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  1. Does it exceed the limitations? those are legally binding. The rest is up for debate.
  2. There are still companies looking for pilots and it looks like its going to be a busy summer. Especially, if you can move a drill...
  3. I know they've crewed up a 61 for logging in addition to the Kamov. The rest is anyone's guess...
  4. The pilot was an instructor. Though if it is the pilot I’m thinking of. He did his instruction in the USA. The low timer building hours teaching the low timer how to fly. Even though the instructor has very little grasp of landing anywhere except at the airport.
  5. Excellent point Heliduck Pretty simple in an A-star to connect a hydraulic pressure sensor to satellite tracking & send an alert to the Chief Pilot whenever the pressure increases to the maximum system pressure(servo transparency). How much hot dogging would go on if every pilot knew that the Chief Pilot would be waiting on the apron for them with their hands on their hips when they got back to base? Most machines these days have phones, I’m sure I’d rather take it easy than have the phone ring & the big boss asking me WTF I am doing! It p*sses me off to no end when I hear stories like this. WTF is the pilot thinking. These innocent people have entrusted their lives in the pilots hands. They have no idea of the risks, etc. that can arise while hot dogging. where is the PDM? Is there no forward thinking on the pilots part? No thought to the what if’s and mitigating risk rather than flirting with disaster. And where is the professionalism? Not to mention having to look at yourself in the mirror every morning. Knowing you killed or injured your trusting passenger(s) from one’s own reckless behavior. pretty selfish behavior IMO.
  6. Having seen one of the on board videos that was recorded by one of the passengers. All are very lucky to be alive. It is an excellent example of what can happen when pilots decide to give people the ride of their lives. This ride will never be forgotten by all on board, for all the wrong reasons. A joy ride gone bad.
  7. I would like to know more about Rome....

    3500 hrs.
    2500 206/L
    700 mediums

    currently working 2 and 2's year round


  8. Worked contract for them a couple of years ago. Great place to work or at least it was for me. one of the better outfits out there IMO.
  9. lol, it's a two way street and there s no loyalty on either side of the fence. endorsement bonds I get but when they legally remain in place after the employee is laid off. That is where I take exception. Like or not, this is the cost of doing business. And if you cannot provide year round employment for said endorsed pilot. That is the employers problem. You cannot hold the said "endorsed pilot" to be accountable if you cannot provide them with a year round income. That being said, if a pilot jumps ship within 90 days of being given an endorsement they should be held accountable. this really isn't rocket science What is really lacking on both sides of the fence. Is people being honest with each other. the fine print, lack of honesty. The year round work BS, when the employer knows the bottom will drop out in September. to be fair, there is the other side of the coin. pilots that get trained etc at the beginning of the year and then jump ship. When a better offer comes their way. , these people should be held accountable. This really boils down to a case of being accountable. As a pilot you give the employer your word that you are "In" for the year "season:". They in turn invest money in training etc in you. Then some of us bail. There are lots of offers out there for both low and high time pilots. Some good and some bad. Most you need to dig through, all of the day rate, hourly, per diem, duty day hours and pay, benefits. Before one can make an informed decision. And this is where I feel the whole process falls on it face. Why the F##k cant all parties be up front about what they want and or at offering. IE: pay, rotations, etc. If you want and a 3 and 3 and the employer is offer a 4 and 2 there are going to be issues. Why not get it out in the open BEFORE it becomes the issue, OR Don't sign on at all and cut your own deal somewhere else.? There are only so many bridges one can burn in this industry. The clearer you are about what you commit to on either side of the fence. The better off we will all be. Finally, If you give someone your word, stick to it. for better or worse. they have your word. And in an industry as small as this, Your word, is a good as gold. and likewise, it was good knowing yah.
  10. PM me and let me know what FM you need. I have B, BA, BA+, B2, B2vemd, 355 and B3
  11. Mine did, I had no comms with TC prior to its arrival.
  12. the "new" ones are 10 year expiry instead of 5 years.
  13. I did it on mine. As mentioned it takes about an hour by the time it's all said and done. I used a standard 1/2" drill bit if I recall and it worked fine. smoothed the hole with a chain saw file to remove the stray carbon fibers. Worked like a charm.
  14. IMO If you're good with a soldering iron? save your money and buy a pair of these. http://www.gibson-barnes.com/prod-295697/Cep-Mini-Cep-Mini-Vented-Hearing-Protection.html There are cheaper places to buy them. Work great doors on or off regardless of machine. Not big on being distracted by the phone in flight. I don't want to ever wonder if I could have reacted that split second faster, If I hadn't been distracted.
  15. Great Pics, Those jetboxes must have been pretty slow flying with those bags on.
  16. I switched to Koodo in October and pay a little over 1/3 of what I was giving to Telus every month. I've yet to go anywhere where I haven't had service. This includes Canada, USA and Cuba.
  17. Get on with the right company and they will give you a mountain course.
  18. The days are numbered on this kind of abuse and the program in general. Especially in this industry with so many pilots having difficulties finding their first job. The TFW program undermines the whole process in this industry at least. Pull out your magic marker and all of a sudden you have a 1000- 1500 hrs. in seconds, cattle mustering
  19. More than happy to help out next time around. Have Canadian and FAA
  20. Anyone one know of a friendly place to land and shut down for 3 or 4 hours in Summerland? thanks in advance.
  21. This is beyond laughable. I'll take a hit of whatever youre smoking and then just maybe I'll be understand your out of touch reality. You must offer one truly amazing state for the art training program? Considering you expect a three year commitment in return. What is a fair wage and how many hours a day are you working these people that have been so graced as to have the fortune of being under your employ. 42 on and 5 off? You might want to rethink your business plan without relying on the TFW program. If you have a business in the North, you should fully expect to have to employ people from the South. I don't know ANY experienced pilots that would move to the North on a permeant basis without some very serious coin. IE legally binding contract etc.
  22. bought it online with programming cable shipped to my door. took two days to have it in my hands.
  23. Not sure of the legalities post diagnosis per say. I was quoting the criteria for being eligible to apply. ATPL or a Commercial license with valid class 1 medical.
  24. The ATPL only restriction has been lifted. You can also apply if you hold a commercial license with a class one medical. Worth every penny IMO.
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