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  1. 3 high times guys....all leaving recently....all knowing Freck......the connection is obvious....
  2. put up the job posting, I'd like to apply....sounds like a sweet deal.
  3. am I an idiot? wheres the pic? dont tell me I have to google this myself....I hate the extra work.
  4. Blackie...i get youre passionate about your views. However, youre delivery is ignorant of others and you have no class on explaining yourself in a polite manner. Therefore, even though i do agree with some of your comments i have no interest in your ramblings other than screening over them and going whatever. Im not sure im alone in my opinion. Have a happy holiday and work on your presentation. Perhaps in the new year you can gain some new friends and allies.
  5. Alot of solutions offered that cost alot of money. But dont solve the root problem. How about simply removing the complacency and taking that few extra seconds to ensure the safety systems in place are followed. If you, me and him, have each others backs, then accidents like this should never happen. A helicopter does not exist that would mitigate every possible risk out there. Work with what you have to the highest safety level possibly.
  6. 500N? Two engines?? Did i oversleep and miss something?
  7. they did have the GPS data which i'm sure helped narrow down the track to search. If it snowed, they likely wouldn't have been as successful so quickly. I am thankful for TSB releasing info quickly as well, its a plus on all accounts.
  8. There is still 48 registered in canada. Some fly alot of hours. some fly very few. http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/saf-sec-sur/2/ccarcs-riacc/RchSimpRes.aspx?cn=||&mn=EC120|&sn=||&on=||&m=|| Personally I liked the aircraft, but numbers are numbers and it wasn't selling. Its a no brainer that Airbus would cancel it. Had they made an effort to add power, and reduce O/H costs while keeping overall operating costs low, then perhaps they would have continued selling.
  9. you're safe LLL....."you can all" more or less simply refers to the OP....
  10. I suppose you can all continue to speculate if you wish. After all it is a new helicopter to the canadian market. Bottom line is, has the TSB started an investigation or not? If they have, then maybe they see the potential for something more than a training error. If they have not, case closed. they have more experience in turning speculation into facts than I do. Although I am still happy with my own conclusion based on what I read in CADORS does anyone have a link to TSB starting an investigation?
  11. reading it, it's pretty clear what went wrong...isn't it??? I mean, they pretty much stated what caused it....
  12. All I am picturing is this Pilot, posting notes to trees, when branches blow down. Sticking more note on bushes as the leaves blow. And maybe even finding the offending snowbank and slapping a note on its teeny courtice badgering it to keep its light fluffy snow in line.
  13. There is a reason why that happens, and that's because their is a fear of losing ones job. Not everyone has the ability or the strength to stand up and push back at an employer.
  14. Hypothetically if I was hiring someone, (I however am not, nor will I be) I would be looking at a multitude of skills, including maturity. Its clear quickly in here, that maturity is lacking in many. I would never tell someone to give up on their dream, only to be prepared for the battle. You're late out of the gate, but you're not dead yet, and the only way you're going to live the dream is to pursue it with everything you have. Good Luck. Just ignore Rico, he's probably worried you'll take his job.
  15. "get the Jet Ranger back in the air, or build beautiful metal sculptures out of broken ski poles" the option the two made me laugh a little out loud. I've always considered the Jet Ranger to be a little more technical than a broken ski pole....just a little.
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