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  1. Confirmed https://helijobs.net/2020/07/b206-407-as350-vrll-pilots-newfoundland-and-labrador/
  2. Interesting, all the LR's are sold and all of SD2's are unclaimed lol.
  3. Nationwide was based in Okotoks and were absorbed/bought out by Campbell.
  4. I hear you Mcquire. My fiancé is in Palm Desert. I resolved myself to the fact that I won't see her until September. Welcome to the "new" world.
  5. Without having 10 hours of night flying. Your FAA cert. is restricted and is essentially a FAA private pilot cert. If you want a unrestricted FAA Commercial Rotary Cert. You need to have an FAA Medical done before you make your go for your FAA appointment. And without that your FAA cert will state that you are not allowed to fly for hire or compensation.
  6. Flying to the US is a non issue. Coming back is another story. I just returned from 20 days in the US tonight. BC is still enforcing the self isolation.
  7. The virus has put all but essential programs on the backburner. Across all of the typical heli revenue streams with the exception of fires. So my predication is: You will see 50-100 machines show up for a sizable fire. As this will be the ONLY revenue stream this year for many operators. Whether things burn or not, I think this year will be the last nail in the coffin for many operators out there. My $0.02, your mileage may vary.
  8. This industry needs more Jim Gray's. Had a couple of PPC's with him and then worked under him before he retired. Top-notch all the way.
  9. And lets not forget Tundra. I never saw eye to eye with Steve. I will say that he brought on a lot of low timers, many of whom became some of the best long line pilots in the industry. Steve Wilson was an amazing pilot and he taught me a lot, in the time I was there.
  10. Anyone know what companies are working the fire? I assume Blacktusk is on it, anyone else?
  11. Yes, I was very fortunate that Jan took me under his wing and taught me lots before Nationwide folded. I dropped by Elbow River 4-5 years ago and had a great chat with him. I know he bent a few people the wrong the way over the years. I on the other have nothing but praise for him. One of THE best medium drivers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
  12. Nationwide and Vancouver Helicopters. Nationwide was absorbed by Campbell and Vancouver Heli morphed into HeliJet
  13. I heard they pulled the plug but at this point, unconfirmed
  14. It's going to be interesting to see what happens if things start burning.
  15. Got Axed April 1, shut down until further notice as a result of Covid 19.(camp work). So 4000+ hr. pilot is seeking employment. Mountain course, no accidents, current on a 200'line. etc.
  16. Tell that to my buddy who was diagnosed with advanced Prostate cancer at 45, which is virtually unheard of . We mixed Vision by the drum load for 4 summers in the early 90's doing aerial application. I can still remember the Monsanto Rep. telling us the stuff was inert and it was safe to drink. Now I know why you're called Simpleton
  17. Yes, I've seen it in a couple of 214's with low impedance systems. The simple solution was to switch out the mike and things sprang to life. However it took half a day to get to that point initially. I always carry a couple of mikes in my helmet bag. For just this reason, you never know what machine you'll be thrown into next while on tour.
  18. Well put, 2 and 2 floats my boat presently. But it is all a matter of perspective, they all have their pro's and con's.
  19. The single pilot rotary HEMS IFR stats in the US speak for themselves. Can you say Death Wish.
  20. Very straight forward if you spend a few hours studying. Make your appointment to write the exam and pay your money. If you want a stand alone FAA cert. make sure you get a FAA Class 1 or 2 medical done before you see the FAA. The advantage of a stand alone FAA Commercial Cert. is that it doesn't ride on your Transport Canada License. it also has the "Not for Hire or compensation" restriction removed. IE: you can get paid to fly a FAA registered aircraft.
  21. Repair for all 496, 396, 296 and 196 ended some time ago. These units are now unserviceable. https://fly.garmin.com/fly-garmin/support/warranty-information/out-of-warranty Best bet is to troll ebay for a 596/596 or newer at a reasonable price. They are least still repairable by Garmin. I picked up a 595 2 years ago for $500, so there are deals out there. Option B, Foreflight on a Cellular iPod. my two cents
  22. zero issues with my 695. GMCMACHZ makes a very good point.
  23. I would take the fixed wing route these days if were in your shoes. HUGE demand for pilot, great pay, set schedules with the major airlines, etc..
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