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  1. Diaper_Pin

    Hard to find guys

    I couldn't agree more, It's the perfect balance and everyone is happy.
  2. Diaper_Pin

    New Helmet for Old Head

    Northwall web site is up and running http://www.northwall.it/
  3. Diaper_Pin

    Certified Mountain course

    My $0.02 Save your money. BCFS work for the most part is a like a private club. If they don't know you or haven't flown with you etc. You'll have a hard time getting hired on with or without a mountain course. There are a number of companies in your neck of the woods that have some great training and chief pilots. Who will teach you the basics of mountain approaches and what to watch for etc. 20 hrs. is over kill, even 5 would be a stretch. This training could easily be combined into your PPC training. Spend your money on putting a face to the name. So much of this industry revolves around personality. Flying can be taught; working and getting along with clients is another skill all together. IMO: being level headed, professional and forward thinking. Will get you the mountain training through your employer. As you become an asset to them, they will in turn will invest in you. It's a two way street, at least in theory.
  4. Getting a green card is another story all together. Especially under the current administration.
  5. Diaper_Pin

    PPL vs CPL

    Just a thought. But if you and your family are in the avaiation business already. Your answer should only be a phone call away. Whoever is or going to be providing your insurance. Should certainly be able to answer the cpl vs ppl insurance rate question. from there, the rest is up to you and how deep your pockets are. best of luck whichever route you choose.
  6. They are looking for engineers and apprentices as of today. https://www.helicoptersmagazine.com/jobs/engineers-a-apprentices-7800
  7. Diaper_Pin

    ONMNR Files for ForeFlight

    Great contribution. Keep up the great work. Many thanks.
  8. Highland was looking for a driver a few months ago.
  9. There is also a very good reason why some of these companies can’t fill seats. that being said, you have to start somewhere. However, 3000 hrs of flying tourists around, isn’t going to help you much. if you dropping into 100’ holes that are 150’ deep. just my $0.02
  10. Diaper_Pin

    Flying Wire Environment Course

    Well the first question is: Where are you located? I know BC Hydro usually puts one on every winter. Though there is usually limited seating for outsiders. The big thing is finding out where and when. Then bucking up ASAP to secure your seat.
  11. Diaper_Pin

    205 - 212 pilot required

    I'm available till the 3rd,
  12. Diaper_Pin

    Baofeng BF-F8HP & CHIRP

    check your tones
  13. Diaper_Pin

    Wires Again

    Pilots chatting on their phones while flying. A few good stories there....
  14. A fitting outcome 😝