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  1. One of best pieces of advice I was given 30 years ago when I first broke into the industry was. NEVER move anywhere in this industry for a job, EVER. That advice has proved invaluable over the years. Contracts come and go, talk is cheap and there are plenty of hollow promises out there. I've personally been asked to move 5 times. In each of those instances. The work ended within months of being asked to move. My response these days is "If I wanted to live there, I would already be doing so". Bottom line IMO: this industry is far too volatile to move anywhere for a job.
  2. Confirmed https://helijobs.net/2020/07/b206-407-as350-vrll-pilots-newfoundland-and-labrador/
  3. Interesting, all the LR's are sold and all of SD2's are unclaimed lol.
  4. Nationwide was based in Okotoks and were absorbed/bought out by Campbell.
  5. I hear you Mcquire. My fiancé is in Palm Desert. I resolved myself to the fact that I won't see her until September. Welcome to the "new" world.
  6. Without having 10 hours of night flying. Your FAA cert. is restricted and is essentially a FAA private pilot cert. If you want a unrestricted FAA Commercial Rotary Cert. You need to have an FAA Medical done before you make your go for your FAA appointment. And without that your FAA cert will state that you are not allowed to fly for hire or compensation.
  7. Flying to the US is a non issue. Coming back is another story. I just returned from 20 days in the US tonight. BC is still enforcing the self isolation.
  8. The virus has put all but essential programs on the backburner. Across all of the typical heli revenue streams with the exception of fires. So my predication is: You will see 50-100 machines show up for a sizable fire. As this will be the ONLY revenue stream this year for many operators. Whether things burn or not, I think this year will be the last nail in the coffin for many operators out there. My $0.02, your mileage may vary.
  9. This industry needs more Jim Gray's. Had a couple of PPC's with him and then worked under him before he retired. Top-notch all the way.
  10. And lets not forget Tundra. I never saw eye to eye with Steve. I will say that he brought on a lot of low timers, many of whom became some of the best long line pilots in the industry. Steve Wilson was an amazing pilot and he taught me a lot, in the time I was there.
  11. Anyone know what companies are working the fire? I assume Blacktusk is on it, anyone else?
  12. Yes, I was very fortunate that Jan took me under his wing and taught me lots before Nationwide folded. I dropped by Elbow River 4-5 years ago and had a great chat with him. I know he bent a few people the wrong the way over the years. I on the other have nothing but praise for him. One of THE best medium drivers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
  13. Nationwide and Vancouver Helicopters. Nationwide was absorbed by Campbell and Vancouver Heli morphed into HeliJet
  14. I heard they pulled the plug but at this point, unconfirmed
  15. It's going to be interesting to see what happens if things start burning.
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