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  1. Hello Tin Lizzie! Sorry about the delay, we just came across this thread and we found your comment. We thought it was a great opportunity for us to clarify certain aspects of our flight suits and flight jackets. We do have different collections. We have a regular Rotor Collection as well as a Fire Resistant Rotor Collection, which you can find online on our website. We even made an equivalent for EMS, also either fire resistant or not. Not every company we are working with needed nor asked for FR, so that’s why we created both versions. As for the collar, the Stand-up collar, which you refer to as “choke-u” has very specific reasons to be there. First, our diagonal zipper makes it more convenient to put the suit on and to remove it. Therefore, the Stand-up collar is the better option to make it as functional as possible. Also, when it came to the Fire Resistant, we made lots of research and found out that it was still the best option in terms of safety and protection. This collar always stays in its position and when it’s well adjusted, prevent air infiltration via the zipper, which is mandatory when it comes to fire protection. Yes, we offer a different design from the competition, but that’s because we want to offer you what we think is the very BEST! More so, we have a great production team that can offer customization of our products, based on your specific needs. Feel free to contact us! https://stephanh.com/ Toll-free: 1-844-400-2585 Email: [email protected]
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