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  1. i tried vertical ref with progressive lenses, and hated them. I now have a second set, with distance correction only that i use for vertical ref. its a hassle and extra expense, but i could see any other option. Welcome to the golden years!
  2. Just heard that Stan is still in the hospital. His condition is still improving, but not as fast as first thought. Looks like a bonnet (ships slinging gear which he was using), was tied up and being returned to the ship on the end of a long line. For some reason it came loose (untied) and acted like a big drag chute. Caught Stan by surprise as it whipped around the t/r a couple of times. As he was low over the water he had little time to react. The floats on the 105 are manual deploy. Rescuer (fisherman) was critical of the dark blue flying suit, and dark grey helmet. He had a hard time locating Stan in the water. We are so glad that it looks like this incident is going to have a happy ending. :up:
  3. I've not been to Saudi, but talking to some that have, there is no comparison between Saudi and AD. No beheadings, local nationals seem to generally respect foreign expertise, good treatment of women (lots of expat wives there and they don't need abiya's), lots of freedom, and you do generally feel safe (but don't make a mistake and end up in there jails), and like Gulf Helicopters, good retirement job. and as for the prayers on the loud speakers (5 times a day), if your in your room the A/C and dehumidifiers are so loud you can't hear the prayers anyways. Don't worry as with the little ants, you do get used to the loud A/C's after a while!!!!
  4. I understand that money is about the same ( all 3 operators, ADA, Gulf and Aerogulf keep there rates very close), however Canada does not have a tax treaty with Qatar. Accomadations are much nicer, but I understand that there isn't much to do in Doha. All the flying with Gulf Hels is out and backs to the same locations, ADA is a much bigger operation with a lot more variety. Both companies offer 6 & 6 or 8 & 4 tours. On the 8 & 4 you make about 25% more money. Neither company offeries much in the way of benifits. A number of pilots left ADA for Gulf but returned a short time later. They also have a web site: http://www.gulfhelicopters.com
  5. Thanks Cyclic M, I've always enjoyed reading the posts! One more thing about the money, the quote of 280-300/day is fairly accurate, however they have a monthly salary based system. In other words you get paid for your time off also. A pilot on 8 & 4 would make about 100g's, a year. They do have some requirement for pilots to do workovers (work on your time off) and they pay an extra time and a half. You also get a return ticket back home, or if you'd like to go traveling on your time off, you can get the equivalent to wherever you'd like to go. I haven't heard of anyone having trouble with Revenue Canada yet but with this new tax treaty who know's. Best to be careful, and try and set yourself up as a non resident.
  6. I just got back from there & I really enjoyed myself, the people there are great, the flying OK, pay is just reasonable, and the camp is what you make of it (they've had pilots show up and leave the next day...most canadians say they've lived in worse). You have no job security, and if you get really sick, well the company is self insured...you'll probably get a ticket home. They employee alot of pilots, about 120 or so, and about half are Canuks. Aircraft are well maintained, they work the 412's hard and still operate a few 212's and rumor has it that they will be getting the AB139. No work at the present for low timers, however if they have trouble getting qualified pilots they may go to low time co-joe's. Lots of other Canadians working over there also, doctors, nurses, teachers etc. If you work out of AD, you get alot of time off (they do night stand by without many call outs) so you can enjoy youself during the day. Some of the guys belong to some nice health clubs, great golf, some have bought cars and boats, and there's a good night life there with very nice resturants and good entertainment. Dubia is just an hour up the road, and it's a great city to have some fun. All in all in was a great experience but it's nice to be back in Canada. They have a web site www.adaviation.com
  7. mini, sounds like sour grapes, you don''t have a clue what these guys do. Flying a fat guy in a 61 is done once a year on a regular lightstation support trip. What about the sick and injured that are provide assistance, the small fishing boats in trouble that helped, support to the manned lighthouses is a large part of what they do and the 61 is a very efficient way of getting the job done. You must be aware that all the SAR helicopter are based in Comox....the CCG 61 is a very valuable SAR resource in a area that has little resources. The pilots and engineers with the ccg are all hard working and very dedicated individuals. Most come from private industry and over the years have helped to make changes to improve they way they operated. I was part of this organization a while back, and prior to that worked for private industry. It was there (private industry) that I saw a lot of inefficiencies, especially when it came to private industry supporting government. So mini back off the guys the fly the red and white. They are part of a team that trying to keep things safe for you mariners during very difficult and challenging times.
  8. Biggles: Can you help some of us occasional visitors about what this is all about.
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