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  1. you're not obligated to share my thoughts at all, and if you wish to call it arm-chairing, go right ahead. I call it speculation, and I welcome all ideas, thoughts and opinions. life is about that mysterious crystal ball, everyone wants answers immediately, yet the bureaucracy drags it on much longer than it needs to be. my comment is more about the lack of transparency from day 1 that makes things seems like their is an obvious cause, and the powers to be are stalling and deflecting. I really doubt the TSB is investigating this one, and that likely means we wont get a detailed investigation report, just redacted fluff the military puts out after the Minister of said military edits out the things that make them look bad. you're free to disagree. I'm no less professional than you.
  2. i remember the airshow circuit the 412 Pilots would be pumped up by the announcer....Captain Bob is Piloting with 20 years service and a whopping 1500hrs total time which probably included their air cadet flight time. same with the F18 drivers....many many years in service and low hours compared to what we are used to in the commercial end. they really made it sound like they had this impressive resume. I've been following articles on this story, and because they seem to not be very transparent about the whole story, it makes me wonder if the request was made to buzz the tower, and it all went awry.
  3. "Okanagan et al were assimilated by Canadian at the time, which then split, sold, rebranded, resold, rebranded and resold and renamed to the mess it is today" Im not even sure what they call themselves now....lol
  4. if Blackmac was a company, the discussion would end. Dirt calls him Dad, and he named all the dinosaurs himself.
  5. 6 pages since wednesday? what is going on here??? go for a bathroom break and theres a whole new page of stuff.
  6. nooo, dont feel that way, you actually brought some life to the pages for a change. the last time that happened was a month or more ago when we had members wanting to fight people at a BBQ and I honestly cant remember why. I just wanted a prime cheeseburger fresh off the grill.
  7. only high achievers worry about that first capitol. I'm seriously going to go out of my way now to make sure I avoid the use of capitols all together just for your benefit Simps. I might even forego all punctuation and grammar as well
  8. well simpleton, since you are like a cancerous tumor, it is hard to miss when you post. to say you're the first thing on my mind is a stretch though considering the post was made about 9pm last night. you actually were one of the last things i expected to encounter yesterday. I actually would choose a bout of covid 19 instead of interacting with you. today though, a different story, I came here specifically to see what you could come up with as a response. You didn't let me down. It was actually quite good.
  9. if you reached higher than your ballsack on any given day we would be impressed.
  10. "I'd rather get Covis" I know you mean this sarcastically, but no you dont.
  11. one thing i have learned, which you clearly havent, is that this forum, is not, nor ever will be a place for change. Highly doubt you would agree my view is intelligent or not. you wont find me here offering solutions. it's pointless. and if I did try and rally the troops, i would clearly not insult them at the same time.
  12. I generally agree with alot of things Blackmac says....then his crusty ol' fart emerges with comments like this which chap my ***... "As usual moan and groan, sit on your ARSE and do nothing." How do you assume no one is doing anything?? perhaps leave out the parting shots and more people would jump on board. The death of that not to be spoken about association was because of this very reason.
  13. I seriously did not know there were this many in Canada....hmmm....learn something new every day. C-FFCL Aerospatiale AS 332L 2099 Horizon Helicopters Ltd. 2020-01-02 C-FPUK Aerospatiale AS332L1 2319 Helicarrier Inc. 2020-01-20 C-FPUM Aerospatiale AS 332L 2168 Helicarrier Inc. 2020-01-16 C-FRGB Aerospatiale AS332L1 2317 Coldstream Helicopters Ltd 2019-06-13 C-GRGD Aerospatiale AS332L1 2312 Coldstream Helicopters Ltd 2020-02-28 C-GRGJ Aerospatiale AS 332L 2075 Coldstream Helicopters Ltd 2020-02-13 C-GVCS Aerospatiale AS 332L 2058 Coldstream Helicopters Ltd 2020-03-04
  14. "the wife wants to move to YellowKnife or even Nunavut she was looking at life in Ranken Inlet and Iqaluit and wants to go now" Be honest, how much had she been drinking when she said that?🥂
  15. Not that I wear flightsuits, but I have worn plenty of coveralls. they are, lets say...not very flattering. Long torso, short limbs...the crotch about knee height. Awesome. I envy Pilots with fitted flight suits because you easily fit that Top Gun persona. While maintenance staff looks like a mass murderer on a day pass. A two piece would be more flexible for wearing in several ways. But my only concern would be in an accident with a fire, if it would stay covering all of you and help prevent those burns. Something to keep in mind.
  16. from one extreme to the other. (i hope everyone knows this is your laying on the couch after feasting on too much turkey voice and you probably have cramps) the real truth lies in the middle somewhere. The extremes balance out. There's some terrible operations, some amazing ones too, and a whole lot in the middle that make up the backbone of a great industry most of us enjoy. (most is emphasized)
  17. if you're one of those guys and the shoe fits....
  18. 23...pages...of...spam....I guess we know the moderating staff is on vacation, and the spammers are working overtime this holiday. Merry Christmas to everyone who possibly finds my post hidden in the middle of the spam tsunami.
  19. if you're insulted by my comment than it did what it was supposed to. I aim to call out anyone if the shoe fits. as much as you believe your opinion matters, so does mine. but in all honestly i wasn't directing my comments at you so take your fragility and chill. I have no problem if someone points out the positive and negative aspects that separate the fixed wing and rotary worlds, thats a fair discussion. it gets very old very fast listening to the same old posts about people saying the industry sucks. its exactly what you make it out to be. some guys want it to suck, they try very hard to make it suck...for everyone. They are a cancer to the industry, there is no arguing that. They are the ones that should have turned right, instead of left and taken a different career path. carry on.
  20. Since i've been in this industry over 30yrs, I know that there are many views on whats good and whats bad. and i especially get a kick out of the replies in here. please take them for what they are.... their experience. your experience will be different depending on how you approach the situations laid before you. I encourage you to chase your dreams, be prepared to fall, or to soar. No one can determine your outcome or direction except yourself. And remember, some guys are so protective of their feeble careers they will try to steer you astray for their own protection.
  21. Simpleton and his roofies. the only way to get someone to spend anytime near him.
  22. and you guys are??? scientists?? I think not. so that means you're getting your info from a source. is your source reputable? could your source perhaps be wrong? could it be from the manufacturer of the product that cares about as much as you as cigarette manufacturers do? What I am saying is, there is an unknown, there is a discrepancy with data, and it's not all cut and dry. I'm glad you have no qualms about using the product. fill your boots. Others have not been so fortunate, and they have a right to challenge this as much as you have a right to say, "meh, i'm not dead yet"
  23. Ok Simps, post #2, Post #5, Post 8,9, 11 and 16, Post 18 and post 20....all yours. Not a single one on the topic that offers any value at all. dead air to be honest. Whether or not the rest of us have been on topic is moot point because you're such an insensitive jerk, you need to be put in your lane. The original link offers a side of the story regarding roundup. those who have been exposed to it, can watch it play out, or ignore it. If it doesn't affect you, why are you even here offering a comment? I know lots of people who have used roundup, me too. I know some of them have / had cancer. One day, that may be me too. So I have vested interest in the outcome, whether roundup is found to be the cause or not, I'm not the scientist here. I have to pay attention to those who are. No one who is fighting any cancer that may be linked to its use, deserves a comment of "yawn" from your pathetic being. now, can you kindly stop being an insensitive jerk and trying to blame everyone else for it. we arent the problem
  24. no ones riled up. you're stirring of the pot is a pathetic attempt at best. go home little boy
  25. I rest my case, you have nothing to add about the topic at hand. at best you tried to deflect the conversation to something else totally unrelated.
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