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  1. positive re-enforcement works like a charm. and you should be thankful, sometimes those knots are complicated for a driver. a beer is a cheap reward I'd do it for a Lucky.
  2. I'll just leave this here. https://www.publicrelationscanada.com/post/helicopter-crashes-on-departure-at-langley-regional-airport-exclusive https://vancouversun.com/news/staff-blogs/real-scoop-star-canuck-unwittingly-takes-ride-with-convicted-smuggler should get Telefilm Canada to make a movie on this. It has all the drama for a prime time show on CBC
  3. user names are as unique as each and every one of us. I personally dont need to see your name posted in your user name or as a signature. The element of mystery over who "Goose" is, offers the user some intrigue. however, i do believe proper credentials need to be used to get a membership. the reason why, is that this industry is full of back stabbers. always will be. guys willing to trash you on these pages and outside in the field. proper ID will keep out some of the riff raff, fake profiles etc. every one of us still needs the ability to protect our interests and ourselv
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/engineer-remembered-nunavut-helicopter-crash-1.6009468
  5. when you dig deeper into some of the occupation classifications, forestry work is higher classed than air transportation work, but still under anything medical. for mechanics, there are classifications similar depending on what you do specifically as well. but it's all subjective to interpretation, and who do you approach to get approval? Who do you petition to get the shot ahead of the cue? Is your doctor your best best to approach?? Not to turn this into a political thread, but Trudope is a failure, and unfortunately his followers voted him in for his hair. He's not qual
  6. when i heard about it yesterday about an hour and a half after the accident, the guys i was with were getting info there was some really nasty sounds happening. I dont have any 212 experience myself, but years back Canadian had one go through a tail rotor output quill failure with similar results.
  7. i stopped looking at CADORS because it changed the way it reported things. I dont care about missed approaches. but i did care about sudden engine failures. What I did notice in the past, was certain regions had way more reporting than others. was it because of reporting procedures being followed more closely? was it because they were bored and nothing better to do? was it because the guys in the towers are angry little men over their career choices? who knows really. but my main purpose was finding out preliminary facts about an incident, to be proactive. I gain mo
  8. this was rough. Dont know how we survived. January 2021....hanger doors open....the madness.
  9. restricted, or private helipads. Google taught me that. I'm not that smart to know that on my own.
  10. "crapping in a plastic bucket at -40 in the Arctic sucks too." this task alone should get you another $20 per hour for that tour.
  11. lots of places to get paint done....i guess the question is, how busy are they, and how much prep work do you need? and the best question of all, is how good will the end product look?
  12. it does, but its limited at best. its not the cadors of the past. i think companies can petition the publishing of their oopsies now. this is the reg details of his aircraft. RIP and hope the other kids get the support they need https://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/CCARCS-RIACC/ADetHis.aspx?id=1399028&rfr=RchHsRes.aspx?st=2&m=||&cn=||&mn=|R44|&sn=||&cnn=|BAR 71|&tn=||&ln=||&fn=||&rfr2=RchHs.aspx
  13. "I think I'll just let some of you be the lab rats and I'll sit back for a few months and watch." like you have the option to decide. you're likely months down the road in getting it just like every other common citizen.
  14. this kit has the option tailboom folding hardware as well.
  15. troll or not, everyone starts on a forum at some point. paint doesnt help you fly either FYI specifically are you referring to the finish paint? like whether its a pretty blue helicopter, or a bad *** black one? I personally have a soft spot for yellow ones. Its all covered in the aircraft manufacturers documents. I dont feel that TC needs to micro manage the color you paint your helicopter as long as you follow the manufacturers recommendations for initial application and repairs during its life. Airbus specifies all of this in the MTC's. TC has already approved the aircraft f
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