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  1. troll or not, everyone starts on a forum at some point. paint doesnt help you fly either FYI specifically are you referring to the finish paint? like whether its a pretty blue helicopter, or a bad *** black one? I personally have a soft spot for yellow ones. Its all covered in the aircraft manufacturers documents. I dont feel that TC needs to micro manage the color you paint your helicopter as long as you follow the manufacturers recommendations for initial application and repairs during its life. Airbus specifies all of this in the MTC's. TC has already approved the aircraft for flight in Canada, regardless of the paint scheme. I am pretty sure all aircraft take their first flights in primer only. I'm making an assumption this is how they are birthed and certified. I dont know that process, so I'm just guessing if your talking about rotor blades or components paint most of that is also covered in the manufacturers documents as well Maybe you have severe OCD and the paint chips are bothering you? Talk to your maintenance staff and let them get our a brush and touch it up till you're satisfied?? so then, can you elaborate on what your beef with TC and the connection to the paint is? you can leave the bottle on the table for awhile while you find your words of you need to.
  2. FWIW their 412 is working the fire in penticton
  3. I drove through Dryden today. I'd rather move there than High Level.
  4. ive had my own company for 5 years now. its a constant learning experience...just wish I had a more personable accountant. someone who could help me more.
  5. this could apply to any company at the moment across the country.
  6. ive heard, but i have nothing to confirm.
  7. i'd change that air duct and zip tie while you're at it too
  8. i see the benefits of attacking a fire when its in its decay stage, cooling at night and slowing in its progression, compared to the heat of the day where it aggressively expands and grows and you watch from staging as there is no amount of water available to keep those BTU's under control. but i also see the higher risk. Approached properly with the right plan, I think Talon is leading the way on this, it will be a good thing even if it is only one tool in the tool chest to be used against a fire. taking a manageable risk and using it to your advantage is something people in aviation do every day with innovation. if we took the omg thats dangerous line of thinking on everything, we may as well just park all our helicopters and walk away.
  9. the only way to rid this country of trudope is to ban women from voting. they vote based on this : not actually on anything worthy of running a country
  10. I dont think the surfers need any help being put in harms way...
  11. the only way to end problem pilot behavior is big fines and heavy enforcement. right now it seems they are handing out bigger fines to little johnny and his birthday gift drone, then they are giving to pilots for flying over people. I'm sure you drop more on lunch with the boys, then you would get fined for something like this. what happened when you got "caught" in PRNP last time? im not a Karen, nor am I a snowflake, but i personally think the skirt thing is a bigger dick move than flying over some Truedope surfers. let us know what happens.
  12. the footage from the drone of the collision would be interesting to see.
  13. im trying to wrap my head around what they are saying... semi autonomous mode ? pilot punched in manual commands? the helicopter software did not recognize the pilot's instructions and chose to ignore them ? what kind of AFCS design is this? or better yet, what kind of double speak are they trying to sell us?
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