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  1. for the convenience, there is a price for the ability to set up shop anywhere literally, does that even carry a price tag? When a contract stipulates you need to be local, guess who can be local now....anywhere... and by tomorrow anywhere else. from the maintenance side, I would love to see a portable cheaper smaller version that you assemble around a parked helicopter so you can work out of the weather, that to me would would be worth a look.
  2. theres a place for them. they can be an asset in certain circumstances. a liability in others theres some that are good at what they do. some not.
  3. not sure if you picked up on this article or not. give it a read if you didn't. the sour taste might get a little stronger https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/rcmp-used-private-pilots-in-manitoba-manhunt-raising-safety-concerns-1.4530674?cache=yes%3FclipId%3D375756%3FautoPlay%3Dtrue%3FautoPlay%3Dtrue
  4. no doubt the technology is improving and these things will enter use somewhere, but i'm not a believer that the current infrastructure can handle what anyone is dreaming of. I'm skeptical the infrastructure required can be accommodated in many of our current cities. this is a big dream, making them fly is one thing, making them work efficiently as touted is another.
  5. my guess is a former employee who couldnt cut the mustard and has an axe to grind. imagine not being able to excel higher than an imported worker with no skill. That would sure make me an angry former employee as well.
  6. my uncle had this happen one day later that night under the cover of darkness the swat team showed up sleep well. you're welcome
  7. well if thats not the most contradicting statement ever. i'm as confused now as ever
  8. Heizenberg, I guess he means they are operating a business their way...a way he disagrees with.
  9. I have no idea how long the process is to complete a bankruptcy, but for sure there is some confusion. anyone who can clarify ??
  10. any inspection interval you can increase in time saves you money.
  11. when you read the procedure for greasing the bearing at 150FH, it does indicate you are to inspect the seal lips. It also indicates inspecting the grease for defects such as metal particles. We are all doing our jobs right? while it doesn't say you have to remove the top cover.....its obvious this must be done to do so on a dual hyd B3, or a 355.
  12. shouldnt be any contaminants though. if that was the case, just go back to the course screen and regular compressor washes and deal with the expected erosion of the blades. Too much oil, should simply be too much oil.
  13. looking at the AMM, it doesn't appear you can do very much at all
  14. Dont worry about him. he's one of those posters who's angry and confused most of the time.
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