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  1. GrayHorizons

    B3e tail rotor spider assembly

    let us know if the TRGB gets sent out for overhaul too. I suspect it likely will require it for wear on the shaft. If I was you, I'd wander over and look at it yourself when the spider gets removed....I bet you're mechanic wont want you to see what he said would be fine for another 50-70hrs.
  2. GrayHorizons

    B3e tail rotor spider assembly

    you need to change the split bush slider bushings in a bad bad way. 350A33-2122-21 might as well change the scraper seals too AUAS40-50-5-8 keep flying like that and you're through the chrome on the tail rotor output shaft and it'll have to be replaced too.... mucho more dollars for that.
  3. GrayHorizons

    406 instead of a 505

    Heliian....you've been around long enough, don't surmise anything when it comes to the french. 😜
  4. GrayHorizons

    406 instead of a 505

    I browsed the Civil Register, and only saw maybe a half dozen that werent registered to Bell. and even then, it seems like some of them were only registered to be re-sold judging by the registered owner. Its evidently clear that the sales in Canada are sluggish. Depending who you talk to, they are gold, or bronze on the podium. I'm one of the naysayers. I cant stand how it looks and therefore totally ignore the performance numbers. I really want nothing to do with them until I'm at the stage in my career where I dont have the choice. then I'll bite my tongue and become a supporter. Sheepishly dragging my toolbox into the hanger and putting on a fake smile. Had a "406" version been offered, I likely would have be more impressed and interested. With no military add-ons, that thing would have been a stump puller for sure.
  5. GrayHorizons

    Astar MRG and TRG oil

    I just googled it, because google is never wrong. and the page lists operation down to -40C https://www.mobil.com/english-us/aviation/pds/glxxmobil-jet-oil-254
  6. https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1597814
  7. GrayHorizons

    Bell 206 N2 governor - static droop?

    Ah yes, the lag...I forgot that happens in the beginning
  8. GrayHorizons

    Bell 206 N2 governor - static droop?

    What happened? The Pprune thread you started there 5 days ago didnt answer the question either? https://www.pprune.org/rotorheads/617438-bendix-fcu-gov-fundamental-question.html
  9. GrayHorizons

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    oh look, Reapers twin troll has decided to pipe in again.
  10. GrayHorizons

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    I actually enjoyed my times in Rainbow. I wouldnt cry like a princess pilot if I had to do it again
  11. GrayHorizons

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    Shouldnt be on there at all once they get your resume in hand. You'll be hired on the spot
  12. GrayHorizons

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

  13. GrayHorizons


    I'm damaged. I'll never be the same.
  14. GrayHorizons


    Here I thought some fresh life was brought to Vertical Forums to start of 2019 ...turns out it was just alot of spam from mymco74 dredging up 7-8yr old posts. how much of a let down is that? mymco74, you have officially destroyed the year 2019 for me.
  15. GrayHorizons

    New Fatigue Regulations

    Can you imagine a graph that took every item of interest into account to display the data? I'm not sure theres enough colors in the spectrum to make all the lines. When you see companies requiring minimum hours as per demand from their insurance companies, you know someone was logging that data. Mr Insurance has. I know as I get older, I know when to pull the pin and be in bed by 8pm. Instead of burning the candle at both ends and staying up to 9.