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  1. The company was closing the base I was the base engineer at. The dangling carrot was the offer to transfer to numerous bases within the company roster. The southern BC bases were listed as were some northern shitholes. I knew the BC bases would be in high demand so I wasted no time in offering my interest. I told them I wanted x base in BC. Nope taken. what about y base? Nope taken as well. How about z base? Nope just offered that to so and so. So what you're telling me is that #### hole A, B and C are the only ones available? Yep. K, gotcha. went and p
  2. everyone has a voice, everyone has an opinion. not always shared by others, but everyone has a right to have theirs. With that being said, it is correct that this thread has run its course. there's no middle ground that can be found here. it's as polarizing as oil and water and always will be. While i hate seeing threads being closed because it takes away people voices...I can see why this one needs to be neutered. Its going nowhere. but if this is closed...another will replace it. I purposely stayed out of it, because arguing about this topic does no good whatsoever....I've been the
  3. ran through once, and i say close. if i do it a second time, i'm sure the frustration will start, then i'll have to do it a third, fourth and fifth time to verify
  4. Global is bad for that. So are other news outlets instead of putting related links to the side or the bottom of the page, they plunk them right in the middle. if you're not paying attention, its easy to not notice. They need to up their game to prevent misinformation or confusion
  5. now...how did i have a hunch you were into the sauce??? LOL
  6. please? its to confirm I read the same as you, or otherwise. its not a complicated request. I get its easier to take the tough guy stance, but i'll put you on the spot again. your call.
  7. did you read the whole thing and comprehend it all?
  8. that's your best response? you're really starting the slow slide downward. You've lost your edge. I'm actually bummed at that feeble attempt. Do better next time. Two thumbs down. 👎👎 While we are on topic of pointless, I'll ask you a directly pointed question...did you get the shots? A simple yes or no will suffice.
  9. I guess you don't know Winnie and his connections. Makes your stupid Spaceballs video pointless
  10. Great story bro, but reading his opening monologue leaves a lot to ponder about the truth to his story.
  11. tick tock, the time is nearing. I assume some of you will feel I am stirring the pot, but I am genuinely interested in the response. I respect the matter of personal choice when linked with accurate education. As the mandates approach for vax status, its do or die for some people as far as employment goes. Whats your plan? roll over and take it? lose your job? or at least suspend it for awhile to re-group? Are any of you going to fight it? take it to human rights? board of labor or anything? do you think you will be successful? How many earlier in the thread, who were
  12. not sure if its my dark sense of humor, but i took the bob and wade names as bad water jokes and felt they were far to soon....but if Bob and Wade were both legitimate names of concern, I apologise for my early morning assumptions. I knew the name a little while ago, but have never known or worked with the guy. Heard he was high time and a good guy, which seems to be all too common RIP and condolences to the family
  13. without a picture of "that" helicopter, not many on here could help, unless they were there protesting themselves. Anyone directly associated with the company might be a supporter, and good luck getting anyone to turn on their own.
  14. "You either didn't listen to the interview or you didn't understand what he was saying. He said that there were now three studies in the States that showed that our natural immunity recognized the covid virus and produced a natural reaction after a few days not four weeks. He also explained that the vax now will attack your own blood vessel cells (which causes the clotting). " I picked up some of that, but it was hard to listen to him in his sub par english and long pauses while the gears turned in his head while he made sure to stick to the narrative he was trying to preach. Non
  15. I have never felt "coercion, manipulation, gaslighting, 24/7 advertising, fear mongering , silencing of dissenting opinions and experts, slandering of alternative options , tons of questionable incentives and indemnification from liability" expept from the anti vaxxer crowd. who does all of their research on your tube
  16. the IGM, taking 4 weeks the first time, is 24 days too late for some people.....
  17. its a little outdated. "Posted: Mar 29, 2021 1:45 PM"
  18. Tuition is the primary source of income for Universities....
  19. really? you're going to keep changing the narrative of your comments to keep trying to troll me? First you say lashing, then you say stupid....whats your next direction?
  20. sorry, i didnt mean to come off so harshly to you. I hope you'll be ok.
  21. I know the 99% isnt the true number, but thats not what I'm going to query you about. Why do you think it is such a favorable number? why do you think "99%" survive? do you think that any of the steps taken to this date have improved or maintained the survivability? where do you think the world would be if this virus was left to itself with no attempt to slow it down? Should we try that? do you think that's a good idea? there's many steps and variables....please feel free to open your mind to them.
  22. not everyone obviously. This guy doesnt need a q-tip
  23. which is likely true....but do I know how I'm going to react? nope. who knows i may have already had it, carried it, and spread it. I may have been asymptomatic. but at least I am not doing it willfully with neglect. I'm not being selfish. I'm taking precautions. It sure isn't affecting my life too terribly to do so. Actually it seems easy to wear a mask, wash my hands and avoid the filthy people around me. Getting vaccinated has been something I have done my whole life. I trust the scientists who make vaccines. Maybe I will be on a ventilator with-in days. My crystal ball won
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