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  1. That’s all fair enough, it all adds up. But I’m not comparing this ad to other ads that are just straight salary. That second job I posted was working for the government. That job has all the same perks you mentioned. Plus Australian government gives 6 weeks vacation a year. At the end of the day most HEMS jobs are going to have all those same benefits, only difference is in Canada you’re getting less than half the pay as other parts of the world. I have looked at a lot of ads for AW139 HEMS and It just seems crazy that essentially the exact same job can pay anywhere from 70,000 to 2
  2. Oh ok, There must be a massive bump when you upgrade to captain. I have heard guys saying they are making 130-140, I didn't think that making captain would basically double your salary. Or are you only making that after like 10 years as captain? I have seen a couple ads for AW139 overseas with salaries up in the 180-190's. Its crazy how different the pay can be for essentially the same job. This job down in Australia is paying 184,000. https://helijobs.net/2022/04/repost-contract-aw139-spifr-nvg-public-service-pilot-australia-2/
  3. $70,000 to fly an AW139 IFR/NVG for emergency medical services? Is it just me or is that insanely low? That sounds like the salary for flying winery tours in a Jetranger. Am I missing something? https://jobs.jobvite.com/ornge/job/ogtmjfw8
  4. Did you read the report? "The pilot held a commercial pilot licence for helicopters and airplanes, with a multi-engine land and sea rating. He had accumulated over 14 000 total flight hours in various airplanes and helicopter models. His previous flight experience also included the ownership of a flight school, and experience as a helicopter flight instructor." Doesn't sound like a "low timer building hours" to me. I would guess with over 14,000 hours he has seen more than just airport landings. a16p0045.pdf
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