cushion right out of the astar and shave down the back foam. got to be comfy!
  9. Go Coastal that was not a rip on you. We will have cold one one day on me. I was responding to the intial thread and a few of the bleeding hearts. I too have a conscience and try to conduct myself in a responsible manner when it comes to flying. sometimes it doesn't come across that way when i put it in words. maybe i'll shut up now. i love what i do and i love the places this line of work has taken me. we have the best job. mg
  10. if u vote for NDP maybe u shouldnt be a pilot, I'm with Reddog, WHATEVER!
  11. i have flown quite a few different machines of the same type with the switches in different places and i just found what worked for me. i wasn't handicapping myself by anymeans either, the manual longline release on a 500 was always in the same spot, i never saw double switches either. i guess i just don't have as much experience as some out there, but different doesn't equal wrong.
  12. hey fan, i have used both types of hooks, elec and manual, if u always have someone to receive the load, manual is where it is at, lots of times using a elec hook i wouldn't even plug it in, or if it was plugged in i would just pull the cb and have the ground crew manually release it anyways, i could still kick the whole line off if i ran into trouble but i could never inadvertantly punch the load (like pilot switching error) a high timer taught me that one and it works well. if u r going to use a swivel hook try to get the heaviest one so it has some weight to it when the line is empty. go
  13. yes, a sad day, my condolences to family and friends fly safe
  14. 214 hey picapart, nice coat!
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