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  1. 10 minutes ago, Whitestone said:
    Covid is just the distraction, while we struggle with masks or not, vaxx or not, employment or not our elected officials and bureaucrats behind the curtain are quietly removing our private property rights, our right to travel, our right to assemble, banning protest, our ability to use cash money and bringing in digital id and digital currency and now seizing peoples bank accounts. TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT !  Until the people wake up and you impact the World Economic Forum affiliated politicians and big businesses that run government and are supporting and driving the lock downs, nothing is going to change.  The World Economic Forum, the United Nations UN Agenda 2030 and government controlled media are our biggest threats.  Covid is the mechanism by which they are destroying the middle class and private/mom and pop businesses.   Many of our government officials including Federal MP Chrystia Freeland, Conseritive Michelle 'Pronouns' Rempel, Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and BC Premier John Horgan (and i am sure there are many more) are affiliated with the World Economic Forum (you will own nothing and be happy). What little democracy we have left is in the process of being subverted.  Our elections are supposed to "feel" organic and grassroots but these people are groomed and then presented for us to "elect" and then they magically do the opposite of what we want them to do.
    All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.“   Edmund Burke
    [‚ÄúIf you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.‚ÄĚ]
    An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes.' - Sun Tzu
    IF this message resonates with you please share with others as i am shadow banned and can not make a direct comment. Thank you, Whitestone.

    Bang on!!!

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  2. 20 hours ago, Heliduck said:

    The vaccination was never sold to me by my doctor as being a prevention for catching CV19, it was sold as means of boosting my immunity so that if/when I did catch it I wouldn’t get seriously ill or require hospitalisation. It makes sense to me that the higher the percentage of the population who are vaccinated, the higher the percentage of people who catch CV19 will have received 1 or more doses. Regarding the insinuation that you’re more likely to die if you have been vaccinated, have a look at the age brackets for the deaths - the older you are the more likely it is that the disease will kill you, vaccinated or not. Underlying conditions kill most people, CV19 tips them over the edge & because they test positive they go into that bucket of statistics. Referring to the age brackets from 30 to 60 in the report you attached, the numbers are relatively low when compared to the 80+ age bracket, & in my short career I’ve never heard of a commercial helicopter pilot over 80 years old still flying so I guess there’ll still be quite a few of us in the seat. Personally I appreciate any hysteria regarding anti-vaxing/gov’t conspiracies, reduces the pilot pool & it’s driving up rates. 

    The jabs are NOT vaccines....they are mnRA injections that have never been given to humans.  AND:  they are ONLY Approved under a state of Emergency!

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  3. On 2/19/2022 at 11:40 AM, 412driver said:

    I remember when I started out..."shortage of pilots" they all said. That seems to be the meme of the industry as I've heard it for years. They never correct it by inserting the word "experienced". But that is not the point of this post. As I have gone through my contract negotiations for this year and speaking with other pilots I have come to realize that this will seriously show itself this year. Companies are and will be parking aircraft because they just cannot find experienced vaccinated pilots. My contract demands this year would have been scoffed at just a few years ago. Not this year. My advice, do not sell yourself short. The biggest influence of this problem of course is the vaccination requirements to fly. Me? I am triple vaxxed and I personally do not care if you are or are not. I really believe is your choice and I strongly support that choice. If anything, I say thanks to the anti-vaxxers. You have really helped my bottom line. It will get interesting this summer if it turns into a scorcher like last year...


    I wonder who will be flying next year?


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  4. 59 minutes ago, chopterlol said:

    John hopkins lists canada as having a 1.7% mortality rate. So 98%, sorry.


    Thats inline with my daily risk anaylsis matrix :)

    John Hopkins is a University....Universities get their money from Government .... Governments launder money for the Elite.     Mortality rate is Not survival rate!  I would love to see your daily risk analysis  matrix....would you please share?


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  5. 12 minutes ago, bigD said:

    What claim? No study needed. It’s a word get a dictionary. 

    So let me get this right....everyone in the world is suppose to wake up...reach over and grab a q-stick ( purchased by BIG Pharma ) and put it up their nose to see if they are  sick.  And then and only then you know you are sick.   This sounds like an infinite loop that you can't get out of...something someone who is trying to control you would tell you!!!

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  6. So let me get this right.....you do not know when you are sick? You don't know when you have a cold or the flu...you don't know when you have a sore tummy?    The only way you know you are sick is when a govenment tells you you are sick?   And they are going to do that with a q-tip sold to the government from Big Pharma that the Patent was applied for in November 2018 and granted in April 2019.....is that about  it??       And you are a Commercial Pilot???

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  7. On 9/27/2021 at 4:52 PM, GrayHorizons said:

    which is likely true....but do I know how I'm going to react? nope. 

    who knows i may have already had it, carried it, and spread it. I may have been asymptomatic.

    but at least I am not doing it willfully with neglect. I'm not being selfish. I'm taking precautions. It sure isn't affecting my life too terribly to do so. Actually it seems easy to wear a mask, wash my hands and avoid the filthy people around me. Getting vaccinated has been something I have done my whole life. I trust the scientists who make vaccines. 

    Maybe I will be on a ventilator with-in days. My crystal ball wont tell me how I will fare.

    My Mom is battling lung cancer.

    you can bet your *** I wont be putting her at risk.

    There's a high probability she wont fare well. She would likely be on a ventilator before i even get the call she's been taken to hospital.

    And she isn't the only one I wish to protect.

    Hows everyone else's Mom's doing? If I run into them at the grocery store, I'm happy I'm not going to willfully put them at unnecessary risk. 

    What about you guys??? does it make you feel weird I care about your family members as much as I care about mine?


  8. On 8/29/2021 at 8:39 PM, Lunchbox said:

    People don't realize how much our health-care system is screwed because of covid cases taking up spaces in ICUs. Nurses are quitting. They were under-staffed with a high burnout-rate before all this, and they're working under stupid conditions now. How many of us here would be willing to work (long-term) with no vacations/holidays and forced OT, all for something that is largely avoidable. Most provinces have had those emergency measures at some point. Alberta just went back to that because of rising hospitalizations and lack of staff. Some US states with low rates of vaccination are seeing ICUs over-flowing and eating into ER space. Your chances of secondary effects from the vaccine are lower than serious issues if you get covid. And what happens if you get into a serious accident or major health issue? Sorry, ICU/ER is full, so I guess it's tough luck for you?

    How much are we willing to f**k the health-care system and increase our taxes to pay for fixing the mess?

    Hospitals are not, and never have been overrun!!!    Remember, the World Health Organization declaired the Pandemic.  Who owns  the WHO .....Bill Gates and George Soros. Do you trust what Bill Gates says? 

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