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  1. I thought it was because bureaucrats loved paperwork and hiring their friends/family to fill the spots to shuffle file and sort all that paperwork. Dammit, it's really about the accidents? Lets ignore the obvious discrepancy of the year 2007, but both those graphs came from the same report....In general, you can see a gradual decline over the years....20 yrs in fact. Ive been in the industry for 30, So my generation has been a part of the decline, however slight it may actually be. So you may want to sling mud Mr Swinger and blame others, but you're comments dont hold much weight because there is no definitive line that can be drawn for one generation to the next. 12 accidents per 100000hrs down to 10 over a 20yr period hardly seems worthy of mention.
  2. so,forgive me if i seem dumb today, but will an averaging agreement, should it be approved, overrule any of this new regulation? Incidentally, my employer is an @sshole, he makes me work terrible hours all for the benefit of money. jerk.
  3. HeliRico can figure it out, so can you. 🤪
  4. NTSB Narrative NTSB Identification: CEN19FA018 14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation Accident occurred Monday, October 29, 2018 in Odanah, WI Aircraft: Aerospatiale AS350, registration: N910S Injuries: 1 Fatal. This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed. NTSB investigators either traveled in support of this investigation or conducted a significant amount of investigative work without any travel, and used data obtained from various sources to prepare this aircraft accident report. On October 29, 2018, about 1345 central standard time, an Airbus (Eurocopter) AS350B3 helicopter, N910S, impacted terrain near Odanah, Wisconsin. The commercial rated pilot, the sole occupant, was fatally injured and the helicopter was destroyed. The helicopter was registered to and operated by Enbridge Energy Company, Inc, as a 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 observation fight. The flight departed Gogebic-Iron County Airport (IWD), Ironwood, Michigan about 1300 for the pipeline patrol, en route to Superior, Wisconsin. When the pilot did not show at his next destination, an ALNOT was issued for the overdue helicopter. The pilot was not in contact with air traffic control and there was no record of a distress call. The helicopter wreckage was located about 22 miles west of IWD, in a remote, wooded area and about 200 yds north of the east-west pipeline route. The helicopter impacted trees and terrain, before coming to rest in an upright position. A post-crash fire consumed most of the cabin. After an documentation of the accident site, the helicopter was recovered for further examination.
  5. is there anymore history to add to the recent maintenance completed to pinpoint if and when something was disturbed that could help?
  6. less complicated means better designed 🙂
  7. Unfortunately, so many can't leave a troll alone, they troll back. So until the trolls trolling the trolls smarten up and realize they are as much of the problem, it'll never change.
  8. Nope...only bits and pieces. I suppose I fail you master...I bow to your excellence and hang my head in shame.
  9. While his post does appear to be advertising, it's on topic. So I personally dont get my panties in a knot. Perhaps pilots/engineers should refrain from posting their hours/ratings and skills, because that too is shilling their "business" So relating my position to this CRM training, I rarely if ever now have to do a maintenance flight, is there a requirement that I must comply should one of these rare moments arrive that I need to?
  10. I've flown with many drivers who I thought were trying to jar the gear loose on landing.....one more bounce....ooof....almost there.....🤪
  11. we all know, had you come in as "Bob, the 100hr pilot", the response on post #2 would have been more prevailant. Who says that chivalry is dead??
  12. I just read the news article and I'm saddened to hear of Deans passing. RIP, you've been a great mentor and an exceptional person
  13. I had to google grindrr....so happy I never knew what that was off the top of my head 🤪
  14. what I always get from these posts, and its what keeps drawing me in to read the comments, is that there seems to be more protectionism of the available jobs more than anything. anyone new, sniffing around for tips, tricks and whatever to get their foot in the door or whatever, is always met with a go away attitude. Dont be afraid guys, if youre good at what you do, they wont take your job away from you.
  15. the whole oil and gas industry is used to negative criticism. Jane Fonda is just a bug splatter on their windshield as far as they're concerned. DiCaprio is a skid mark in their underwear. But they paid for a flight....someone delivered. I dont understand the OP or where he is coming from. perhaps clarity in the post direction would be helpful. I wont hold my breath though for the 1 post wonder who likely had a few drinks before conjuring up the idea in his head to post that.
  16. https://www.exxonmobil.com/en/aviation/products-and-services/products/mobil-jet-oil-254 https://www.exxonmobil.com/en/aviation/products-and-services/products/mobil-jet-oil-ii refer to your manual on the mil spec required if you can use it or not
  17. we got you covered.... https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/cup-holders
  18. Rico will simply hurl more of his gibberish. dont hold your breath for a retraction, or apology.
  19. Its definately not a course topic, How to hate your Pilot 101 But back in the day, there was definitely many a conversation in class that included "dumb Pilots" by the instructors. I'd much rather foster a good working relationship with the other staff. We all have different jobs with one common goal. Working together shouldn't be an issue. There are some instances where the dynamics just wont work, but thats life.
  20. Im falling a bit short on the minimum 2,000, 000 barrels per month. Any chance you can lower the requirement to 10?
  21. Part V - Standard 571 - Types of Work (d) Work that disturbs engine or flight controls ....accomplished, by at least two persons...etc While drag braces and mast nuts are debatable as being a flight control, and an ICC is perhaps not required for them, its still not a bad idea to perform one yourself as the pilot as it is your sense of safety that is important. I have always had the second set of eyes check out the installation, its how I was taught. My reasoning on them being debatable falls in it's most basic form. once installed and safetied, they are now a fixed item, that do not move as a flight control by the input of a pilot. Is that the best answer? no, would it hold up in court? who knows really. regardless, beyond that interpretation, it falls into check lists from the maintenance manuals. I don't have any Bell stuff on hand so I can't reference them, but what I do see for semi equivalent parts on an AS350 is that you're signing for the starflex bolt installations and for the safetying of them under chapter 62 as those steps are specific. Not much different than a mast nut and lock or a drag damper I'm assuming, there may be disagreement. So the engineer who checked them off as complete is taking responsibility for that task. Pitch links on a 350 are clearly a flight control to me, but they are also under chapter 62. They too have specific instructions on torque and safety.
  22. ^ problem still persists to this day I imagine
  23. I recall that some operators took it to the next level, because they felt that CADORS unfairly painted them with a bad record in the public's eye, before any actual investigation was completed. I encourage transparency, but apparently some operators prefer the hidden stealthy way to deal with accidents. So stealthy in fact that its a best kept secret. so now, CADORS is a waste of time browsing for recent events...Ive stopped looking at it unless I'm searching for historical information about an incident in the performance of my duties.
  24. What was his history? Had he been involved in an accident? Scared of heights? I think theres more to it than him just refusing for no reason. How did the aircraft get past the maintenance flight? Was a satisfactory one not a requirement for the maintenance release? How did that get signed out?
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