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  1. HAC, a friend of the pilot... Now there is a laugh. Nothing more than a lobby for certain operators, IMO.
  2. Tough month in the logging sector. Glad to hear the pilot survived. There's a reason its called "Dead man's curve".
  3. Wade is definitely legit. I flew in the 214 with him in 90's for Blacktusk. To the best of my knowledge, he's still there flying wood. My condolences to the family and friends of the pilot in question.
  4. I bought a used kenwood handheld on ebay for a little over $100 a couple of years ago. I works a 1000x better than the Baofeng. But answer your ? I have no clue where you can purchase a Baofeng these days.
  5. Helicopter crash in Oliver – Penticton Western News Happy to hear all walked away. Fly Safe
  6. I'm pretty sure that the "Engineer" is the Owner of Hunter Helicopters. Who runs from under the 500 to help. It is also Hunter's video system the captured the accident.
  7. Congratulations Mike. Couldn't be given to a better guy. It was a real pleasure working with you at WCH. I think Mike has more Long line hours than most have flying.
  8. One of best pieces of advice I was given 30 years ago when I first broke into the industry was. NEVER move anywhere in this industry for a job, EVER. That advice has proved invaluable over the years. Contracts come and go, talk is cheap and there are plenty of hollow promises out there. I've personally been asked to move 5 times. In each of those instances. The work ended within months of being asked to move. My response these days is "If I wanted to live there, I would already be doing so". Bottom line IMO: this industry is far too volatile to move anywhere for a job.
  9. Confirmed https://helijobs.net/2020/07/b206-407-as350-vrll-pilots-newfoundland-and-labrador/
  10. Interesting, all the LR's are sold and all of SD2's are unclaimed lol.
  11. Nationwide was based in Okotoks and were absorbed/bought out by Campbell.
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