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  1. Just wondering how to get an Australian maintenance licence from a Canadian M1 and which book to study. r-n
  2. After the 6 months and factory type course, should a fixed wing to rotary AME get place on a company pay scale according to the number of years he has had his license? Or the number of years wrenching on helicopters? R-N
  3. Where are some schools that offer the AS350 AME type course in Canada. I want to do it in Jan. Northern Lights in Dawson Creek is full for Nov. Thinking about going to Texas for factory course. Does BCIT offer a course? RN
  4. No worries guys, I am 25 and single.
  5. Hey, thanks for all the help, I got a job with Canadian.
  6. I went to Eagle Copters and they said they just hired 5 apprentices from SAIT.
  7. I would like to switch from fixed wing maintenace to helicopter maintenance as an AME. I know I will have to become an apprentice again and I am willing to do so. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If I am too late for this season, when is the best time to apply for next season? I have wanted to get into helicopter maintenance since college, but 9/11 happened a couple of months before I graduated. So I took whatever work I could get. I also like that helicopter work is done outside, with lots of travelling to different locations and has higher tolerances. I am young, single and ha
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