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  1. I suppose I could. But I better do it before the carbon tax kicks in and I have to declare bankruptcy and become homeless. I draw the line at one aircraft though. If the whole fleet is crap, we better put out a RFP and hope it goes to the highest bidder so that they can profit more off buying the lowest quality paint in the end. I just feel embarrassed for those that have to fly around in it.
  2. is there money in the budget to at least wax this thing? I'll gladly do it for free if its too much trouble.
  3. https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=219762
  4. you have to love a clientele that takes a near death experience and puts it behind them and goes right back at it. Skiers pay alot of money, they sure dont want to lose that vertical footage.
  5. I'm a cheerleader? mmmmk. Rah Rah Rah...Gooooooo Team!!!!!!
  6. This statement below from Blackmac is what I agree with. And with my opinion that Ornge is run poorly and not with fiscal responsibility in mind of the taxpayer, thats where I have issues. Whether my data is right or wrong, or my opinion is different from others, there hasnt been much fact checking by those who disagree in an attempt to soothe my opinion. Theres alot of posturing though. Mostly by the ones employed by the company I critique. And thats expected, but it also makes these people biased. I'm not biased, I'm not working for a company who would want this contract. I'm just a shareholder as an ontario taxpayer who wants my money spent wisely. As I've said before, as long as the cost justifies the end product, I'm willing to pay up and man up. But I still dont see that as the case here. Open the process, remove the sole sourcing of Ornge, and let the bidding process begin. It will either win, or fail but at least the options were explored. "The only time any Canadian government should be taking work away from the private sector is when it's established that the private sector is unable to provide the service, after due diligence, on the part of the government procurement section, having produced a statement of requirement issued by whatever department."
  7. in 2016, the date of that document, you're saying those are CHL supplied numbers???
  8. https://www.ornge.ca/Media/Ornge/Documents/Governance/Compensation/2016-NM-Salary-Disclosure-List.pdf
  9. that was close https://www.wkbw.com/news/local-news/video-close-call-for-one-helicopter-flying-over-niagara-falls
  10. I also believe with an RFP, there has to be an independent review of some sort especially with government contracts. They themselves cited high fuel costs and complexity of the aircraft as reasons to consider other aircraft. Fuel hasnt gotten cheaper and the only saving grace is the engineers learn over time. If the RFP is completely done in house, it lends fact that it can remain biased and in this case to protect the shady choices and the people involved to begin with. There's no doubt more high profile people were involved than just Mazza. They had their fall guy, no need to let more heads roll. Imagine the further embarassment, as they are trying to recover from all the previous bruhaha under Mazza that the best choice actually wasn't their first choice with the 139. We all know the purchase went to Agusta because of the kickbacks and whatnot. No wonder other aircraft weren't considered. The other manufacturers wouldn't play ball. Be a hard pill to swallow to admit further defeat.
  11. does it bring better service for the money paid? then bring it on. BTW - whatever happened to the 7 million dollar man was a long time coming, and he never should have made that salary to begin with. you cannot argue that fact. So in essence, to stop the bleeding, the arm had to be cut off. Consider how many more years that leach could have run the company and stole taxpayers money compared to the final payout that stopped it. I would like to see where the 200 million quote came from, can you offer a link?
  12. these guys have said it already, cost is no object and the orange budget is minuscule compared to the whole medical budget, so who cares at this point. That attitude is probably why I'm critical of Ornge. I have no problem paying more for a service that actually delivers and is run in a cost effective manner. Too many government entities don't fit that category This is my beef. I dont feel it is the best bang for my buck. When I call a taxi, would I be happy to have a Greyhound show up and bill me double or triple of what i expected? would anyone be happy about that? So I vote for better coverage with more aircraft that cost less to run individually. including managing out of control wages. Who wants to be the one, or have a family member who gets declined because the limited fleet is busy? I'd rather see a smaller twins dotted in every major city across the whole province than some oversized cadillac model in only a few. Thats money well spent if its managed right. thats not selfish of me is it? Its not for me to decide this though. So I hope our government see's this too and adds this to their list of things to clean up. Its why I voted for them.
  13. the question was about the high volume area and pouplation of southern ontario. Yeah I'm quite aware of how big Ontario is. Whats the population and requirement for trauma patients up there? dont dazzle me with numbers for patient taxi services either.
  14. you could always offer the facts, or the correction of the things I get wrong. That is if you know them. I'm not an arrogant *** who thinks my opinion is the only one out there. Opinions are based an what a person knows at the time. and surprisingly enough are always debatable. So go ahead, I'll wait.
  15. Ornge got new ground ambulances because they turned a profit and had to spend the money somehow.
  16. Bottom line Heliian, is i have an opinion, it's mine and you have your's. you wont convince me to think that Ornge is perfect as they are. they are not. I wont convince you they need to be changed. You seem to like the whole scenario as is. But if you want to call me stupid and lower your standards and be one of those guys, go right ahead. I wont let my feeling get hurt, I'm alot more confident in myself then you think.
  17. just one example, should i google you more?
  18. how about we go single pilot...save a few buckeroos
  19. and i'm pretty sure the PC12's are there for that reason too
  20. you should dot a map with 200km radius circles. We will go with really short range of 400km (return to base) rather than the almost 700km range published, just to humor your statement. Why is the 139 the only option for range? when range is a non issue for the bulk of the flights? put a circle at london, toronto, peterborough and ottawa (bases they already have) and see how mucha rated, 2 pilot, 2 patient, 2 paramedic equipped aircraft can cover. at 1/4 the cost of a 139, we could put two aircraft at every location and still be lower per hour on the variable costs, or spread them out to better cover the ontario landscape. I feel the service is better served with more for less. It needs an overhaul. its not OK running as it is. Just my opinion still....
  21. Contradictions of the day: most are powered these days so they don't have to lift manually - I'm sure they have other boards and whatnot for manually loading. Staffing costs would offset aircraft costs - It's less than a fraction of a percent of the health care budget
  22. to comment about scene landings. The Ornge website details their requirements. the landing zone is on a stable surface such as concrete, ashphalt, packed gravel or grass and 150ft X 150ft You're not going to find that in too many off road scene calls. I also have issue with range comments, especially in the south of ontario. Toronto as the hub can reach literally 3/4 of the provinces population in about 20 minutes. And if the weathers bad in toronto, it's likey also bad in london, hamilton st catherines, and up to ottawa. So they wont be launching anyways to worry about an alternate IFR landing.
  23. what environment? a made up requirement for the biggest and most costly aircraft. Its the cadillac of a/c. While I agree some trauma flights would benefit, I'm looking at the big picture. a simple astar would work for many of the flights they do. but again, only my opinion, which you dont share.
  24. you can google the salaries and make the comparison yourself. I'm not your google *****. The paramedics and the pilots, even some maintenance staff are well published across the country. You can see the disparity quite clearly for the same work. The manageers are even more top heavy than the most wasteful private sector company. Its only my opinion, so you can have your own. You aren't going to change my mind easily nor am I going to change yours.
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