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  1. I dont think the surfers need any help being put in harms way...
  2. the only way to end problem pilot behavior is big fines and heavy enforcement. right now it seems they are handing out bigger fines to little johnny and his birthday gift drone, then they are giving to pilots for flying over people. I'm sure you drop more on lunch with the boys, then you would get fined for something like this. what happened when you got "caught" in PRNP last time? im not a Karen, nor am I a snowflake, but i personally think the skirt thing is a bigger dick move than flying over some Truedope surfers. let us know what happens.
  3. the footage from the drone of the collision would be interesting to see.
  4. im trying to wrap my head around what they are saying... semi autonomous mode ? pilot punched in manual commands? the helicopter software did not recognize the pilot's instructions and chose to ignore them ? what kind of AFCS design is this? or better yet, what kind of double speak are they trying to sell us?
  5. I googled this..."retired Colonel and former SeaKing pilot as well as the former Commanding Officer of 423 squadron" and came up with this. I hope its the article he refers to. https://www.capebretonpost.com/news/local/expert-cyclone-pilot-likely-tried-to-correct-problem-chopper-didnt-respond-460621/
  6. https://ca.indeed.com/jobs?q=drone pilot&l=Canada&vjk=5b26e3929a9328c6
  7. do these "leaks" leaks hurt the reputation of the military? or do they put the lying CO, or the MP who speaks for them, in a precarious position about transparency? IMHO, its obvious who is hurting the reputation. and it's not the witness' or the retired guys. Sajjan needs to go.
  8. "the aircraft did not respond as the crew would have anticipated" is this information recovered from the voice and data recorders? if it is, they should be clear on that. if it's an assumption, then they shouldn't be publishing that, because its not fact. but it follows the typical form of information release, misleading and redirecting.
  9. "I do love me a backyard bbq fight but in the right setting" and its awesome when grandpa wants to get in on it and settle a score with that one son in law who thinks he's all that and more.
  10. you're not obligated to share my thoughts at all, and if you wish to call it arm-chairing, go right ahead. I call it speculation, and I welcome all ideas, thoughts and opinions. life is about that mysterious crystal ball, everyone wants answers immediately, yet the bureaucracy drags it on much longer than it needs to be. my comment is more about the lack of transparency from day 1 that makes things seems like their is an obvious cause, and the powers to be are stalling and deflecting. I really doubt the TSB is investigating this one, and that likely means we wont get a detailed investigation report, just redacted fluff the military puts out after the Minister of said military edits out the things that make them look bad. you're free to disagree. I'm no less professional than you.
  11. i remember the airshow circuit the 412 Pilots would be pumped up by the announcer....Captain Bob is Piloting with 20 years service and a whopping 1500hrs total time which probably included their air cadet flight time. same with the F18 drivers....many many years in service and low hours compared to what we are used to in the commercial end. they really made it sound like they had this impressive resume. I've been following articles on this story, and because they seem to not be very transparent about the whole story, it makes me wonder if the request was made to buzz the tower, and it all went awry.
  12. "Okanagan et al were assimilated by Canadian at the time, which then split, sold, rebranded, resold, rebranded and resold and renamed to the mess it is today" Im not even sure what they call themselves now....lol
  13. if Blackmac was a company, the discussion would end. Dirt calls him Dad, and he named all the dinosaurs himself.
  14. 6 pages since wednesday? what is going on here??? go for a bathroom break and theres a whole new page of stuff.
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