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  1. Great info thanks, New model is UV-82HP 8watts. Picked one up in Van for $90.00 all in.
  2. Any recommendations for an easily programmable handheld? I've been meaning to add one of these to my ops. gear for awhile now.
  3. Best is subjective but I will say that I have used FlightDuty XLS for the past 4 years. Easy to use though it only runs on a PC but there are plenty of PC emulation software programs out there for Mac's (most are free). My $0.02
  4. Thank you to the Mod who removed my duplicate post. Not quite sure how that transpired.
  5. It's nice to see all of the job postings in the last few days. Considering we are only nearing the end of January. Hopefully this is a sign of a good season to come. Best of luck to all.
  6. Nice to see that the board is back up. Seems like all of the bugs have been worked out as well.
  7. To each their own. I have had zero issues with the 695. I also like the fact that Ican backup all the data. I transferred all the 296 data onto it in seconds. After the 296 bit it. I would like to see a breadcrumb trail and a few other things on foreflight before I commit.
  8. That's prime real estate and until foreflight resolves the waypoint issues. That spot is reserved for my 695.
  9. the lr is a wonderful machine. I think there were a couple of them in the Kamloops area for sale. Given the market, I would imagine that one could be had for a very reasonable price.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. There are a number of operators who are literally across the street from the Nova. Not to mention that the Nova is where most of the Air Crews from out of town stay. Sad state of affairs for all involved.
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