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  1. although late to the party at times, i suppose we can at least thank you for the effort.👍
  2. what? the self described rotary god doesn't have the crystal ball answer?? you let us all down. #fail
  3. I think I was a better cowboy than an "indian". But we cant even use that term anymore either. I'm the type of person who believes in evolving. we all do it in one way or another. Life is about making mistakes and correcting them. it's who we correct them for that becomes a problem. People make careers out of being hurt by someone or something all the time, we dont need to apologize to every butt hurt person out there. They need to grow as people as well. My thoughts on Trudeau, I agree with the hypocrisy he exudes, the virtue signalling is nauseating. On top of that he's a terrible prime minister. The Liberals stand a better chance without him at the helm. Unfortunately you can still see how he controls his liberal politicians, they all spew forth the worst *** kissing in the media after this story broke that makes me want to vomit. Voting in Canada can be compared to our industry because, no matter who you work (vote) for, no one is perfect.
  4. As long as it isn't a yearbook photo like Justin Trudope recently released
  5. you said cheaper...I'm totally hooked now cuz i'm all about cheap....how much will it cost me compared to my usual cab ride that is 40km one way? lets not get into poor weather scenarios at this point, as there are too many to discuss, but if its a well accepted fact that drones will be our new mode of transport, someone must have an idea on cost for my 40km trip.
  6. follow the manual for the procedure to "change" oil types in chapter 12. it involves running, flushing and filter servicing.
  7. disrespecting the wife? disrespecting you? wow.
  8. for the convenience, there is a price for the ability to set up shop anywhere literally, does that even carry a price tag? When a contract stipulates you need to be local, guess who can be local now....anywhere... and by tomorrow anywhere else. from the maintenance side, I would love to see a portable cheaper smaller version that you assemble around a parked helicopter so you can work out of the weather, that to me would would be worth a look.
  9. theres a place for them. they can be an asset in certain circumstances. a liability in others theres some that are good at what they do. some not.
  10. not sure if you picked up on this article or not. give it a read if you didn't. the sour taste might get a little stronger https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/rcmp-used-private-pilots-in-manitoba-manhunt-raising-safety-concerns-1.4530674?cache=yes%3FclipId%3D375756%3FautoPlay%3Dtrue%3FautoPlay%3Dtrue
  11. no doubt the technology is improving and these things will enter use somewhere, but i'm not a believer that the current infrastructure can handle what anyone is dreaming of. I'm skeptical the infrastructure required can be accommodated in many of our current cities. this is a big dream, making them fly is one thing, making them work efficiently as touted is another.
  12. my uncle had this happen one day later that night under the cover of darkness the swat team showed up sleep well. you're welcome
  13. I have no idea how long the process is to complete a bankruptcy, but for sure there is some confusion. anyone who can clarify ??
  14. any inspection interval you can increase in time saves you money.
  15. when you read the procedure for greasing the bearing at 150FH, it does indicate you are to inspect the seal lips. It also indicates inspecting the grease for defects such as metal particles. We are all doing our jobs right? while it doesn't say you have to remove the top cover.....its obvious this must be done to do so on a dual hyd B3, or a 355.
  16. shouldnt be any contaminants though. if that was the case, just go back to the course screen and regular compressor washes and deal with the expected erosion of the blades. Too much oil, should simply be too much oil.
  17. looking at the AMM, it doesn't appear you can do very much at all
  18. Dont worry about him. he's one of those posters who's angry and confused most of the time.
  19. so ghetto, yet so worth the effort. I like people who think outside the box
  20. I agree that there are far better aircraft out there such as the 145 that could service our military well above expectations. the problem is political though. With Bell and Quebec. how does anyone compete fairly with that?? The gig is up on SNC Lavelin, so bribery is out of the question.
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