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  1. Oh god. Dont turn this into a canada US thing. Its bad enough as it is. The human factors involved in the slips could be caused by anything. And i dont think that makes anyone a bad engineer for it. I dont like excuses or blaming as much as the next guy but it happens alot. I agree the one on one communication is the best route. Keep at it, i hope you resolve it, and i hope every learns something pulls up their socks and betters the whole situation in the end.
  2. you have to put things into perspective, any properly torqued piece of hardware should never just back off. There always has to be something that causes it. most times its incorrect torque loading in the first place. When you get into flight controls, and other important connections, they add a secondary locking, such as lockwire, loctite or self locking nuts. I haven't been up around a medium head in a long time, but i dont recall any secondary locking. Realistically if only one nuts loose, the brace still is not going anywhere, the other nut still firmly holds the rod from rotating. However if two loosen, then the rod has the opportunity to turn at some point. I would hope someone finds the issue long before that causes problems. I agree with you that the answer from your DOM is a bit off, but i dont think it should be the only factor into forcing his retirement unless theres been other issues.
  3. just keep an eye on the import registry, and when you see them import them you'll know... https://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/2/CCARCS-RIACC/AImp.aspx?rnum=1&xsc=6&psc=1&xso=desc
  4. Is it really a surprise though? reading the article, are there any immediate job losses? unless you're not prepared to move locations over time.
  5. They do take a beating though. I've seen a bent droop ring after a rollover, yet the stirrups were still doing their job. Most in service likely wont pass inspection as per the manuals. They are one of those parts that is neglected. The cracked ones start at the corners where the ring is allowed to bang and wear into them. you generally will feel a sharp point of metal at this point. You didn't specify if it was 4 contact or Timken. They are different part numbers and the Timken has a machining mod available on them to prevent contact with the mast.
  6. don't forget the different TBO hours for the -04 and -05 gearboxes (gearset) Seen a couple cases of running the longer TBO in error. Or was it a strategic move ????
  7. You literally need a flow chart to figure out the OH extension. Lol.
  8. there is no SB associated with it You have the FA01315A filter which is post mod 0707174 some mods are not required to be listed on the log card because the dash number requires it. I don't have the mod list in front of me, this may be one of those mods. Theres always the possibility the mod listing was missed. it happens. Incidentally, I had spoke to champion a number of years ago regarding the CH48108 filter differences because Airbus had quarantined alot of the -1 filters because that part number was not listed in the parts books. They told me the -1 was identical in materials and filter microns, the only difference was length for a piston engine install. In their opinion, they were the same filter spec, yet Airbus was reluctant to add the variance to the parts books. I never heard a thing beyond that.
  9. we are on an aviation website, in the helicopter operations forum, so I do apologize to those who can't keep up and would assume I was talking to anyone but a customer service rep that we deal with in canada for helicopters. Anyway I digress, I think the light bulb for a few might be shining a little brighter now. Thanks HV for sending some props to those who do a bang up job. They work hard. They may not be 100% perfect, but who is? Freck perhaps???
  10. to be honest, when there isn't a few controversial comments or topics, then this place is beyond dead, and I don't think anyone could disagree with that.
  11. Enjoy your day Freck. You're off on a tangent that doesn't apply to my concerns.
  12. I probably should have put this under the maintenance threads because most pilots don't deal with the customer service reps. Live and learn. I'm doing this thread in an effort to help someone I know very well who is being harassed by a select few in our industry. so if anyone needs clarity on my topic, (I suspect Brock with his racist undertones is one, although I'm sure he's just being a joker), we are talking about the people that are a very important part of you all earning cash in your careers, as they are a link to you flying or being grounded. They are the customer service reps from the manufacturers. They are sisters, mothers, wives, and daughters and whatever else you can picture. Not one of you would sit by and let someone harass and threaten someone you know. Theres a few bad apples out there. threatening, being bullies, and downright being nasty thinking it will put them in a power position and force a CSR to bow to their needs. These guys need to look at their failures in their performance first before they point the finger at someone else. I'd really like to call these ******** out, but they know who they are. So if you're on the upity up, and polite courteous to those you seek assistance from, great on you, you are respectful people. If you're one of the ********, grow up, you're jerks. End of rant, if you get it great, if you don't i'm not explaining further, i think my point is pretty clear.
  13. Customer Service reps are people too. You can treat them with respect, or you can be an ***. In the end, you are the one who comes out in the end looking like a fool. These people have a job to do, and it's to assist you. they are your asset and should be treated as such. In many cases you don't get what you want and I understand. Sometimes I'm so self important I think I'm the centre of the universe too and everyone should cater to me and me only. But it is the process that is failing you, not the people on the other end of that phone. So instead of attacking the person who just wants to do a good job, be a man and step up and attack the process. Go after those who manage this process and fight them to change it. They are called managers for a reason. It is those process' that CSR's are to follow and they all do it as best they can. I would suggest all of those who think it's OK to #### on these people, to really take a long look at themselves first, and then perhaps apologize. You may not work for the same company, but the team spirit should still apply Or better yet, maybe you should look in the mirror and question if you're up to the job you are doing. Maybe you're the failure.
  14. https://www.payscale.com/research/CA/Job=Electrician/Hourly_Rate https://www.payscale.com/research/CA/Job=Helicopter_Pilot/Salary
  15. I tried googling it, and holy ####, it worked like a charm.
  16. Your assumptions need some work. Actually alot of work. Have a good night. Good luck with your journey at making a difference
  17. Ok smartass...lets see the attacks on my views...show me one specific example in any of my posts on here. Other than getting snarky with Mr Blackmac ..i dont recall seeing me attack him or anyone for a specific view. Perhaps your reading comprehension needs some polishing.
  18. A) watch your grammar, sounds like you're talking about yourself B)Again, reread what you wrote. i'm not obligated to offer you my experience as far as I know. I have 28yrs in the industry, very direct and to the point Where was the smartass in that? You made assumptions based on your arrogance as usual.perhaps you should draw a line in the sand to show everyone else where and when you feel their opinion matters. is it 1 yr? 5yrs? 45??? be careful you don't want to alienate too many of the people you seek to jump on your bandwagon. Shakey clearly is not only aboard, he's driving the **** bus for you, some people would love a dedicated sidekick like that. C)Only following your lead, you're no shining angel on here yourself. I too have been around since CA times. next point? D) audit? what the #### are you talking about? this is a forum not a regulatory body. E) your grudge goes back a long way with TCA. I understand that. I have my concerns, but I'm not attacking anyone who doesn't share my views or see's it differently unlike yourself. We all have opinions. You're entitled to yours. If the masses follow you then so be it. If status quo continues, so be it. Yes, I am happy with where things are at for me. I have a great job, making great money, working with great people, and I have no gripes about how anyone is overseeing us. does that apply to everyone, of course not. If you can't handle criticism, then perhaps your podium shouldn't be on a public forum.
  19. this isn't an internet dick showing contest, i know your experience. however, you insinuated i had zero experience and other trifle bullshit, and I had no right to comment on the industry. i responded with my experience, plain and simple.
  20. Im only here for the forums. Didn't realize there was a requirement to look at the magazine too. It that in the rules section? 28yrs in the industry, does that qualify me for an opinion?
  21. not that I dont agree with alot of what you said Blackmac....but are you ok? you're ramblings are....rambling....so really, are you ok???
  22. not so much insults, as interjections of life into this site. consider them to be the naloxone of the vertical forums. come back to life you nearly dead forums
  23. i guess when i only book mark the forums, things like this can happen. Thanks for the cordial and polite response richard cranium.
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