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  1. I have to humbly apologize for accepting and spreading terrible misinformation. The Campbell 212 pilot lost at Slave Lake now turns out to be a Jean-Luc Deba of Montreal. I guess I should have known better, and I sincerely hope I haven't caused 'Jean Francois Philippe' or his family and friends unnecessary grief.

    Terry Jones

  2. Just as I suspected I have tapped into a wealth of industry experience with this site. I truly appreciate all of the feedback from you guys and I think I have found 2 operators that are 100 hr friendly. They have alot of tour operations in the summer and it seems like a decent way to get my feet wet within the industry. So I have one last section of this that requires some experienced input. I have been told 5 hrs is the minimum from the training school I attended for an endorsement and as little as 2 hrs from different operators with respect to the Jet Ranger that is. I was personaly thinkin
  3. I hear what you are saying Gambler and I have found a few of those "good deals" and they were trying to sell me on the ASTAR saying most Canadian operators are going with Eurocopter products. Having said all that even if it were true I have been around enough to know operators don't look at a 100 hr guy w an endorsement and say well "by all means take my million dollar machine and go for it because you have the paper. I was flirting with the idea of going to a company and offering to pay for my turbine endorsement and if they like the way I fly then consider me for hire and if I don't fit the
  4. What kind of price did they Quote you? and what is the outfit?
  5. Craig is in Abby with Chinook along with Valley's 47 "VHA" Chinook bought it in Jan.
  6. I am a new 100 hr pup looking to get my turbine endorsement and I have been told forget the Jet Ranger and get it on an ASTAR. Looking for an industry opinion on which way to go. Any help is much appreciated. Downwind Harry.
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