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  1. the same amount I would for hiding under the house during a thunderstorm. while there is a risk of getting "hit by lightening" its a very rare occurrence. Sorry about your friends predicament. Is there an evidence trail that the two are linked, or is this just an anecdotal connection made with an anti vax slant to it? so if those people scared of the vaccine are also hiding during a thunderstorm, i'll give them a hall pass for now. otherwise, educate yourself. there's a lot of accurate information out there now, versus what was available lets say in Feb 2021.
  2. can anyone here, claim to have expertise in managing hospitals? at all? Simple question...does anyone want to die early? does anyone want their friends, family or enemies to die early? No, then the answer is simple. do your part. if the answer is yes....you're a true moron. I'll concede that many people will go through covid with a barely noticeable effect, however, none of us have that crystal ball to know who will suffer the direst consequences. could be you. could be me. for that reason alone, i do my part.
  3. No, again....I hate to repeat myself...it was done for your benefit. Your benefit. b,e,n,e,f,i,t.....bene...fit....try it, use it in a sentence please.
  4. yeah i get that. but im also noting that while canada's population is about 3 times bigger, we are also alot more spread out. the geographic density would mean much more transmissibility
  5. it wasnt for me...i pointed it out in case you needed it, or any other people that didnt quite make it through their GED. sorry you're so slow....it was the word "percentile".....p,e,r,c,e,n,t,i,l,e.........per...cen....tile......
  6. i like that website...but so much information and easily get lost. i did find this map thing though.
  7. thankfully I am in the higher percentile. use google and a dictionary if you need help with that big word.
  8. the just joking defence....classic, and not a surprise for a worm like you. read this article, amuse yourself or whatever it is you do. "An adult who uses the just joking defense no longer is testing boundaries but is attempting to escape punishment for crossing them." https://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/mama-phd/just-joking-defense
  9. all I can say, when reading peoples posts (not just on this forum either), it really lets people know the education level of the poster and who they are as a person.
  10. can you tell us exactly what a zero vax rate would get us?
  11. oh boy. do you feel any sort of embarrassment posting that? any at all??
  12. it is quite possible. i'm sure there have been numerous mislabelled causes of death as well. But thats not something I can argue, i am not a doctor or a coroner with a medical background to question causes of death on the certificates or diagnosis of sickness'. Out of my lane to be honest. As for the division of the people in Canada that we once got along with, friends, family and co-workers, its a sad state of affairs how we all look at going for the throat of everyone around us we don't agree with. we used to only argue about which companies had the best equip
  13. where did the flu and cold go?? well, apparently, washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing does work......
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