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  1. shouldnt be any contaminants though. if that was the case, just go back to the course screen and regular compressor washes and deal with the expected erosion of the blades. Too much oil, should simply be too much oil.
  2. looking at the AMM, it doesn't appear you can do very much at all
  3. Dont worry about him. he's one of those posters who's angry and confused most of the time.
  4. so ghetto, yet so worth the effort. I like people who think outside the box
  5. I agree that there are far better aircraft out there such as the 145 that could service our military well above expectations. the problem is political though. With Bell and Quebec. how does anyone compete fairly with that?? The gig is up on SNC Lavelin, so bribery is out of the question.
  6. apparently it's slow in the aviation world of canada and some have nothing better to do.
  7. I would place a call to Heli Lynx. As fun and easy as emails are, some get caught in trash folders by no fault of the receiver.
  8. and how many in canada can secure that big forestry contract to be able to run a schedule? you have so many guys sitting and waiting for that phone to ring. Sometimes it doesn't ring. Dont get me wrong, I'm on a nice 3 and 3 rotation and would love it if everyone could have that, but I just see too much diversity in canada that it can be done across the board.
  9. when you talk of fixed wing companies having a schedule, are you talking an airline that runs flights on schedules? because thats a no brainer how that works. But they still have to make last minute decisions when maintenance or weather rears its ugly head and throws a kink into the system. Ive been burnt on westjet many times when the flights delayed because of weather, and then because the pilots duty day is done subsequently. I can only imagine the staff in the back ground scrambling to find replacements. If you mean on demand charter operations, good for them that they can run their staff through a reliable schedule and actually have a life outside of work. It would be a perfect world if we all could operate this way, but the reality of the industry is that it cant. Fires dont follow a timeline. Most contracts (daily work) are on demand. So to schedule someone on a specific rotation will likely have drawbacks of some sort. Pilot A may end up grounded for most of his two week tour because of weather, and Pilot B may be flying balls to the wall sun-up to sundown because he lucked out. I got stuck in the arctic for an extra 7 days once because of a storm that rolled through. Who do I blame for that one? So while you may solve one problem by running "X" week tours to the day, you can see the other problems that arise because of it. Its a hard thing for an industry that makes its money in a short period and can't control some of the variables like a scheduled flight fixed wing operation can. You really do need to love this industry to accept the pitfalls and stay in it.
  10. I'm almost certain some companies hire Human Resource personnel for the sole purpose of the companies benefit with labour laws. Not for the benefit of the employee. They know the law, and know the cost risks of a labour dispute claim, and usually know they will lose the fight, but will drag it on as long as possible in the hopes you drown in debt before they do and give up. There is very little repercussions for them when caught breaking the rules.
  11. Did I not read it was going to be at the south end of the airport? And one pic was showing them in a gravel pit, at the south end of the airport, still undeveloped? I know I was making assumptions, but is there anything else out there stating or showing otherwise?
  12. google maps are pretty up to date, and there appears to be zero new development at the airport.
  13. I suppose I could. But I better do it before the carbon tax kicks in and I have to declare bankruptcy and become homeless. I draw the line at one aircraft though. If the whole fleet is crap, we better put out a RFP and hope it goes to the highest bidder so that they can profit more off buying the lowest quality paint in the end. I just feel embarrassed for those that have to fly around in it.
  14. is there money in the budget to at least wax this thing? I'll gladly do it for free if its too much trouble.
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