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  1. & Cross ref with your friend the timer. It all gets real when the "low Fuel" light comes on.
  2. Just for clarification: two postings on Helijobs.
  3. Exemptions to the Canadian Aviation Regulations should read. "If you throw enough money our way. We'll make it happen." The optics are horrible.
  4. Well there it is, Pandora's box has been opened. All it takes is money... THE GOC is a joke.
  5. I'll take a wild guess. It's operating under NAFTA with Canadian crews. Though I'm not sure how they get around operating a restricted category ship in Canada?
  6. No FAA IFR ticket needed to work South of the Border. Not sure how easy it is these days to write the FAA conversion exam as a result of Covid? But you will need 25 hrs. of night cross country for Part 135 work. Once you have your FAA Rotary Cert in hand. Getting a Work Visa is another story all together. Unless you have dual citizenship of course.
  7. Very sad news. My condolences to all who have been touched by this event. Dan was a very professional and respected Chief Pilot. RIP Sir.
  8. Dem's the facts Jack. Don't say you weren't warned.
  9. With the $ you'd be making in 5 years or so flying planks. You'll have more than enough $ to fly a heli at your leisure without all the BS. Helicopters are a young man's game. I know I'd choose option Plank, if I was 25 again. But hey, your call.
  10. I'd be calling WestJet and AC to name a couple of comm airlines. If I were in your shoes. Not to mention US operators. They will be paying to train/poach new pilots in short order. Great pay, benefits with minimal BS. Not to mention the pension, year round work, etc.
  11. What do you think you're worth? Name your price, no harm in asking. The worst they can say is "no".
  12. HAC, a friend of the pilot... Now there is a laugh. Nothing more than a lobby for certain operators, IMO.
  13. Tough month in the logging sector. Glad to hear the pilot survived. There's a reason its called "Dead man's curve".
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