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  1. BAD TASTE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHlmNVoY0W8...feature=related
  2. What next? No doubt! talk about getting folks backs up! The latest one is the most under entertaining of all! person claims to have tourette's syndrome. Not very nice for the people that actually have it! :down: It's a serious condition I would not wish on anybody! Good one dude! making fun of people with real disabilities! :down: See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourette_syndrome. Friend! Or who ever you are, posting these anti hepac messages .You need to speak with somebody soon, to discuss some of the anger and frustration and discover a solution so you you can find
  3. Understand french? This is just too funny! http://www.tetesaclaques.tv/video.php?vid=481
  4. Red head! :shock: I think not, dirty blond with a touch of grey making its way in. I am trying to blend in so I don't get recognized in the crowd. Bob, looks like the malcontent has struck again, seems as though english may be a second language. I am waiting to find out his identity so we can have a chat. Yes by all means give him his money back. For the most part most new members joining know full well that we are in the development stage. Auger on! John
  5. Skidz Well, I can lay claim to Hurler, but certainly not the other names. This could probably be explianed that the computer I was using was accessible to others. Cheers
  6. Skidz If you have some issues, questions or queeries, please feel free to PM and we can see if we can get to the bottom of it.
  7. Bugman Good Job, Nobody should have to deal with that. Skidz I am a trained psychologist! I personally find in the majority of cases, its a failure of the interpretation of a message that leads to the break down in communication. Let's just say that the personality type that works in the industry ( pilots in partcular), are not the types that make an extra effort to communicate effectively. There are some but its not the majority. The type A personality in not known for this. The type A personality will look for an out fast as they are often but not always the best
  8. Skidz I don't think anybody really cares what OT has to say anyway, his solution to any problem seems to just get rid of the problem. Who knows he may be deflecting his own inner anger and problems by projecting them on others. Or maybe he is having a hard time accepting some past inner short commings that these individuals remind him of. Thereby making him upset. I hope he resolves his problems and finds some inner peace. My concern is this asshoool who would go to the lowest level and actually attack a guys wife. Very Sad! Beneath contempt! :down:
  9. Water off a bucks back 269, and BTW the remarks where not directed to me, was it you who wrote those very low slimeball comments.???
  10. BTW Skidz Like the new groovy Habs ident. It was good game! Sorry Calgary lost last night.
  11. 269 There is a difference between the truth and lies with the effort to destroy something. My beef is with one guy not an entire company, personality conflict perhaps! Diving to a level to attack the wife or spouse is some place that no even I would go!
  12. Well, I was perusing the aeroads ( HAC owners club site), and came across a very defamatory type remarks by an illiterate idiot who for some reason felt he would slam our effort. I am not going to reproduce what was written there as it is really low! :angry: :angry: I will say that HEPAC in my humble opinion is a long time coming and like anything else that's worth pursuing it takes time. Those with the patience and determination will succeed. As far As I know the membership is growing every month. :up: In addition most of the core members are all respected senior people in our in
  13. That's not good! :down: Hope it works out Ok!
  14. As for you Mr. Vibe, well I am speachless, and it is clear that any form of progressive conversation could only have 2 possible outcomes " white or black" . kinda makes for a short and closed coversation so in the end there's no point now is there. ( back to my point about the always and never people). Now mr. Overtalk, if you are going to enguage in this converation please add something of substance, your solution to hide the truth ( or my perception of it) by simply tuning off the switch genuinly suggests that you have nothing instructive to add. The whole matter is becoming extre
  15. Well Its been entertaining, will be signing off now and turning my back, have to go wind up the 350 for a vibe check. have fun!
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